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A week or so ago, the English Prime Minister, Tony Blair, came to Washington to discuss how things were going in the war against Iraq. Blair and Bush appeared after their conference to hold a meeting with the press. None of the major American networks carried the program. NIKE AIR MAX Goedkoop It didn’t even appear on the Public Broadcasting Systems. It appeared only on MSNBC and perhaps on CNN. That will tell you what the networks think of the importance of the news to be made. At the news conference, Blair and Bush both appeared to have had a very trying day. Their mood was not upbeat. Quite to the contrary, it was somber and, in both cases, there were apologies or semi-apologies for opportunities missed. For example, Bush acknowledged that when he said “Bring it on” and “We want Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive” that he should have used “more sophisticated language.” The fact that Bush expressed himself in the language of a cowboy was not lost on the world, yet Bush contended that he should have used more sophisticated language because the rest of the world did not understand what he meant. So you see it is our fault for the mistake we made in not understanding Bush. From my point of view, there was no mistake in the phrases of “bring it on” or “we want Osama, dead or alive.” These comments were extremely provocative and now that the insurgents have “brought it on,” Bush is distraught. If Bush thinks that he was misunderstood solely because he used unsophisticated expressions, here is my suggestion for a more cerebral comment:

In more sophisticated terms, I should have told you terrorists that we are prepared to engage in stepping on toes, insults, fisticuffs, mud wrestling, torture or controlled and compassionate manslaughter. kanken baratas So kindly advise us whichever you wish to be engaged in. However, if you bring us a televised broadcast statement from Ann Coulter, it will cause us to wilt and plead for mercy.
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  • On Osama bin Laden, I should have said we would like to have him presented to us either pre or post mortem. Air Jordan 14 Retro Using the terms of “bring it on” or “We want Osama dead or alive” were horrid expressions and we apologize for their lack of sophistication.

    Blair was equally regretful for some of the actions that the English had taken. But in the end it must be considered that the limeys have absolutely learned nothing. chaussures nike pas cher The British troops are in charge of the southern part of Iraq, based largely around the town of Basra. For the duration of the war, the English had contended that Basra was a model of good behavior, which I assume was a tribute to their troops. In the last few days, we have learned that the new Premier of Iraq has gone to Basra and has lectured people because it is a lawless city that has fallen prey to tribal and sectarian influences. What the English have always misunderstood is that when they occupy a country, hatred is the inevitable result. For 800 years, England occupied Ireland. The result was warfare at every turn until the English were thrown out in 1922. In all of Ireland, there is not a statue honoring the English occupation. In most cases, the English are reviled and those thoughts of revulsion are passed on from one generation to the next. What England is doing in Iraq, as we are doing also, is generating hatred for years and perhaps hundreds of years to come. Fjallraven Kanken Yet Tony Blair indicated no understanding of this fact. If, for example, an Arab army were to occupy the United States, I probably would be the first one to oppose them with the thought of killing them at every opportunity. In that case, I would become a full-fledged insurrectionist. That is what occupation does to the natives. In West Africa, in Ghana and Nigeria for example, the English excused their occupation on the ground that they were bringing Christianity to the natives who did not know Jesus. Again, I am quite certain that there are no monuments to the Brits in either Nigeria or Ghana now that the Brits have departed. asics gel nimbus hombre In those two countries, the English required every black native to refer to any white man as “Master.” It made no difference if a British soldier had worked in the garbage disposal vat of a British slaughter house, he was to be addressed as “Master” when he arrived in West Africa. Does anyone now consider building a statue to the former masters? Of course not. The press conference between Bush and Blair had all the hangdog looks that go with people who had been wrestling with a problem that could not be solved, mainly the occupation of Iraq. Yet, a few days later on Memorial Day, Bush attended a ceremony at Arlington Cemetery to honor our dead. Now remember this is the president who has never attended the funeral for a soldier killed in Iraq. As of this morning, 2,492 American soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq and almost 19,000 have been wounded. Yet Mr. Bush declines to attend a funeral, even those held in Arlington Cemetery where he was speaking. At the Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day, Bush had recovered from his performance at the press conference with Blair and now spoke a little bit more confidently. He repeated his mantra that the only way you can pay tribute to all of these dead soldiers is by staying the course. This means that staying the course may well produce another 2,500 dead soldiers and 15,000 more wounded and that, somehow, according to Bush, is a means of paying tribute to the women and men who are to be interred in Arlington Cemetery. That is the most backward thinking that any chief executive could be capable of. The point is, we should get out of Iraq and do it now before we incur further losses. Bush and Blair unfortunately are clueless about how to end this war. Somehow they seem to think that incurring more casualties pays tribute to fallen soldiers. I am here to tell you that is not the way to pay tribute to anyone, alive or dead. What we need here is someone with a brain and I am sorry to tell you that between Blair and Bush, they do not have a brain between them when it comes to this war that they started. This of course is a downbeat assessment of where things stand in Iraq, but that is the state of the record. As long as the United States is stuck with the clueless George Bush, the killing will go on, the execution of civilians as happened with the Marine Corps recently, and the abuses at our prisons will continue to take place. May I ask, is this the image we want to extend to the Arab world as well as to the rest of civilization? Of course not. adidas zx 750 donna The fact of the matter is that when Bush told the insurgents in Iraq to bring it on, they brought it on and now George W. is whimpering. E. E. CARR June 6, 2006 ~~~ The United States could have saved plenty of lives and money if someone had bothered to write a picturebook that explained the concept of a “sunk cost.” Doubling down on a terrible idea very rarely makes it a less terrible idea. Fun fact: this is the only essay known to me that has an identical title to another essay. Buty Adidas Męskie A month ago I published its counterpart.


    On Sunday, November 26, 2006 the United States will have been at war in Iraq for the same length of time that we were involved in World War II. As an observer of human events for the last 80 years and as a veteran of World War II, I believe that it is incumbent upon me to offer some straight talk. This will not be the tortured syntax of George Bush’s speeches nor will it be the lectures of the hapless Condoleezza Rice. It is much too late for that sort of thing. This will be as straight-talk as can be imagined. The so-called war on terror is at heart, a fraud and a myth. Simply put, the so-called war on terror, which is primarily the invasion of Iraq, is flawed because it was based on the lies of George Bush and his administration. Dozens of books are now available which recount the lies told by the President of the United States which led us to war. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill has stated that in the first cabinet meeting, it was apparent that Bush intended to take this country into war against Iraq. Nike Air Max 1 męskie białe Richard Clarke, the adviser to the National Security Adviser has testified in the same vein. There is an abundance of evidence flowing from our main allies, the British, to the effect that the intelligence was manipulated to support a war in Iraq. The Downing Street Memo and other British government documents are the most damning of the Bush lies that led us into this war. Rather than go through each of the points which are so amply documented in dozens of books, I believe it is fair to say that on this subject, George Bush is a bully, a coward and a consummate liar. And now we turn to the myth making. According to the Bush administration, Iraq was awash in weapons of mass destruction. There were references to the smoke billowing from an atom bomb to which we were led to believe that Saddam was on the verge of achieving. There was the brilliant moment when George Bush stepped out of his airplane on the deck of the carrier Abraham Lincoln to announce that as far as the war in Iraq, it was a “Mission Accomplished.” After the WMD excuse did not fly, we were told that the idea was to democratize the Middle East. Events over the Thanksgiving holiday, 2006 make it clear that we aren’t going to democratize anything in the Mideast. What we are trying to do is figure a way out of Iraq without being slaughtered. This is not the “victory” that George Bush imagined. billig nike air norge The fact is that any dream of establishing a new democracy on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers has been replaced by an active civil war which is killing thousands of people every month. Scarpe Air Jordan Xx9 The recent American elections on November 7th of this year have told the Bush administration that the American people at long last, no longer believe him. Bush now is irrelevant. The fact that he is making foreign trips simply causes him to seem more silly. He finally arrived earlier this month in Vietnam, some 40 years late. Bush copped out on that war. His meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraq in Amman was, in large measure, a disaster because Bush is asking the Prime Minister of Iraq to disarm the militia groups of his own sect. Simply put, Maliki is unable to do that and even if he were able to do it, it is highly improbable that he would even set out to accomplish that end. In the meantime, while we are engaged in what Bush has told us is the central front on the war on terror, there is strife in Nigeria. In Zimbabwe, we have the president, Robert Mugabe, terrorizing his opposition. New York Knicks In the Darfur region of the Sudan, the Arabs are killing and raping the black inhabitants. In Lebanon and Gaza, there are excesses by the Israeli Army that border on atrocities. Last week an Israeli artillery shell landed in a crowded settlement killing 18 Palestinian women and children. The prime minister of Israel issued a muffled I’m sorry kind of excuse but no investigation followed. Sac à Dos Fjallraven Kanken The point that is obvious here is that there are plenty of terrifying incidents around the rest of the globe, but our attention is tied to Iraq where we are bogged down and looking to Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia for some thought that would lead us to escape with the skin on our backs. Russell Wilson College Jerseys The end product of George Bush’s war in Iraq is a new set of civil strifes. According to an American source, as many as 600,000 Iraqis have been killed. Montana Murphy Jersey General Tommy Franks, who was decorated by Bush with the Medal of Freedom, has announced that, “We don’t do Iraqi body counts.” Soon we will have lost our three thousandths soldier in Iraq not to mention the losses of the British, the Polish, the Spaniards, and the Italian contingents. Fjallraven Kanken Sverige Bush has told us that we must make the sacrifices so that the war is kept over there and not over here. Does anyone believe that? Throughout the history of the invasion of Iraq, Bush has taken his vacations in Texas and has ridden his bicycle. He has never attended a funeral of one of the soldiers killed in Iraq. Perhaps one of the largest myths that George Bush seems to believe is that, to the extent that we train Iraqi soldiers, we can then leave the battlefield. Friends, the fact of the matter is that no Iraqi soldier is going to defend American interests after we leave. Wisconsin Badgers Obviously, they are going to pursue their own interests. They would say to hell with the interests of Americans. This has been an unhappy experience for this old essayist to record. But it is a matter of straight talk which you haven’t heard from George Bush or Cheney or the hapless Madame Rice. America is much less safe today than it was before Bush initiated his invasion of Iraq. Much less! For that we have to thank the Iraqi invasion because it was based on fraudulent evidence and the hopes of myth makers. The man in charge was George Bush who is nothing less than a bully, a coward and a consummate liar. It would be my hope, which is forlorn, that Mr. Bush could hear this summary from my own lips. In the meantime, this essay will have to do. E. E. CARR November 25, 2006 ~~~ This essay was bundled with another 2006 essay called WAR ON TERROR which I published almost three years ago. In the bundle, he gave this forward: To the Essay Reader: Here are two essays on the so-called War on Terror. They were both written in November, 2006. While there are a few redundancies in the two essays, they reflect the fact that the War on Terror is nothing more than a complete fraud and a total myth. I hope you have the inclination to read both of them. EEC I think many of the essays were shipped out to readers in bundles with little introductory letters, but for some reason I don’t have access to most of those introductory letters outside of 2006. Some of them are quite short like this one, and some could be essays in their own right. I had no idea that Bush such an avid biker. Makes me wonder what security must have looked like for those outings. I imagine a two-wheeled version of the motorcade parading through the underbrush.


