Site F.A.Q.

Q: How come it looks like there hasn’t been anything published in months?

A: About six months ago I decided to try to lock myself go a good posting schedule by using wordpress to “back-post” essays to the pattern of one per day. I’ve gotten behind, but I still publish about five times a week. So come back tomorrow and there will probably be a new essay there, even if the “published date” seems like it was forever ago! I may be abandoning this new system soon.


Q: This isn’t very navigable. How do I search?

A: I’m going to find a better way to organize the essays and make them easy to browse over this Christmas break. Stay tuned! In the meantime, use tags.


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  1. Lou Weinberg says:

    I knew your granddad casually (we both worked for AT&T-he was at LongLines and I worked at corporate headquarters). Tom Scandlyn mentioned this website the other day and I was reminded that 10 or 15 years ago I ran into Ed at our farmer’s market here in Millburn, but sadly neither of us followed-up to pursue the relationhip. Reading several of his essays now, I realize that I missed a great opportunity to get to know a unique, talented and all-round good person. In yiddish he would be referred to as a real “mensch”.
    Condolences to the whole family for your loss.

    Lou Weinberg

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