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Every American essayist prays for a week like this one – even atheists, the Dunkers, and the non-believers ask the One Great Intelligent Designer to give them a week where preachers and politician-preachers become so bollixed up that the whole world shakes its head in puzzlement. The only thing missing is for Charley, the Prince of Wales to screw up, but he has been missing in action since Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles became his new mama. Chaussures Under Armour On August 23rd of this year, the Right Reverend Pat Robertson announced on his 700 Club television show that Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela should be assassinated, presumably by agents of the sweet smelling American counter intelligence forces. Old preacher Pat, a former contender for the Republican presidential nomination, said assassination of Chavez would save the cost of a war against Venezuela. Presumably, Pat was spilling some plans that the Administration was keeping quiet about Venezuela. Bush and Robertson usually march in lockstep. Asics Pas Cher Does the fact that Iraq and Venezuela are two countries that sell us oil have something to do with Robertson’s belligerence? Don’t know, but good old Pat wants to save us the cost of another invasion as was done in Iraq. Very holy of him. The response from the Un-Intelligent Design leaders in the Administration was muted in the extreme. Fjällräven Kånken No.2 Rumsfeld said that Americans don’t do assassinations. New Balance 247 męskie That, of course, is a knee-slapper. We do it but we try to cover it by spin. Canotta Charlotte Hornets Karen Hughes, Bush’s long time girl friend, has been appointed Undersecretary of State expressly for the purpose of spinning stories which make all American Republican politicians look like heroes. In any case, the world saw no response from the bravest of the brave, our Commander in Chief and Chief Executive. nike air max 1 femme The rest of the civilized world is aghast that a preacher can make American foreign policy – but all we have is Rumsfeld saying, “Oh we wouldn’t do such a thing.” When the next day arrived, Pat started out by claiming that the Associated Press had misinterpreted his outburst – and then he repeated it. So the state of our relations with the sovereign country of Venezuela seems to be that we want to kill its elected president. The honorable Evangelical Methodist, Mr. Bush, is so busy vacationing and making speeches to the heroes of the VFW and the Idaho National Guard and putting down Cindy Sheehan, that he has no time to tell the world that we don’t really want to kill President Chavez. To do so might injure his relations with his political base, and we certainly can’t have that. Robertson now claims that he has apologized, but the words come out again, “Assassinate Chavez” and no Administration official has told the world that Pat doesn’t do foreign policy. Or, does he? On Monday, August 22nd and Wednesday, our hero president spoke to VFW conventioneers in Salt Lake City and to the Idaho National Guardsmen in Idaho. On Tuesday he rode his bike and visited a recreation area in Idaho. He seemed not to mind as the violence in Iraq went on because he needed to balance his life. For the record, your old illiterate author has never been tempted to join the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign Wars. My interests are not in beer drinking and retelling real or imagined stories of Army life. Central Michigan Chippewas Jerseys Those outfits are not my cup of tea. In his speech to the VFW on August 22nd, which was largely repeated two days later, our Commander in Chief who never saw service in the Army, Navy or the Air Force, and certainly never overseas, said repeatedly, that the nation owed it to the more than 2000 Americans killed not to end their mission prematurely. He went on to say, “Each of these heroes left a legacy that will allow generations of their fellow Americans to enjoy the blessings of liberty. AIR ZOOM VOMERO 11 Air Jordan 10 Uomo We owe them something. We will finish the task they gave their lives for.” Let’s see how the promise that “we owe them something….We will finish the task they gave their lives for” works out. For rational people, it does not parse. Not at all. kobe 9 cheap If we have lost more than 2000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan, why do we owe those dead heroes another batch of American soldiers killed as we “stay the course” as Bush demands? This is spending the lives of our soldiers foolishly. Kenley Jansen Jersey This is the time to cut our losses – not to pile up more casualties. If we “owe” anything to anyone, it is to get out before a sectarian civil war breaks out in Iraq. In that event, we will have 3,000 or 4,000 or 5,000 casualties before this Administration comes to its senses and finally concludes that the Iraq invasion was one of its monumental blunders. It is an irony of the first order to memorialize our dead soldiers by condemning other soldiers to the same fate. Bambini Nike Kd 7 That’s what “staying the course” in an ill-gotten war has brought us. It is a particularly ill fitting tribute to the dead Americans when our representatives, who are pressuring the Iraqis who are attempting to write a constitution, have now conceded that one, Islam will have a major role in the new government and two, that women may be worse off than they were under Saddam Hussein. We want desperately to get a constitution for Iraq in place so that prior to the 2006 elections, the Bush Administration can bring some troops home. It doesn’t matter if there is an Islamic theocracy or whether women are subdued by the law of Sharia. The important thing is the American election of 2006.