    Every American essayist prays for a week like this one – even atheists, the Dunkers, and the non-believers ask the One Great Intelligent Designer to give them a week where preachers and politician-preachers become so bollixed up that the whole world shakes its head in puzzlement. The only thing missing is for Charley, the Prince of Wales to screw up, but he has been missing in action since Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles became his new mama. Chaussures Under Armour On August 23rd of this year, the Right Reverend Pat Robertson announced on his 700 Club television show that Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela should be assassinated, presumably by agents of the sweet smelling American counter intelligence forces. Old preacher Pat, a former contender for the Republican presidential nomination, said assassination of Chavez would save the cost of a war against Venezuela. Presumably, Pat was spilling some plans that the Administration was keeping quiet about Venezuela. Bush and Robertson usually march in lockstep. Asics Pas Cher Does the fact that Iraq and Venezuela are two countries that sell us oil have something to do with Robertson’s belligerence? Don’t know, but good old Pat wants to save us the cost of another invasion as was done in Iraq. Very holy of him. The response from the Un-Intelligent Design leaders in the Administration was muted in the extreme. Fjällräven Kånken No.2 Rumsfeld said that Americans don’t do assassinations. New Balance 247 męskie That, of course, is a knee-slapper. We do it but we try to cover it by spin. Canotta Charlotte Hornets Karen Hughes, Bush’s long time girl friend, has been appointed Undersecretary of State expressly for the purpose of spinning stories which make all American Republican politicians look like heroes. In any case, the world saw no response from the bravest of the brave, our Commander in Chief and Chief Executive. nike air max 1 femme The rest of the civilized world is aghast that a preacher can make American foreign policy – but all we have is Rumsfeld saying, “Oh we wouldn’t do such a thing.” When the next day arrived, Pat started out by claiming that the Associated Press had misinterpreted his outburst – and then he repeated it. So the state of our relations with the sovereign country of Venezuela seems to be that we want to kill its elected president. The honorable Evangelical Methodist, Mr. Bush, is so busy vacationing and making speeches to the heroes of the VFW and the Idaho National Guard and putting down Cindy Sheehan, that he has no time to tell the world that we don’t really want to kill President Chavez. To do so might injure his relations with his political base, and we certainly can’t have that. Robertson now claims that he has apologized, but the words come out again, “Assassinate Chavez” and no Administration official has told the world that Pat doesn’t do foreign policy. Or, does he? On Monday, August 22nd and Wednesday, our hero president spoke to VFW conventioneers in Salt Lake City and to the Idaho National Guardsmen in Idaho. On Tuesday he rode his bike and visited a recreation area in Idaho. He seemed not to mind as the violence in Iraq went on because he needed to balance his life. For the record, your old illiterate author has never been tempted to join the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign Wars. My interests are not in beer drinking and retelling real or imagined stories of Army life. Central Michigan Chippewas Jerseys Those outfits are not my cup of tea. In his speech to the VFW on August 22nd, which was largely repeated two days later, our Commander in Chief who never saw service in the Army, Navy or the Air Force, and certainly never overseas, said repeatedly, that the nation owed it to the more than 2000 Americans killed not to end their mission prematurely. He went on to say, “Each of these heroes left a legacy that will allow generations of their fellow Americans to enjoy the blessings of liberty. AIR ZOOM VOMERO 11 Air Jordan 10 Uomo We owe them something. We will finish the task they gave their lives for.” Let’s see how the promise that “we owe them something….We will finish the task they gave their lives for” works out. For rational people, it does not parse. Not at all. kobe 9 cheap If we have lost more than 2000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan, why do we owe those dead heroes another batch of American soldiers killed as we “stay the course” as Bush demands? This is spending the lives of our soldiers foolishly. Kenley Jansen Jersey This is the time to cut our losses – not to pile up more casualties. If we “owe” anything to anyone, it is to get out before a sectarian civil war breaks out in Iraq. In that event, we will have 3,000 or 4,000 or 5,000 casualties before this Administration comes to its senses and finally concludes that the Iraq invasion was one of its monumental blunders. It is an irony of the first order to memorialize our dead soldiers by condemning other soldiers to the same fate. Bambini Nike Kd 7 That’s what “staying the course” in an ill-gotten war has brought us. It is a particularly ill fitting tribute to the dead Americans when our representatives, who are pressuring the Iraqis who are attempting to write a constitution, have now conceded that one, Islam will have a major role in the new government and two, that women may be worse off than they were under Saddam Hussein. We want desperately to get a constitution for Iraq in place so that prior to the 2006 elections, the Bush Administration can bring some troops home. It doesn’t matter if there is an Islamic theocracy or whether women are subdued by the law of Sharia. The important thing is the American election of 2006.

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  • The invasion of Iraq was, from its beginning, a complete disaster which George H.W. Bush warned against. adidas Copa homme But W said he listened to a “higher father.” Unfortunately, the higher father apparently told young Bush how to invade Iraq but not how to pacify it or how to get out. nike air max 2017 pas cher femme No matter how you cut it, sending more soldiers to die is not a tribute to the soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq. It is not a tribute ever; it is a treasonable act. There is a paragraph from the August 23, 2005 New York Times Editorial about Iraq. new balance 1500 outlet It reads:

    “Americans continue dying in Iraq, but their mission creeps steadily downward. The nonexistent weapons of mass destruction dropped out of the picture long ago. Now the United States seems ready to walk away from its fine words about helping the Iraqis create a beacon of freedom, harmony and democracy for the Middle East. All that remains to be seen is whether the White House has become so desperate for an excuse to declare victory that it will settle for an Iranian-style Shiite theocracy.”

    This, my friends, is sobering stuff. The sooner we cut our losses, the better off we will be. Staying the course means more deaths and it becomes a matter of self perpetuation. Adidas NMD PK Runner If more deaths occur in our tribute to the fallen, Iraq will become even more of an American tragedy. Steve Smith Sr Ravens Jerseys When Bush says we owe the fallen soldiers “something,” it certainly is not more dead soldiers which will be the inevitable price for “staying the course.” E. E. CARR August 25, 2005 ~~~ Pop has expressed this opinion several times over the course of these essays, so I don’t have much to add. I also feel like I’ve been talking about Trump too much here lately, so I’ll spare everybody the Russia discussion.


    In this short statement or essay, it is proposed to tell the reader what the effect of death in war has on surviving soldiers now and in the years to come. The casualty lists are a poignant reminder that death most often comes to young men who have reached their 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd years. Young men holding the ranks of Private, Private First Class, Corporal or Lance Corporal, with a few Sergeants sprinkled in here and there, dominate the lists of the doomed. kobe xi elite
    Maglie New York Knicks It is indeed rare, to read of an occasional Lieutenant or Captain who has met an Iraqi death. To my knowledge, as a daily reader of casualty lists, there has never been an Iraqi war death visited upon Lieutenant Colonels, on Colonels and certainly not on Generals, from one to four stars. None of these men has ever found himself on the lists of doomed soldiers. So it is absolutely clear that deaths in the Iraq pre-emptive war to find WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) is visited almost entirely on young men mostly in their 20’s barely out of high school, who hold lower ranks in the American military. comprar mochilas kanken nike pas cher If there is room for an entirely personal note from the writer, my service in the United States Army Air Corps – later Air Force – lasted from 1942 until 1945. My services were volunteered in an open end enlistment which extended from my 20th year to the 23rd anniversary of my birth. All of the men and women killed in Iraq were also volunteers. In my case, my enlistment occurred more than a year before the draft board would even think about summoning me. My enlistment began as Private and ended as a Sergeant. The obvious point here is that my experience equips me to fully understand that this Iraq war has doomed 801 young soldiers of lower ranks, so far. If as Bush says that “We must stay the course,” there is probably no limit to the number of aluminum coffins that the Defense Department must now order. Last Fall during the race for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Presidency, Howard Dean said that our list of doomed soldiers would soon reach 400 service men and women. In the six months since Governor Dean made that statement, the list as you can see, has doubled. When Bush visited the Carrier Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003 to declare that the combat phase of the war had finished and had resulted in an American “Mission Accomplished,” the list of the dead was 138 soldiers. Arithmetic tells us that those 138 dead soldiers are 17% of the 801 military people killed so far. This would argue that the 663 or 83% of the deaths occurred in POST WAR operations. This is crazy to argue that in the combat phase of operations, that only 17% of the deaths will come to pass and that the vast majority of deaths will occur after the combat phase has been completed. So peace is a dangerous proposition. nike air max 1 femme noir If those same percentages were applied to World War II, where we lost something like 400,000 soldiers, it would hold that only 68,000 deaths would occur in combat with German, Italian and Japanese forces and that 332,000 deaths would occur after the peace treaties were signed. These are insane numbers. The people around Bush, with the exception of Colin Powell, know absolutely nothing about death in war. buty Asics Męskie In the midst of the debate about the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners in prisons such as Abu Ghraib, Bush has taken himself to his ranch in Texas on May 22nd and 23rd for the 34th time in his presidency. Some sort of sacrifice, having to spend so much time away from his Crawford property. My reading is that his first 40 months in office, he has spent a total of eight (8) months on vacation in Crawford or 20% of his time as Chief Executive. On May 22nd and 23rd, with the prisoner issue surrounding him as well as all the other cares of the U.S. nike air presto uomo Presidency, Bush declared a time out for bicycle riding in Texas. Who says there is no sacrifice by Barbara Bush’s oldest son! Of course, Bush and Cheney and the rest of the movers and shakers in the Republican party know nothing about death when it visits young soldiers of lower ranks. Soldiers or this sort, often sleep in tents or barracks, as was true in my case. In many instances, the soldiers sleep in two tier bunk beds. Some sleep on cots. In Iraq, news photos show our troops bedding down, fully clothed, on divans in Saddam’s Palaces trying to catch a little sleep. Lets take the case of the barracks.

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  • If soldiers are fortunate, there might be a foot locker at the end of the bed where personal items may be stored. When a man is killed or if he is missing, other soldiers try not to dwell on the fallen comrade. Some will make the sign of the cross as they pass his bunk bed or cot. Others may say a prayer and others may cry as this old soldier would do. Everyone knows that death quite likely awaits us all at some time. When someone from headquarters shows up to empty the contents of the foot locker, it becomes clear that our soldier is not ever coming back. This is a sad, sad time and memories of a departed comrade in arms will stick with surviving soldiers forever. In my case, my enlistment ended nearly 59 years ago. In spite of strokes and seizures, the memories of an empty cot or bed or an empty foot locker are still with me in vivid detail. Dan Connolly In response to this situation, soldiers seldom totally invest their innermost thoughts in other soldiers. Canotte New York Knicks When a man marries a woman, he invests his feelings, fortunes and his thoughts in her. Michigan State Spartans Jerseys That is almost never the case between soldiers, because everyone knows that catastrophe may well await such an investment. But that doesn’t keep it from hurting and from staying in your mind forever. When politicians such as Bush glibly say that we “should stay the course,” it is clear that they have no idea of what that action entails. FLYKNIT LUNAR3 It involves heartache for mothers and fathers. It involves heartache for husbands and wives and sweethearts. Seton Hall Pirates Jerseys Nike Air Jordan 3
    It involves heartache for aunts and uncles. And mostly, it involves a completely broken heart for any surviving children. War is not a macho proposition even though Bush and Chaney may think it is. War results in killing our young people and the people on the Iraqi side of the fence. Going to war without ever having an idea of what war entails, is an unforgivable offense. Bush and Chaney may swagger as they contemplate their macho actions in Iraq, but in the meantime, young people are being killed everyday with absolutely no logical reason. Missouri Tigers The only macho course of action, is to withdraw now and to save the needless killing that the Iraqis and the American military establishment are now being plagued with. “Staying the course” is not a macho action; not at all. Courage, or if you will, macho action, is withdrawing before the casualty list totals 1,000 or 1500 or 2,000. stan smith adidas dames That is the courageous course.

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  • Extending the killing is the course for politicians of no courage whatsoever. And Bush leads the pack of pusillanimous politicians who mistake macho swaggering for resolute courage. E. Andre Johnson E. CARR May 23, 2004 ~~~ “Peace is a dangerous proposition.” Per the Department of Defense, casualties for Operation Iraqi Freedom ended at 4,411 killed, 31,954 wounded. So, 3% of deaths happened prior to the mission being accomplished. So for WW2, that’d be 12,000 killed pre-treaties, 388,000 post-treaties. asics trail damskie It’s a pretty fucked up state of affairs where 800 deaths — for an illegitimate cause — would still look appealing as a stopping point in retrospect. Pop was right to be outraged. It may also be worth noting that 9/11, in a lot of ways the impetus to war, only killed 3,000 people.

    A WORD OR TWO ABOUT MATE, JOE AND YANK – AND STAYING STRONG | Meditations Chapter 18: First and Third Verses

      Earlier this month, the news from Australia was profoundly disturbing. An element of the government there suggested that the Aussie population would be asked to avoid the use of “Mate” in addressing other people, Aussie or foreign. When John Howard the Prime Minister heard of this proposed edict, he denounced it – which is as it should be. If Australia were ever to ban the use of “Mate,” it would be similar to Americans foregoing references to “anonymous sources” in news reports from government informants in Washington. The newspaper, “The Australian,” reports that Mate goes back to a time in the 1300’s when there were German roots of the English language.

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  • The newspaper reports that Reuters had a dispatch saying, “G’day Mate. Now I have to call you Sir.” How un-Australian. The term came to Australia with the British who originally used it to describe sailors, convicts and laborers. Those of you who have spent some idle hours reading my essays know of my fondness for the Aussies. They are remarkably like the folks who inhabit this country. If someone were to send me away from these shores, Australia would be high on my list for a future place to call home. And so the attack on “Mate” strikes me as a giant step backward.