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  • The invasion of Iraq was, from its beginning, a complete disaster which George H.W. Bush warned against. adidas Copa homme But W said he listened to a “higher father.” Unfortunately, the higher father apparently told young Bush how to invade Iraq but not how to pacify it or how to get out. nike air max 2017 pas cher femme No matter how you cut it, sending more soldiers to die is not a tribute to the soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq. It is not a tribute ever; it is a treasonable act. There is a paragraph from the August 23, 2005 New York Times Editorial about Iraq. new balance 1500 outlet It reads:

    “Americans continue dying in Iraq, but their mission creeps steadily downward. The nonexistent weapons of mass destruction dropped out of the picture long ago. Now the United States seems ready to walk away from its fine words about helping the Iraqis create a beacon of freedom, harmony and democracy for the Middle East. All that remains to be seen is whether the White House has become so desperate for an excuse to declare victory that it will settle for an Iranian-style Shiite theocracy.”

    This, my friends, is sobering stuff. The sooner we cut our losses, the better off we will be. Staying the course means more deaths and it becomes a matter of self perpetuation. Adidas NMD PK Runner If more deaths occur in our tribute to the fallen, Iraq will become even more of an American tragedy. Steve Smith Sr Ravens Jerseys When Bush says we owe the fallen soldiers “something,” it certainly is not more dead soldiers which will be the inevitable price for “staying the course.” E. E. CARR August 25, 2005 ~~~ Pop has expressed this opinion several times over the course of these essays, so I don’t have much to add. I also feel like I’ve been talking about Trump too much here lately, so I’ll spare everybody the Russia discussion.

    A WORD OR TWO ABOUT MATE, JOE AND YANK – AND STAYING STRONG | Meditations Chapter 18: First and Third Verses

      Earlier this month, the news from Australia was profoundly disturbing. An element of the government there suggested that the Aussie population would be asked to avoid the use of “Mate” in addressing other people, Aussie or foreign. When John Howard the Prime Minister heard of this proposed edict, he denounced it – which is as it should be. If Australia were ever to ban the use of “Mate,” it would be similar to Americans foregoing references to “anonymous sources” in news reports from government informants in Washington. The newspaper, “The Australian,” reports that Mate goes back to a time in the 1300’s when there were German roots of the English language.

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  • The newspaper reports that Reuters had a dispatch saying, “G’day Mate. Now I have to call you Sir.” How un-Australian. The term came to Australia with the British who originally used it to describe sailors, convicts and laborers. Those of you who have spent some idle hours reading my essays know of my fondness for the Aussies. They are remarkably like the folks who inhabit this country. If someone were to send me away from these shores, Australia would be high on my list for a future place to call home. And so the attack on “Mate” strikes me as a giant step backward.