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  • My enlistment in the U.S. Army in World War II was served in large measure with troops from the British Empire. In many cases, we ate with them and had a presence on British bases. And from time to time, it was our sad duty to attend their funerals, which they perform very tastefully. In the American Army, particularly overseas, the name “Joe” came into common use in World War II. At that time, none of us had name tags sewn onto our uniforms, which seems to be the case today. If one GI had to address another GI, name unknown, he would most likely refer to him as “Joe”, as in “Hey Joe, can I borrow your drill?” Perhaps the transient nature of the Army in moving from one base to another may explain our unfamiliarity with the names of other GI’s. Having said that, there is not much more to be said for use of the name “Joe.” Everyone seemed to respond to that greeting and might even tell you that, “My name is Pete Jones, from Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Where do you come from?” No one seemed to take offence at being called “Joe.” When we were dealing with enlisted personnel of the British Empire from places such as Canada, Australia and the U.K., we always believed the proper form of address if the person’s name was unknown was “Mate.” There were no exceptions. Calling a man “Mate” seemed to imply brotherhood. So always it was “Mate.” After the war when John Hampton and Randy Payne of Sydney became known to me, there were discussions about proper use of the English language. For example, they deplored “at this point in time,” which also met my strong disapproval. Randy and John reported that in Australia, even the ladies of the night would try to entice a customer by calling him “Matey Boy.” So you see, Mate and even Matey Boy were an integral part of English speech. Randy and John were speaking of others in the Matey Boy case, not to themselves, of course. When addressed in that form, it seemed to me that British troops would not ever tell you where they came from as in the case of the GI from Arkadelphia, our example. This seemed to me to be a case of modesty. It had nothing to do with hiding one’s place of origin. When asked specifically about a hometown, a proper answer would be given. But British Empire troops were more modest than the Americans. There is one more experience that should be added to this report about the use of the “Mate.” The American Army in WWII had a practice called “Detached Service.” My own case is a pretty good example. Soon after landing from a troop ship in Dakar, Senegal, we were taken to an American base some 35 miles away near a town called Rufisque, Senegal. We were being sent to Africa, or to Europe, or to Asia as Aerial Engineers. That was in January, 1943. The U.S. Army did not disclose our ultimate destination to anyone, especially to my fellow GI’s as a matter of security. In fact, we belonged to an Army organization called the “Air Transport Command” which included the “Air Ferrying Service or Command.” In any case, there was a battle in Kasserine Pass in Tunisia where the First American Army was being beaten. The Army in its wisdom decided that more air support would drive Field Marshal Rommel’s Afrika Korps away. asics gel lyte 3 mujer negras Several of us were named to serve with the 12th U.S. Army Air Force in a detached service capacity. This means that you fly all the missions, but the promotions in rank most often went to the regular members of the 12th Air Force. That is the way the Army worked. nike free 5.0 hombre There was no grievance system. We flew and hoped that we wouldn’t wind up being shot down over enemy territory or being killed or wounded. So you see, we had a special reason for the war to end. O.J. Howard Jersey In any case, because the English Royal Air Force had all it could handle in defending London against the daily raids of the German Luftwaffe, the U.S. 12th Air Force was asked to support units of the British 8th Army in the field. The 8th was responsible for fighting German forces in Africa and on the Adriatic side of Italy. The American 5th Army under Mark Clark, was responsible for the western part of Italy along the Tyrrhenian Sea. In supporting the British 8th Army, we used British bases as a general rule. It was a Spartan existence and the food was pretty bad. Madison Bumgarner Authentic Jersey There was some bitching and complaining, but it was a job that had to be done. Besides, my mother was Irish and, like most Harps, could not cook well. So serving with the Brits made me feel quite at home, at least at meal time. Now having treated Mate and Joe, we turn to “Yank” and a recounting of an incident involving the polyglot Army, the British Eighth. The Eighth included troops from the U.K. as well as free French, Poles, Czechs and others, hence, it was called a polyglot army. This incident happened in a small base near Cerignola in the Apulia Region of Italy. The body of a young Scottish soldier had been recovered and was being buried at the British base. The dead soldier was 21 or 22 years, my age. A few Americans attended the service along with some troops of the British 8th Army. There were no frills at this base, certainly no brass band. At funeral services for fallen British soldiers, there is a priest to give the last Anglican rites. It is also required that a song, “The Last Post” be played. Ordinarily, that song is played by a military brass band in full dress uniforms. The Brits do this well. In this case, however, there was no brass band at this small forward base. A Tommy had a trumpet that he used to sound “The Last Post” for his fallen comrade. Maybe it was better not to have a brass band. The trumpet solo gave this 21 year old soldier much to think about. At that point, it had seemed to me that the service was about to conclude. But then came another Tommy from Scotland with a bagpipe. He played a solemn song called “The Flowers of the Forest.” Apparently, it is played at farewell services for soldiers from Scotland. The lyrics to “The Flowers of the Forest” are now in my possession. No two ways about “Flowers,” it is a Scots song. To show what this song is all about, here is Verse Six:

    We’ll hae nae mair liltin, at the ewe milkin’ Women and bairns are dowie and wae, Sighin’ and moanin’ on like green loamin’ The flowers of the forest are all wede away.

    The other verses are no more clear to an American ear than Verse Six. Hearing “The Flowers of the Forest” played on a bagpipe by a Scottish soldier to honor another Scottish soldier, of my age, was most touching. The bagpipes caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. If someone had asked me to sing the Scottish lyrics, there would have been dozens of mispronunciations. My first excuse would be that that song was previously unknown to me. Kansas State Wildcats The rest of my excuse is that tears were in my eyes.

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  • During the funeral ceremony, an 8th Army Scot stood next to me. He was perhaps 35-37 years old and had elected to spend his working career in the British Army. In our Army, he would be called “a lifer” in that he had dedicated his life to soldering. This incident took place 62 or 63 years ago. There are no contemporaneous notes, but my impression has always been that the lifer’s name was Ian MacDuff. He was a sergeant. His name is not important. What he had to say was very important. A thought has to be recognized here. The Scots, the Welsh and the Irish comprise the Celtic race. We don’t regard the other Celts as cousins. Quite to the contrary, we regard them as sisters and brothers. So MacDuff’s support was more than welcome at this solemn service. When the service ended, MacDuff looked at me and saw tears. He was a good sized man. He shook my hand and placed his left hand on my shoulder. He said, “Yank, at times like this, we must all stay strong.” My best recollection is that Sgt. MacDuff was told, “Thank you, Mate.” Those of you who know me are aware that the phrase “Stay strong” has long been my standard advice to all my friends. I am in MacDuff’s debt for offering the phrase to me. It has stood the test of time. Oh, and one more thing. When MacDuff spoke to me, that tough old lifer had a few tears of his own in his eyes. And so this is one more occasion when my intention was to avoid talk of my war experiences has been somewhat violated. But this is one of the few times in 62 years that my rule has been bent. Recent reports tell us that an Iraqi man said, “From the moment of our birth, we are all waiting to die.” And so before my departure to wear angel wings and white summer sandals, it seemed appropriate to recite the story of Sgt. MacDuff and “Stay strong.” And, it gave me a chance to write about “Mate,” “Joe,” and what U.S. soldiers were called, “Yank.” They were good names. They should be preserved forever. E. Goedkoop Adidas Superstar E. CARR September 22, 2005 ~~~ I have a baseball from Pop, given to me when I was born, that says “Stay Strong” on it. Connor (and Jack?) have them too. I remember talking with Connor once about what we’d take out of our rooms in Austin if the house ever caught fire, and that baseball made both of our lists.

    BITS AND PIECES – PART II – “Piling On”

    When an essayist collects miscellaneous items for a Bits and Pieces essay, it is inevitable that some of the items have to do with thoughts we would all like to avoid. For nearly two years now, for example, the United States has been engaged in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This sort of adventure inevitably means that death becomes one of the subjects that we are forced to deal with. But this essay is about more than the deaths incurred in our engagement in the Middle East. It asks a question about why is the end of life presaged by diminished performances or failures in the other organs of the body than the initially afflicted one. When a person falls prey to one bodily failure, why is it the case that often other failures also make a debilitating appearance. And so this section of Bits and Pieces poses a conundrum about piling on. We will try to make the subject as palatable as possible. PILING ON – A PHILOSOPHICAL CONUNDRUM If Merriam Webster is to be believed, a conundrum is a question having only a conjectural answer. It may be said that my conjectural answer is no better or worse than anyone else’s conjectural answer.

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  • In short, there are no real answers to conundrums. This conundrum goes along this line. When the end of life is approaching, why is it often the case that the “soon to die” person finds herself or himself burdened by other ancillary ailments? When a man is dying of heart problems, why, for example, is it necessary to burden him further with a loss of hearing or diminished eye sight? When an aged person who has trouble merely walking, might also find himself or herself dealing with complications of electrolyte imbalance. Why is that so? When my older brother was bedridden with Parkinson’s disease, why did he have to endure blindness and stomach problems? Even his preachers had no satisfactory answers. Cliff Pennington Jersey Children have a word for this situation. It is called piling on. In a football game, when the runner is brought down by a tackle or by tripping, it is considered the height of un-sportsmanlike behavior to pile on. Penalties are assessed for such conduct. Kentucky Wildcats In war, when a soldier is mortally wounded by enemy fire, he is permitted to spend the few remaining moments or minutes of his life in as much peace as the situation may offer. Even enemy soldiers would not attempt to kick him or to stab him. Again, why pile on? But in the general population, piling on happens all the time. Old folks have enough problems without being burdened by other disabilities or ailments. There is a certain randomness about who is afflicted with additional illnesses to go with the cause of their initial disability. Why all this happens is a matter of conjecture and guessing. There is no real answer. About all that may be said about the randomness of piling on is that it affects every class, every race, and every economic group. A rich religious person may find himself in the same hospital ward with a tapped out horse player who rejects the idea of any religious thought.

  • Sacramento Kings
  • So perhaps piling on might be called the great leveler. Speaking of randomness, a great many of us were born at a time when it was necessary to grow up during the Great Depression. Maglia DeMarcus Cousins The Depression, of course, was followed in 1941 by the Second World War. Nearly all the men known to me came out of that experience with a distinct aversion to the needless sacrifice of young lives. The pre-emptive war in Iraq has now taken 920 American lives as well as 122 others in the coalition. Best estimates are that there may be 20,000 casualties on the Iraqi side. The current administration tells us that these lives are being sacrificed to make us feel safe. The same administration almost daily warns us of an impending attack because they hear “chatter” on the Islamic and Arab networks. There is no reconciliation of these dire warnings which come from the same administration. So on top of growing older with all the attendant pains from the diseases of the aging, we have the threat of war. Perhaps this is the ultimate example of piling on. Eric Bogle was born a Scot who emigrated to Australia. He has written some outstanding anti-war songs that express the futility of armed conflict. nike tn requin pas cher VALCLEAN2 CMF He wrote a song called, “No Man’s Land.” It is also called, “The Green Fields of France” and “Willie McBride.” This is a song about the First World War, the war that was supposed to end wars. The song is about a young Irish Private, Willie McBride, who was killed in that war at age 19 in 1916. Bogle has written a powerful thought at the end of the first verse. The lines are:

    “Well I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean, Or, Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene?”

    Perhaps all of us would prefer our ultimate demise would come in Eric Bogle’s words, as “quick and clean” rather than as “slow and obscene.” But unfortunately, many of us go the slow and obscene route for no apparent reason. Why this is so is unknown to all rational human beings. Religionists may give you an answer, but whatever they say is nothing more than a conjecture at best. And so the philosophical conundrum remains with us. Why is there a need to pile on? That is a question whose answer is now largely unknown to man. A final thought that also comes from Eric Bogle. It has to do with prolonged suffering. This line comes from his, “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda,” another anti-war song. nike capri uomo In the First World War, Winston Churchill was the Defence Minister for the British Empire. Churchill was an ardent advocate of the idea that the best way to attack Germany was to invade in the “soft underbelly of Europe.” The “soft underbelly” was in the vicinity of Gallipoli in Turkey, which is located on the Sea of Marmara. The Australian-New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was picked to neutralize Gallipoli and surrounding territory. The ANZAC’s met fierce resistance. Bogle said it “nearly blew us right back to Australia.” In his song, Bogle speaks of a soldier who lost both legs. Fjallraven Kanken Baratas NBA Canotte 2017 The song says, “Never knew there were worse things than dying.” If he was a young man, the agony and prolonged suffering probably extends over decades. The conundrum has to be why did it happen this slow and obscene way. new balance 1600 femme The prolonged suffering continues. Consider Max Cleland who lost both legs and his right arm at age 25 in the War in Vietnam. He is now about 60 years of age. sac a dos fjallraven Cleland went on to serve a term as a U.S. Senator from Georgia. He must know all “about piling” on a prolonged basis. nike air max 90 goedkoop In Part II of this Bits and Pieces essay, there is no glib and happy way to end this short discussion of a subject that is not a pleasant one. What we have tried to project is a pragmatic look at a miserable subject. Perhaps laughter and enjoyment will come from a subsequent essay. E. adidas stan smith argent E. albion silver CARR August 1, 2004 ~~~ This isn’t even a proper B&P essay, since it only has one topic. Chaussure Asics Pas Cher Fjallraven Kanken 20L I feel somewhat cheated; this is just a regular, sad, essay. I wonder what motivated Pop to write this one. It’s a pretty song, at least.


    Wars have an interesting way of stirring cynicism as time passes. The entry of the United States in the First World War was described by Woodrow Wilson, the president at the time, as the war to end wars. In other quotes, the war was termed an effort to make the world safe for democracy. It doesn’t take much effort to hear the Bush administration making much the same claim as attached to a war that started nearly 87 years ago. According to the Bushies, this alleged war is being fought to end terrorism forever and to bring democracy to the Middle East where dictators have always ruled. World War I is ridiculed and dismissed these days because far from wiping war out of the human condition, we still have the plague of armed combat. World War II is treated much more kindly because Hitler in Germany and Tojo in Japan had clear plans to subdue the United States. The main comment about the Second World War is the inordinate casualties sustained by all combatants. In one week in the Battle of the Bulge, 19,000 American soldiers lost their lives in combat with the Axis Powers. Included were my St. Louis AT&T boss, Ashby Vaughn. Two others who sat next to me in that office, Bernie Wheeler and Dave Weiss, Jr., were killed the Pacific Theater of Operations. Don Meier lost his life in 1944 on Iwo Jima. Don was the first passenger in my car as we drove to work everyday – and he was the last person to leave my car in the evening. Losing those four men nearly 60 years ago made a strong impression on me then, as it does now. The list of American dead from the Second World War always seems lost in government statistics. By my recollection, the dead exceeded 400,000. Much later, the Pentagon said that total is too high, but an accounting is still unavailable. The Russian losses must have been at least 5,000,000. The German losses must have been equally as great. No one knows now about Japanese losses. When losses like these are viewed from a remove of 60 years, there must be an obvious question: why? Harry Truman termed the Korean War a “Police Action,” Before it was done, General Douglas MacArthur was fired and 54,246 American men were killed during that war. To this day, we still have about 35,000 troops protecting South Korea. That war has a memorial in Washington, D. C. which attracts few visitors. The memorial has an Infantry platoon of American soldiers, worn out from combat and marching and from the bitter cold. The memorial graphically portrays how bone weary war can make a man. It deserves to be seen. That war should have an honored place in the history of the United States, but it is often forgotten. The war in Vietnam is now judged to be a complete disaster. 58,229 Americans were lost in that war. In the end, Americans were forced to flee Saigon by whatever means became available.

  • Two thoughts about the Vietnamese War. Richard Nixon proclaimed – and his administration proclaimed – that a corner had been turned and indeed, there was light at the end of the tunnel. Any resemblance to similar proclamations coming from the Bush administration about Iraq is strictly coincidental. The war hawks, Bush and Chaney, saw to it that they were engaged elsewhere during the war in Vietnam. There is a striking memorial to American war dead in Washington, D. C.

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  • by Maya Lin. It deserves to be visited. There is no record of Bush or Cheney visiting the Vietnam or the Korean Memorials. What a colossal pity. Now we have the conflict in Iraq. Most students of warfare – if they have no political axe to grind – will tell you that the United States is involved in a quagmire. Even the war hawk Rumsfeld says it will be a “long, hard slog.” The Army is stretched to the breaking point. Any talk of the U. S. being able to fight two different wars in two different theaters, is no longer heard. Field grade officers, Colonels and Generals, are anxious to have their tickets punched in Iraq so that they may qualify for promotion. New Balance Dames Bush contends everything is hunky dory, but Bush has absolutely no military experience. Cheney, who is blamed for getting the United States into this war, has nothing to say about his forecast that the Iraqis would throw rose petals at the feet of our troops. The rose petals have bombs attached. As this is being written, the number of American dead from combat is now at 500 or 501. According to the Army, combat wounded soldiers total about 2700. PURE BOOST Both these numbers come from the U. S. Army. As such, it is my belief that these numbers are unreliable due to the Pentagon’s desire to minimize casualties. Some observers claim that American wounded is close to 11,000. So far, 21 soldiers have committed suicide in Iraq. Most of the deaths have come after Bush’s premature announcement on the carrier Abraham Lincoln that combat was finished and we had accomplished our mission. The families of the wounded and dead may want to ask Bush which “Mission Accomplished” he had in mind. The steady stream of deaths shows no sign of diminishing. They will go on as long as U. S. forces are perceived as illegal occupiers of Iraq. Maglie Seattle Sonics If the situation were reversed with Arab troops occupying this country, it would be expected that every effort would be made to kill them and to evict them. Why should we expect any other conduct from the Iraqis. The original premise for undertaking a pre-emptive war was the supposed existence of weapons of mass destruction. That has been abandoned because thousands of men have been unable to find any such weapons. Bush told a television interviewer Diane Sawyer, that is made no difference to him. It was now a matter of no consequence. Just 500 men killed and hundred billions of dollars is a trivial matter to the alleged Commander in Chief. When the weapons of mass destruction excuse began to wear thin, Bush claimed he wanted now to bring democracy to Iraq.

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  • That was a belated claim. For years, there have been oppressive dictators ruling Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, two of American’s allies. Do you think that Bush aims to demand democracy in those countries or in Egypt in addition to Iraq. Don’t hold your breath. The war in Iraq started in March, 2003. By the beginning of 2004, 500 American soldiers had lost their lives. There has been the expenditure of at least $250 Billion dollars so far. The last Bush request from Congress was $87 Billion. Bush promised there would be more such requests to follow. With the cost of the war and with the Bush tax cuts, our children are going to ask when their taxes are raised, “What the hell went on here?” In the long, hard slog of Iraq, more deaths and more extraordinary expenses will have to be met.

  • It is our children who will be forced to pay for Bush’s gifts to wealthy people through his tax cuts. And it will be our children who must pay for this unnecessary and unwise war. This is suicide for this country. If our kids say, “What the hell went on here?”, there will be no logical answer that can be offered. Our children are entitled to feel betrayed and to be mad as Hell – and no one can blame them.


    It seems to this old soldier that the First World War took a heavy toll of talented poets. Every American school child starting in 1916, learned the poem Trees:

    “I think that I shall never see, A poem as lovely as a tree…..”