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  • My enlistment in the U.S. Army in World War II was served in large measure with troops from the British Empire. In many cases, we ate with them and had a presence on British bases. And from time to time, it was our sad duty to attend their funerals, which they perform very tastefully. In the American Army, particularly overseas, the name “Joe” came into common use in World War II. At that time, none of us had name tags sewn onto our uniforms, which seems to be the case today. If one GI had to address another GI, name unknown, he would most likely refer to him as “Joe”, as in “Hey Joe, can I borrow your drill?” Perhaps the transient nature of the Army in moving from one base to another may explain our unfamiliarity with the names of other GI’s. Having said that, there is not much more to be said for use of the name “Joe.” Everyone seemed to respond to that greeting and might even tell you that, “My name is Pete Jones, from Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Where do you come from?” No one seemed to take offence at being called “Joe.” When we were dealing with enlisted personnel of the British Empire from places such as Canada, Australia and the U.K., we always believed the proper form of address if the person’s name was unknown was “Mate.” There were no exceptions. Calling a man “Mate” seemed to imply brotherhood. So always it was “Mate.” After the war when John Hampton and Randy Payne of Sydney became known to me, there were discussions about proper use of the English language. For example, they deplored “at this point in time,” which also met my strong disapproval. Randy and John reported that in Australia, even the ladies of the night would try to entice a customer by calling him “Matey Boy.” So you see, Mate and even Matey Boy were an integral part of English speech. Randy and John were speaking of others in the Matey Boy case, not to themselves, of course. When addressed in that form, it seemed to me that British troops would not ever tell you where they came from as in the case of the GI from Arkadelphia, our example. This seemed to me to be a case of modesty. It had nothing to do with hiding one’s place of origin. When asked specifically about a hometown, a proper answer would be given. But British Empire troops were more modest than the Americans. There is one more experience that should be added to this report about the use of the “Mate.” The American Army in WWII had a practice called “Detached Service.” My own case is a pretty good example. Soon after landing from a troop ship in Dakar, Senegal, we were taken to an American base some 35 miles away near a town called Rufisque, Senegal. We were being sent to Africa, or to Europe, or to Asia as Aerial Engineers. That was in January, 1943. The U.S. Army did not disclose our ultimate destination to anyone, especially to my fellow GI’s as a matter of security. In fact, we belonged to an Army organization called the “Air Transport Command” which included the “Air Ferrying Service or Command.” In any case, there was a battle in Kasserine Pass in Tunisia where the First American Army was being beaten. The Army in its wisdom decided that more air support would drive Field Marshal Rommel’s Afrika Korps away. asics gel lyte 3 mujer negras Several of us were named to serve with the 12th U.S. Army Air Force in a detached service capacity. This means that you fly all the missions, but the promotions in rank most often went to the regular members of the 12th Air Force. That is the way the Army worked. nike free 5.0 hombre There was no grievance system. We flew and hoped that we wouldn’t wind up being shot down over enemy territory or being killed or wounded. So you see, we had a special reason for the war to end. O.J. Howard Jersey In any case, because the English Royal Air Force had all it could handle in defending London against the daily raids of the German Luftwaffe, the U.S. 12th Air Force was asked to support units of the British 8th Army in the field. The 8th was responsible for fighting German forces in Africa and on the Adriatic side of Italy. The American 5th Army under Mark Clark, was responsible for the western part of Italy along the Tyrrhenian Sea. In supporting the British 8th Army, we used British bases as a general rule. It was a Spartan existence and the food was pretty bad. Madison Bumgarner Authentic Jersey There was some bitching and complaining, but it was a job that had to be done. Besides, my mother was Irish and, like most Harps, could not cook well. So serving with the Brits made me feel quite at home, at least at meal time. Now having treated Mate and Joe, we turn to “Yank” and a recounting of an incident involving the polyglot Army, the British Eighth. The Eighth included troops from the U.K. as well as free French, Poles, Czechs and others, hence, it was called a polyglot army. This incident happened in a small base near Cerignola in the Apulia Region of Italy. The body of a young Scottish soldier had been recovered and was being buried at the British base. The dead soldier was 21 or 22 years, my age. A few Americans attended the service along with some troops of the British 8th Army. There were no frills at this base, certainly no brass band. At funeral services for fallen British soldiers, there is a priest to give the last Anglican rites. It is also required that a song, “The Last Post” be played. Ordinarily, that song is played by a military brass band in full dress uniforms. The Brits do this well. In this case, however, there was no brass band at this small forward base. A Tommy had a trumpet that he used to sound “The Last Post” for his fallen comrade. Maybe it was better not to have a brass band. The trumpet solo gave this 21 year old soldier much to think about. At that point, it had seemed to me that the service was about to conclude. But then came another Tommy from Scotland with a bagpipe. He played a solemn song called “The Flowers of the Forest.” Apparently, it is played at farewell services for soldiers from Scotland. The lyrics to “The Flowers of the Forest” are now in my possession. No two ways about “Flowers,” it is a Scots song. To show what this song is all about, here is Verse Six:

    We’ll hae nae mair liltin, at the ewe milkin’ Women and bairns are dowie and wae, Sighin’ and moanin’ on like green loamin’ The flowers of the forest are all wede away.

    The other verses are no more clear to an American ear than Verse Six. Hearing “The Flowers of the Forest” played on a bagpipe by a Scottish soldier to honor another Scottish soldier, of my age, was most touching. The bagpipes caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. If someone had asked me to sing the Scottish lyrics, there would have been dozens of mispronunciations. My first excuse would be that that song was previously unknown to me. Kansas State Wildcats The rest of my excuse is that tears were in my eyes.

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  • During the funeral ceremony, an 8th Army Scot stood next to me. He was perhaps 35-37 years old and had elected to spend his working career in the British Army. In our Army, he would be called “a lifer” in that he had dedicated his life to soldering. This incident took place 62 or 63 years ago. There are no contemporaneous notes, but my impression has always been that the lifer’s name was Ian MacDuff. He was a sergeant. His name is not important. What he had to say was very important. A thought has to be recognized here. The Scots, the Welsh and the Irish comprise the Celtic race. We don’t regard the other Celts as cousins. Quite to the contrary, we regard them as sisters and brothers. So MacDuff’s support was more than welcome at this solemn service. When the service ended, MacDuff looked at me and saw tears. He was a good sized man. He shook my hand and placed his left hand on my shoulder. He said, “Yank, at times like this, we must all stay strong.” My best recollection is that Sgt. MacDuff was told, “Thank you, Mate.” Those of you who know me are aware that the phrase “Stay strong” has long been my standard advice to all my friends. I am in MacDuff’s debt for offering the phrase to me. It has stood the test of time. Oh, and one more thing. When MacDuff spoke to me, that tough old lifer had a few tears of his own in his eyes. And so this is one more occasion when my intention was to avoid talk of my war experiences has been somewhat violated. But this is one of the few times in 62 years that my rule has been bent. Recent reports tell us that an Iraqi man said, “From the moment of our birth, we are all waiting to die.” And so before my departure to wear angel wings and white summer sandals, it seemed appropriate to recite the story of Sgt. MacDuff and “Stay strong.” And, it gave me a chance to write about “Mate,” “Joe,” and what U.S. soldiers were called, “Yank.” They were good names. They should be preserved forever. E. Goedkoop Adidas Superstar E. CARR September 22, 2005 ~~~ I have a baseball from Pop, given to me when I was born, that says “Stay Strong” on it. Connor (and Jack?) have them too. I remember talking with Connor once about what we’d take out of our rooms in Austin if the house ever caught fire, and that baseball made both of our lists.