    The author was New Jersey’s own Joyce Kilmer. This may be the most widely shared poem among all of American’s children. Joyce Kilmer was killed in France in 1918 at the age of 31, which is an advanced age for a rifleman. Kilmer’s counterpart was a British poet named Wilfred Owen. Owen traced his ancestry to Welsh and English roots. Like Kilmer, he belonged to an infantry company called the Artist’s Rifles. He was also killed in France by a German machine gun only seven days before the Armistice ended the butchery. The church bells were ringing to celebrate the war’s end in his hometown of Oswestry in the west of England. During the celebration, Owen’s parents answered the door to find a telegram from the British War Department telling them of their loss. Wilfred Owens was 25 years old. His most well known work was a dark poem called Strange Meeting. Shortly before he died he wrote in a separate work about the incivility of war. He said:

    “If in some smothering dream you too could pace Behind the wagon that we flung him in, And watch the white eyes writhing in his face, His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin; If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood Come gargling from the froth–corrupted lungs, Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, My friend, you would not tell with such high zest To children ardent for some desperate glory, The old Lie: Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori.”

    Wilfred Owen has stated the truth about battlefield deaths. They are rarely surgically performed. They involve agony for the wounded and for the surviving soldiers and for his family. In the final two sentences of Wilfred Owen’s untitled poem, the Latin reads that the old Lie is “It is sweet and honorable to die for your country.” It is suspected that every man and woman serving in the Armed Forces in Iraq in combat might agree wholeheartedly with the thoughts expressed in the Wilfred Owen poem. Men from the Second World War would also endorse his views about war. There were no children to mourn the loss of Joyce Kilmer and Wilfred Owen, so we will never know what they might have thought. E. E. CARR January 15, 2004 ~~~ Heavy one. Even after getting a degree in economics, it still feels pretty weird that the government spends about half a trillion dollars per year in money that it doesn’t have. I know all the reasons that this nominally okay, but I just keep thinking of that old saying: “if you owe your bank $100 dollars, you have a problem. Air Jordan 4 (IV) If you owe the bank $100 million dollars, the bank has a problem.” I feel like “if you owe the world $13 trillion dollars, your taxpayers have a problem.” Obama certainly didn’t help things, debt-wise.

    ATTENTION: FALL OUT | Meditations Chapter 15: Verses Clayton, Mo. Through Crawdaddy, Texas

    In Chapter 13 of these sacred Meditations, there was a reference to one of the basic principles of the American Army. If the Army possessed a stone tablet reflecting the Ten Army Commandment, high on that list would be the injunction about not thinking. Simply put, soldiers would be warned that they don’t get paid to think. Thinking in the Army is done at great peril to one’s own body, brain and career. Thinking about the sinfulness of Army thinking has led me to other examples of screw-ups in the Army establishment which may or may not involve the wickedness of thinking. Here are three examples which precede the merciful thoughts of General Omar Bradley, a learned gentleman from Missouri, of all places. Verse 1: General Casey Trying to Bat It is quite clear that there are factions at the White House which have fundamentally different agendas. Last week, General George Casey, the commander of forces in Iraq, got caught in the middle. His failure to speak truthfully about the troop situation in Iraq, earned him knots on both sides of his head. Some of the people at the White House understand the public pressure for some sign of American forces leaving Iraq. Mens Air Jordan 10 Apparently, they told Casey that he should recognize this political response. So Casey called a press conference to announce that if the political situation in Iraq stabilized, if the Iraqi elections worked out well together with some other caveats, Casey hoped to reduce the American forces in Iraq by about 30,000 perhaps next spring of summer. Listening to Casey’s announcement was an exercise in “If everything works out.” Casey hoped to please his political White House bosses by suggesting that if everything fell into place, we could reduce our forces by about 30,000 troops. polska biega asics He emphasized that everything had to fall into place, which in a war rarely happens. But to please his White House political shot callers, he suggested that sometime in 2006, some of the troops could start home. Please remember General Casey made this semi-good pseudo announcement in person. No anonymous sources at all. This must have angered the other faction in the White House who demands that “we stay the course.” So they over-rode the “feel good” faction and told Casey in effect, that there would be no reduction in American forces in the foreseeable future. Bush came down on this side. One sentence from Tom Oliphant’s report in the Boston Globe says it all.

    “This formulation angered many of Bush’s conservative supporters which produced fresh instructions to poor Casey to switch to a say-the-course pessimism. The result was a story in the Washington Post quoting a senior military official in Baghdad as saying no way Iraq’s ‘leaders’ would be ready to lead some operations against the insurgency until next summer, if not later. The anonymous official was the same General Casey.”

    Two things emerge from this continuing fiasco. The first is that when there is some sort of good news to announce, the principals wave their arms and take several bows. When the news is less than superb, those same officials hide behind “anonymous sources.” This, of course, is the essence of the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame by Bush’s brain, Karl Rove. The second fact to emerge is that when military people start to play a political game, the soldiers will almost always be the losers. There is no full blown sorrow in this quarter for General Casey. He was simply following orders from two opposing camps in the White House. If Casey feels used, he could resign. He won’t do that. After all, he has four stars on his uniform. But soldiers don’t get paid for thinking. Those that do usually get burned.

  • air max 90 blu donna
  • The mighty Casey seems to have struck out. Verse 2: Base Closing May or May Not Save Billions Recently, the Pentagon’s Base Closing Commission announced the proposed closing of a high number of military bases. Some of the more famous military bases were on the list to be shut down. The Groton Submarine Base and the Ellsworth Air Force Base were among the more famous bases which the U.S. Air Jordan 3 military said were no longer needed. Closing bases would have devastating effects on the economy of the surrounding towns. Politicians of all sorts have now banded together to save the bases in their territory. It seems that the politicians have an ally in Anthony J. Principi, who had been the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and is now Chairman of the Base Closing Committee. When Principi and his helpers analyzed the list of base closings, they concluded that the Pentagon had inflated the savings of closing the bases by a factor of 50%. Simply put, the Pentagon lied and were caught in it by Chairman Principi. Since the Principi group made its counter claim of the reduced savings that would flow from base closings, the Pentagon has been mysteriously quiet. Soldes Nike Pas Cher It is reasonable to expect that the Pentagon will be back gnawing on the same old bone at a later date, but getting caught in a lie will not help them to make their case. Verse 3: Anyone in Favor of a Draft? The Army has done about everything to encourage people to enlist. Education and age limits have been expanded to make less well educated and those up to nearly age 40 eligible to enlist. Bonuses are enticing, and yet, recruitment goals have been missed repeatedly. The answer is, of course, that young men and women are not eager to be blown apart in Iraq or some similar place. There are commentators who suggest a draft for the military. They argue a draft imposes an equal obligation on everyone to serve. The current all-volunteer Army is peopled often by young men who are not equipped educationally to compete in the job markets of the 21st century. Joining the Army is viewed in many quarters as a respectable job where if things work right, the Army experience may lead to opportunities in education and future civilian employment. Maybe so, but not many students are eager to become freshmen at age 23-27 years and not many employers are eager to hire new workers whose main talent is shooting a machine gun. So the volunteer army becomes an army of “lifers” who have no other employment opportunities. Now if we are ever to spread the responsibility among a much larger pool of Americans, it appears a draft would be one way to do it. There are many reasons to support a draft because it imposes an obligation on all young men. But curiously, the chicken war hawk factions particularly in the Republican Party either say nothing or they oppose any idea of a draft. George Bush, Tom DeLay, Richard Chaney and Bill Frist have nothing to say about equal opportunity to get killed in Iraq. Nothing to say. But when the ghouls gathered to prolong Terri Schiavo’s misery, they were all leading the parade. Bush even flew back from Texas using hundreds of gallons of aviation fuel to sign the unconstitutional bill to extend the misery of Ms. Schiavo. Derrick Henry Jerseys But not a word about a draft for which he has two daughters who seem to be going nowhere. A draft is fine for poor people, but certainly not for kids of the country club set. Verse 4: Omar Bradley’s Thoughts For those who do not know of Omar Bradley, he was in many minds the most successful General of World War II. nike blazer pas cher Bradley’s credentials are too long to summarize here, but he led Army forces in North Africa and in Europe in the 1942-1945 period. Your ancient author became aware of Bradley in early 1943 when he had a leading part in directing allied forces in the Battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia which led to the surrender of Rommel’s Afrika Korps a short time later. Bob Herbert, a columnist for the New York Times has a new book called “Promises Betrayed.” It is largely a collection of his essays. It is very worthwhile reading, particularly if you abhor war. On page 306, Bob Herbert cites a quotation from a speech made in Boston 57 years ago. Herbert quotes a news release on a paragraph of Bradley’s speech.

    “General Omar Bradley , a hero of World War II, delivered a speech in Boston in 1948 that is remarkably appropriate for the violent and chaotic world of today. ‘The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom,’ he said, ‘power without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical midgets. We know more about war than we know of peace, more about killing than we know about living.”

    For me, there is nothing whatsoever to add to Omar Bradley’s speech except to state that he came from the hills of Missouri, home of Howard Davis and Harry Truman. E. Seton Hall Pirates E. CARR August 20, 2005 ~~~ I feel like Bradley does a good job of summarizing why we don’t need bases OR a draft; the U.S. should endeavor to do less occupying and killing in general. Aiming to have fewer bases and fewer troops, regardless of the cost savings associated by closing them, is a great goal. I’d agree that the socioeconomic component to the army is frustrating, though. It obviously shouldn’t be the poorest Americans that have to be the first to die.

    SATURDAY AFTERNOON THOUGHTS DURING AUGUST HEAT | Meditations Chapter 14: Verses Amos to Andy

    It may be that the string of temperatures of over 90 degrees has gotten to the old essayist. For an old geezer from St. Louis where the summer temperatures are reminiscent of the home that Satan enjoys, it must be said that the heat is more than impressive. All of this leads to a series of unrelated thoughts that may have some wisdom in spite of the heat. Take for example, Tom Eadone’s Rule. Verse 1: Eadone’s Rule For many years, Tom Eadone together with his sisters, ran a limo service based in Chatham, New Jersey. Tom was a man in his 50’s who had grown up in the environs of Newark. Political chicanery was a factor that Tom looked for in every politician. In this state, Tom was absolutely right to doubt any word of any of our politicians. Over a period of time, Tom developed an immutable rule about New Jersey politics. Any candidate who spent more on his campaign than the job he sought would pay him, was clearly a suspect. FLYKNIT LUNAR3 If Tom found a candidate spending $20,000 for a job that paid $8,000 or $12,000, he would be convicted by Eadone’s Rule. In New Jersey politics, any candidate spending more than the job would pay would be aiming for kickbacks and bribes. Think about that proposition. Does anyone spend a fortune for the purpose of pleasure as he watches his money squirt away? Of course not. The candidate is making an investment. On the other hand, we now have two zillionaires running for Governor where the pay is about $125,000 to $150,000 per year. They are prepared to spend as much as $75 million to get a job that, in other circumstances, would be considered as below their station in life. The Democratic zillionaire hopes the governorship may lead to the presidency provided he doesn’t trip over a girl friend or two. The Republican zillionaire seems at this point to be satisfied if he becomes governor where he can introduce right wing foolishness. Tom Eadone retired a few years ago and we are left alone without his wise counsel. But if Tom could be reached for comment, it is clear that he would regard both candidates for governor with consummate suspicion. As a scholar who has studied at Professor Eadone’s feet, his suspicions are shared by me. Alfonzo Dennard What would a man who uses a trunk for a wallet do with a job that pays only $150,000 per year? We shall see soon enough. My memory is that Tom picked me up or delivered me to airports on perhaps more than two hundred occasions. He and his other drivers were never late, and Tom’s philosophy was free. That is my finest tribute. Verse 2: An Arab Army is a Bona Fide Oxymoron The United States is on a fool’s errand in Iraq. Goedkoop Nike Air Max Our alleged exit strategy from this debacle of a war is to train an Iraqi Army that will see to it that the unpleasantness of war stays “over there and not over here.” We are depending on an Arab army, yet to be formed, to carry our burden in fighting other Arabs. This is treasonable foolishness. An oxymoron is a contradiction in terms. There is no such thing as a peaceful war. There is no such thing as a prosperous depression. kobe 9 cheap Similarly, there is absolutely no such thing as an effective Arab army. A few years back, Iraq and Iran started a war that seemed to be fought at long range. My observation is that hand-to-hand fighting did not take place. Obviously, the Iranians are Persians and not Arabs. The Arab army of Iraq fought their long range war and ended up territorially, right where they started. Arab armies exist to protect their Arab Kings and dictators. After the Iraq-Iran war, Saddam overran Kuwait which he had always considered merely a province of Iraq. Kuwait had a police force but no Army of any consequence. Georgetown Hoyas When the Allied forces showed up, the Iraqi army, including the vaunted Republican Guards, flew headlong back toward Baghdad. There was no such thing as the Iraqi Army when push came to shove. In 1948 when the State of Israel came into being, there were many people who expected it to be destroyed by Arab armies. Israel defeated all the Arab armies including Egypt, and did so again in the 1960’s. During my service in North Africa, it occurred to me and to several other GI’s that Arab armies were hollow. Again, it is my long held contention that Arab armies exist to protect the king or dictator from the native population. So any consternation about them is nothing more than a continuing oxymoron. When they march in formation, they swing their hands up to shoulder height. Nice to see, but it doesn’t make them anything like an effective army. And so when we are finished training an Iraqi army, we allegedly can “stand down.” Much more likely is the thought that all our training will be put to use in fighting a sectarian civil war in Iraq. Don’t let the paid commentators who have political fish to fry tell you that life, when all the Iraqi soldiers are trained, will be all milk and honey. It ain’t so. Al Goebel, a fellow AT&T employee and a B-20 bomber pilot in World War II, used to say that when you put on a uniform, it was not just for marching in parades or impressing the girls. Sometimes the man wearing the uniform might be asked to shoot at an enemy or to be shot at by an enemy. Unfortunately, my conclusion is that Goebel’s Rule is not understood by the Iraqi recruits being trained by U.S. forces. If and when we leave Iraq, that training and equipment may well be invested in a sectarian civil war. Remember, an Arab army is generally an oxymoron. Another thought about the situation in Iraq is expressed in Verse 3. Verse 3: Scowcroft’s Rule When the Gulf War was concluded by Coalition forces chasing the Iraqi Army back to Iraq, there were many commentators who faulted George H.W. Bush and his National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft for not occupying Baghdad and Iraq. Scowcroft and the elder Bush thought such a move would have disastrous consequences. They wrote a book in 1998 called “A World Transformed” in which they said occupying Iraq “involved incalculable human and political costs.” They went on to say:

    “We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq. The coalition would instantly have collapsed, the Arabs deserting it in anger and other allies pulling out as well…Furthermore, we had been self-consciously trying to set a pattern for handling aggression in the post-Cold War world. Going in and occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally exceeding the United Nations’ mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land. It would have been a dramatically different – and perhaps barren – outcome.” (emphasis mine)

    When George W. Bush was asked about his own father’s advice, he said that “I listened to a higher father.” Presumably, Bush receives messages from God. Most people who talk to God are candidates for psychotherapy. So you see, it was God herself or himself who got us into the quagmire of Iraq. No one can blame Bush as he was a mere messenger. —– We started this Chapter with a rule from Tom Eadone and ended with a rule by Al Goebel. The Scowcroft-Bush quote is probably more than a mere rule, but it took the intervention of God herself to overrule it as we are now trying to occupy a “bitterly hostile land.” When the President talks to God, there are many of us who say the United States is in trouble. new balance shop firenze Earlier this summer when the Prime Minister of Palestine, Mr. Abbas, came to Washington, he was told by the U.S. President that God had told him to “smite” Al Qaeda.

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  • Then he told Abbas that God suggested that he destroy Saddam. So Bush again was simply following God’s orders. To use the elder Bush’s evaluation which comes from a cloistered New England upbringing, “We are in deep doo doo.” Do you believe that it was God who got us there? E. E. Matthew Slater CARR August 13, 2005 ~~~ China is perhaps the greatest violator of Eadone’s Rule of which I am aware. For communist party insiders, governmental positions are basically bought and sold on the market – but the price of each job has nothing to do with the salary it pays, and everything to do with the companies and industries that it has jurisdiction over. Bribes and relationship building (guanxi) are an expected part of any large business venture or contract in the country, so being a gatekeeper can be phenomenally lucrative. Positions that pay a few thousand dollars (USD) a year are routinely purchased for millions. China winds up with a lot of local gatekeepers, in this fashion. It is one of several reasons that I’m not on the “China is about to eat the U.S.’s lunch” train that seems to be gathering steam lately. Anyway, the funny part is that this system represents one of the very few ways that China could have downgraded the caliber of those who hold public office, which for centuries (until 1911) were determined largely by a series of incredibly intense examinations where performance was mainly tied to one’s ability to memorize incredibly extensive sections of the ancient Chinese classic texts. You would sit for like a week, quoting these texts extensively, verbatim, in essays that touched far less on good governance than they did on philosophical questions and Confucian principles. The result is that these Chinese government was staffed for years and years and years by those who were, first and foremost, good at memorizing things.


    It would be a great source of regret it any reader were to conclude from the title of this essay, that this is a religious piece. Banish the thought. Quite to the contrary, this vignette is an Army story. When we reach the latter stages of this inquiry, there will be a denouement that will justify the grand title that has been given to this small essay. The events in question took place in the Summer of 1942 at an ancient United States Army installation called Jefferson Barracks. St. Louisans usually referred to it simply as “The Barracks.” It was located south of St.