    OH, DIDN’T HE RAMBLE | Meditations: Chapter 17, Verses Amu to Emu

    For good reasons, New Orleans remains in the news. Its prominence in the news may go on for years. Two events account for our attention to New Orleans these days. The first is the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Missouri Tigers Jerseys The second is a presumably powerful prayer released by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian who claims that he is responsible for the insurgency in Iraq. So that there is no mistake of any kind, the author of this essay is no Methodist Bishop. He is unaffiliated with any religion and accepts the discipline of no faith. Accordingly, his views on religious matters are offered as distinctly objective observations. The questions that are asked herein are intended to fill in the holes of a non-believer’s intellect. And so we start with Abu Musan al-Zarqawi. This past week, al-Zarqawi announced that Hurricane Katrina came about as the result of prayers directed by himself and other Muslim faithful to Allah, who presumably resides in Paradise. New Balance Niño While Paradise seems to be located somewhere in outer space, it would seem to occupy a different location from the Heaven that Christians aspire to.

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  • For example, Roman Catholics insist that their church is the only true church. Joseph Ratzinger, the Bishop of Rome and the current Pope, probably would take enormous objection to having an Islamic Paradise located anywhere near the Heaven that is presided over by the Christian Trinity. It is possible that outer space may become cluttered with Paradises and Heavens when the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Seventh Day Adventists and other faiths construct their final resting place. nike pas cher Al-Zarqawi insists that his praying to Allah brought Katrina to New Orleans. asics buty sklep online He may have been inspired by a group of militant branch of the Jewish faith who invoked an ancient prayer to have Itzak Rabin assassinated. Currently, the Jewish radicals are praying for the assassination of Ariel Sharon because of his removal of Jews from Gaza. As you can see, the air waves are filled with prayers including those importuning the various Gods to kill their enemies. UCF Knights Jerseys As an objective observer and as a former AT&T employee, it would seem to me that there is a high likelihood that such prayers may well arrive at the wrong destination. Consider the Bishop of Rome, a celibate old man, mistakenly asking Allah to reserve 50 young virgins for his arrival. Even AT&T in its heyday could not fully guarantee that every call would always reach the desired party. nike air max 90 pas cher So the Bishop of Rome has to expect a wrong number now and then. So your author finds himself in a state of total confusion. New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are located in what most people would consider a Christian country. Even the underclass consisting mostly of black people is similar to the days of slavery described in the Christian Bible. The question that must be answered is where was the Christian Trinity when Katrina set out to destroy the homes, the lives and the jobs for so many Christians? Did the Trinity agree that New Orleans and the Gulf Coast would be destroyed? Or was it a case of not caring about the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama one way or another? Could it possibly be that al-Zarqawi and that miserable SOB Satan were in a position to answer the prayers of the Muslims? If that is the case, it would appear that Allah and/or Satan is more powerful than the Trinity. That would seem to be the case when logic is applied.

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  • A similar case happened last January when 2,000,000 people lost their lives in the tsunami in South East Asia. Most of those people were Muslims, if they had any religion at all. Did the Christian Trinity take a pass on that non-Christian tragedy or was it, as in Katrina, overpowered? It would be good to have a reasoned discussion on these events. These are age old questions. It seems to me that if death is unavoidable, which it is, there is no better place for it to happen than in New Orleans, hence the title of this piece. It seems to me that New Orleanians often share a philosophy that enhances my life. Dying is part of living. In my view, life ends after a time and thoughts of endless ecstasy in a Heaven or a Paradise are no more than figments of a lively imagination by preachers. adidas ultra boost męskie In New Orleans, when a person dies and is to be buried, often in above ground cemeteries, there is ordinarily a parade to the cemetery led by a brass band. The procession to the cemetery is accompanied by slow steps to hymns played by the band. When the burial is accomplished, the work of the band really only starts. On the way to the cemetery, the band plays such old time hymns as, “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” or “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, I’ll Be There.” These are religious pieces, of course. Ah, but on the way back to town, the band will probably play, “Struttin’ with Some Barbeque” and certainly, “Oh, Didn’t He Ramble,” neither of which would be played by a proper Yankee church organist. W. C. Handy wrote the words to “Oh, Didn’t He Ramble.” Louis Armstrong added some lyrics. The two versions are similar in most respects.

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  • It may be instructive to quote a verse or two.

  • The first is from Louis Armstrong, the second is from W. C. Handy.

    “He slipped into a cat house and made love to the stable Madam caught him cold….said I’ll pay you when I’m able Six months passed…and she stood all she could stand She said buddy when I’m through with you Old groundhog gonna be shaking yo’ hand.”

    by Louis Armstrong

    “He rambled into an Irish wake one St. Patrick’s night, They asked him what he’d like to drink, they meant to treat him rightly But like the old Kilkenny cats, their backs began to arch, When he called for orange phosphate, on the seventeenth of March.”

    by W. C. Canotte Detroit Pistons Handy

    The chorus is:

    “And didn’t he ramble…he rambled Rambled all around – in and out of town Oh didn’t he ramble – he rambled You know he rambled – till the butcher cut him down.”

    The words may not make perfect sense, but for goodness sakes, this is a New Orleans jazz song written for a brass band. If al-Zarqawi came to New Orleans and died, it would be my guess that a brass band would play “Struttin’ with Some Barbeque” and “Oh, Didn’t He Ramble” with an Islamic lilt. As W. C. Handy wrote, “They meant to treat him rightly.” When all is said and done, this old soldier-essayist does not believe al-Zarqawi’s prayers to Allah caused the catastrophe in New Orleans. No way. Nor did his prayers cause Hurricane Rita. The same thought applies when Christians of the U.S. importune Jesus and the Holy Ghost to grant us success in the occupation of Iraq and the torture of prisoners there and at Gitmo. Prayers exist to please the one who prays. As far as anyone can find out, prayers seem to change nothing. Maybe that is enough and maybe it is not. adidas superstar donna A case in point is Rose, my sister-in-law. She and my eldest brother, Charles Halley were married about when the Hoover Depression hit. Charley was dogmatic about most things in life. Rose assumed his dogmatic attitude was intelligence, so she accepted Charley’s views on everything. asics gel lyte 5 hombre blancas When Charley went off the deep end on Christianity, Rose followed him. Nike Scarpe Italia Some time around the age of 60, Charley died. Some time later a fatal illness overtook Rose. It was clear that she would never leave the hospital alive. Nike Air Max 90 2015 Pour Femme It was my duty to help good old Rose. When a Person-to-Person call was placed from my office or residence, the person who answered was told by the local operator that “New York is calling Rose Carr.” Word got around that Rose had a well wisher in New York who called her St. Louis hospital. It may have given her some pleasure and prestige in her final days. In my last call, Rose, a fervent believer in prayer, notified me that she had succeeded in “getting three churches” to pray for her. The prayers in those three churches may have pleased the ones who prayed, but Rose died a day or so after our last conversation. The prayers seemed to be unanswered.

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  • So the message is clear for al-Zarqawi in Iraq or for some evangelical Nazarenes in St. Louis. Prayers may make the ones praying feel better, but they have no effect at changing the course of events in our lives. But if people feel better by praying, please let them do it. E. E. Landry Jones – Oklahoma Sooners CARR September 17, 2005 ~~~ Prayer for health is a little tricky. It turns out that not only is there no correlation between prayer and better results, if you tell someone that people are praying for him, he’s likely to do worse than he would do normally. But in addition to doing nothing for the victim (in a best-case scenario), I think prayer also has an adverse impact on the person praying. I don’t like it for the same reason that I don’t like other token, meaningless gestures of support — it makes you feel like you’ve done your part even though you haven’t. Air Jordan 7 If there’s a really important cause out there, people who post a token supportive Tweet and people who send out a prayer are making the same mistake; they’re tricking their own minds into thinking that they’ve Made a Difference. In reality this creates a sort of compassion fatigue, wherein these same people are less likely to actually go to a protest, write to a congressperson, etc; they feel like they’ve already contributed toward this goal, so they don’t need to take additional measures of support. That’s bad. So I guess the takeaways here are that if you’re going to pray for someone, by no means tell them that you’re doing so, and if you’re going to pray for something, remember that God helps those who help themselves.