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  • Louis on the Mississippi River. The fort or barracks was established in ancient times when the West began in Missouri. The Barracks had seen service in the Civil War in this country and in all the conflicts that took place thereafter. When a man enlisted in the Army or was drafted, his place of entry into military service was Jefferson Barracks if his home was in Eastern Missouri and perhaps in Southern Illinois. The average stay at Jefferson Barracks was on the order of ten days or two weeks. During that time, the Army would be figuring out where the enlistee or draftee would be shipped for basic training. For this reason, there were many permanent party soldiers who were in charge of determining where the new soldier would be sent. nike air max 2017 dames Blauw Every soldier at every base, whether new or older, would ask whether the food was acceptable and whether the discipline was within tolerable limits. At Jefferson Barracks, the food was quite good by Army standards. The discipline could be lived with, so Jefferson Barracks was rated a good place to be if you had some time that you owed the U.S. Army. When you owe the U.S. Army some time, it is called a “hitch.” Merriam Webster calls a hitch a “delimited period of time especially military service.” For the regular Army in peacetime, the standard hitch was three years. That ended not long after December 7, 1941. From that time forward, enlisters and draftees were compelled to serve a hitch “for the duration of hostilities plus six months.” No recruiter ever featured this aspect of military service. Air Jordan 10 (X) In the Spring of 1942, the U.S. Army told me to go home and wait for the draft when an attempt was made by me to enlist. The reason seemed to be that the Jefferson Barracks staff could arrange their entry procedures to induct the draftees who arrived on a set pattern. Enlistees, on the other hand, had no predictability as to numbers, so draftees were encouraged and enlistees were in the main, discouraged. And this was in a situation where a real war was going on. In any case, my enlistment started in the Summer of 1942. Mujer Air Jordan 9 Now as to the length of the hitch that enlistees were to serve, news belatedly reached our ears that in the First World War, hostilities technically continued from the end of the war in 1918 until a peace treaty was signed in 1922. At that point, presumably the “plus six months” would kick in. None of us spent a lot of time worrying about the length of the hitch as we assumed something might happen in the meantime or that our death might solve everything. Now there is one more consideration about entering the Army after December 7, 1941. For all intents and purposes, the Army created a new army for men entering service after the attack on December 7, 1941. It was called the “Army of the United States,” to go with the United States Army. My enlistment started as Private Carr, Army of the United States, or AUS. When my enlistment ended on November 8, 1945, my discharge said Sergeant Carr, AUS, was honorably discharged. All the while, the U.S. Army still existed for men who had not completed their hitch by December 7, 1941. The Army moves in mysterious ways and creation of the AUS seemed to be one of them. The Army also moves in mysterious ways when it comes to assigning men to jobs. nike air max 2017 verde donna The Army probably in one of the Corps areas or even in Washington says, for example, it needs some more tank drivers or some more artillerymen or some more front line soldiers. So a requisition is then prepared. baskets noires Asics Lyte Jogger When a requisition arrives in the field, the soldiers there grab available people and send them to the proper school or, if there is no time for school, to the proper functioning unit. As an example, my close friend Tallis Liacopalus had always worked in eating establishments. So naturally, he became a tank driver. Al Strain, another close friend, who had always worked on cars, became an artilleryman because the requisition had to be filed. Al was available, so he became an artilleryman. In my case, the Army ignored my years of drafting experience. The sergeant who handled my enlistment, said that my work on cars during my filling station career would be very valuable on airplanes. Air Jordan 1 Retro
    So after a time, my hitch had to do with being an aerial engineer. That is nice work if you exclude being shot at from time to time. Well, now that you have been brought up to date on what a hitch might be or what the Army of the United States might comprise, it is time for what the French call the denouement, or the reason for this essay being written. Before leaving Jefferson Barracks, every soldier had to have dog tags. Dog tags were not the proper name for the identification that is hung around the necks of soldiers. However, in all the time that was spent in the Army, dog tag was always the name given to the two tags worn by soldiers. Their real name is unknown to me. Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Dames At Jefferson Barracks, there were three soldiers in a work unit who had a device that stamped out every soldier’s dog tags. One soldier, a sergeant, had a master list with the full name as well as the serial number of the soldier to be dog tagged. My number was 17077613. New Balance 1500 damskie The first “1” came because of my enlistment. Draftees were given “3” as their first number. The first “7” is because my enlistment came from the Army’s Seventh Corps Area which embraces seven or eight Midwestern states. The “T42-43” entry represents my inoculation against tetanus. The “0” in the left hand corner is my blood type and comes from the Army physical examination. The only missing piece is the religion of the new soldier. In my case, it is shown as a “P”. There were only two other designations available as far as can be determined. A Catholic would have a “C” or someone of the Jewish faith would have a “J” in the lower section of the tag. No one has ever told me how a Hindu or a Buddhist might be shown on his dog tags. My strong inclination is that they would be shown as Protestants. adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 hombre But in any case, the American Army had few Hindu or Buddhist enlistees or draftees. When the Army had small groups, such as the one stamping dog tags, it is called a “DETAIL.” Merriam Webster calls it another French word. In any case, when the sergeant asked me for my religious preference, he was told that this soldier did not want a religious preference on my dog tags. It was therefore suggested that the space on the dog tags say nothing. The sergeant stood up and said that everyone had to have a “J” or a “C” or a “P” stamped on his dog tags. Goedkoop Nike Air Max And the sergeant wanted me to come clean. There was an attempt by me to explain that no prejudice hovered in my mind about other people stating a religion. My own choice was that there was no preference in my mind and that my desire was to leave that part of the dog tags untouched. The sergeant of the detail said that my indecision was holding things up but, nonetheless, he would consult with a “higher authority.” Presumably that “higher authority” was a military person, or perhaps it was someone in the deity. It was assumed by me that a U.S. Army Buck Sergeant could make that inquiry of a deity. While the sergeant was doing his consulting, my mind wandered to the various kinds of Protestants that then existed. Colorado State Rams There was a whole spectrum of choices. In the most conservative branch of Protestantism, there are the Episcopalians, the Congregationalists and perhaps the Presbyterians and the Lutherans. fjallraven kanken pas cher In those congregations, the preacher is often called a “Doctor.” Talking by the congregants to the preacher is completely unheard of. As a general proposition, the songs in these conservative congregations are often a thin gruel of unsingable hymns. On the other side of the spectrum were the evangelistic sects – the Southern Baptists, the Pentecostals and the Nazarenes. Often, the preacher might be a layman who wore no robes. Throughout the proceedings, the congregations were encouraged to talk back to the preacher with shouts of “Amen” or “Halleluiah” or even “Now you are telling them.” The hymns in the evangelistic group will stick to your vocal chords. When “Amazing Grace” or “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder” are sung, the congregants sing lustily, clap their hands or put their hands in the air. At this point, the august U.S. Army was demanding that this new soldier identify himself as a Catholic, or a Jew or as a Protestant. In my barely 20 years of existence, there was no occasion for me to become familiar with Jewish religious concepts. Catholic beliefs were equally unclear to me except that it was understood that Catholics ate no meat on Fridays. My only religious exposure came as a youngster when my parents compelled me to attend their evangelical churches. From that experience, it was my conviction that religion was to be avoided whenever possible. There was no anger on my part at anyone. What was being presented by the Army was a forced compulsory choice. My inclination was to not get involved in any way. The Army was saying that it was necessary to submit to military compulsion. My demurral was not acceptable to the U.S. Air Jordans For Kids Army or the Army of the U.S. Again my thoughts turned to the spectrum of choices offered by U.S. Protestantism. In the conservative camp, it seemed to me to be a case of eating petit fours served with well chilled chardonnay. On the other end of the spectrum, there were the evangelistic sects who strongly favored red meat barbecues washed down with a locally produced beer. My choice was, “none of the above.” While all this was going through my mind, the sergeant of the detail hung up the phone and turned to me with an angelic smile on his face. He said, “You, Private Carr, are a Protestant,” which made me believe his conversation with “higher authority” was with someone higher than simply a military person. At that point, the soldier in charge of the stamping machine, put a “P” in it and pressed down. So while by belief in non-belief remained intact, there is no denying that the Army of the United States considered me a full fledged Protestant. My parents would have been proud of the man who stamped the “P.” My service started 62 years ago and ended 59 years ago. In that time, there has been a chance to consider such frauds and mountebanks as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or Billy Graham’s son. A good many of this group claimed that they started preaching the Gospel according to Protestant beliefs as child preachers. Perhaps they were pounding the lectern when it was a foot or two out of their reach. Not everyone believes those child preacher stories. On the other hand, there is a stamp of genuineness to my situation. The Army of the United States, no less, bestowed a “P” on my dog tags after consulting “Higher Authority”. The serenity with which the Sergeant of the stamping detail announced my affiliation with the Protestant faith convinced me that ordinary Protestantism was not to be my ultimate goal. It was to be a no holds barred Protestant preacher in the mold of old Billy Sunday. nike air max 2017 blu donna In that case, even the original Billy Graham would have to concede pre-eminent status to Private Carr of the Army of the United States. Amen. Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Homme E. E. Gonzaga Bulldogs CARR July 1, 2004 ~~~ It’s less messy than a baptism, I suppose. Anyway the part of this that I didn’t previously realize is the bit about hitches lasting “for the duration of hostilities plus six months.” You would just have absolutely no way of knowing when your tour would be done, especially if hostilities weren’t declared officially over for years after the fighting stopped. That could potentially have been a decade-long commitment, depending on how the war went. I wonder though, why exactly the religion had to be so urgently identified in the same place as name or blood type. If you’re concerned with funeral rites, can’t that be looked up later once the body is out of combat? It seems like you could just as easily keep that in the same database where you’d keep next of kin, phone number, etc.