    FROM VAUDEVILLE TO MLK, JR. | Meditations 16, Anonymous Verses

    Vaudeville is now largely dead having been a victim of first radio comedians and later, the comedies appearing on television. In the Catskill Mountain of New York, where many of its patrons are Jewish, there still are “tummlers” who tell Yiddish jokes and who good naturedly insult guests. Nike Air Odyssey My recollection of vaudeville goes back to the Garrick Theater in St. Louis prior to the start of World War II. One standard vaudeville joke had a man with a cigar saying he had told a female, “If I don’t get what I am here after, you will be here after I am gone.” In the days before television, that line was greeted by hearty laugher from the basically male audience. Many of us regret the passing of vaudeville, but this Meditation is not about its unfortunate demise. It is more about the hereafter as reflected by ecclesiastical figures in the news these days. You’ve heard about the Reverend Pat Robertson’s statement on behalf of the U.S. Government that Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, should be assassinated. Well, there was more, starting with Bill Frist, who is a big shot leader of the United States Senate. Verse 1: Frist the Theologian By training, Bill Frist is a heart surgeon. He claims to have transplanted several hearts. An urgency of one kind or another led him to Republican politics where he is now the majority leader of the U.S.

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  • Senate. Frist has always done everything the White House demanded. And so a few weeks back it came as a surprise for Frist to make a semi-break with the Supreme Commander – Bush, not God – on the issue of stem cell research. He stated the obvious that our present policy would leave us far behind in the effort to cure ailments such as Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord cases. Frist called the White House with the hope that they would not be too angry with him for his proposal that we ought to work on stem cells beyond what Bush had said were the limits. Memphis Grizzlies Then Frist took part in a televised broadcast to churches which was right out of the neo-conservative Republican playbook. Activist judges, abortion, same sex marriages and the like. He was dead set against all of them. Before that, Frist had lent his medical knowledge to a TV examination of Terri Schiavo whom he declared as certainly not in a vegetative state. The autopsy proved otherwise and Frist said he had made no diagnosis of her condition in spite of the TV record of his action. By now, it must be clear that we are dealing with a dishonest politician. Frist, who is a Southern Baptist, espouses as all his brethren do, that everyone who intends to go to heaven, must be born again. Yet for political purposes, he adopted the Catholic doctrine that life begins at conception. My suggestion to Frist is that he should simply claim that all applicants to heaven should have undergone not only the born again requirement, but the conceived again experience as well. This is called, in Southern Baptist circles, playing God across the board. nike tn Femme Now we find that Frist, in a bow of obeisance to Bush, has announced that he too believes in Intelligent Design. Gravity, for example, got that way because it was the product of Intelligent Design. Before ID, things could not be held down due to the absence of gravity, hence the surfeit of paper weights. So you can see that the pious such as Bill Frist would have us making vegetative state individuals live forever with the belief in being conceived again all in the name of some anonymous Intelligent Designers.

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  • It is no wonder that my hopes for angel wings seem out of the question until all this is settled. One thing that can be settled now, is that Bill Frist is an opportunist and among the most stupid of all politicians. It wouldn’t surprise me if he will do well in the Republican presidential race. Verse 2: Standing Shiva Among those who subscribe to the Jewish faith, there is a lovely tradition that needs greater acceptance and encouragement. Upon the death of a member of the family, the survivors gather for a seven day period of mourning. Friends are encouraged to join in this ceremony by meeting with the family and recalling pleasant memories of the departed one. The process is called a “Shiva.” The colloquial term for this ceremony is called “Sitting Shiva” primarily because the participants sit in a home to recall pleasant memories. As this custom is adopted by the Gentile population – or at least this one Gentile essayist – it must undergo one basic change which will probably be acceptable to Jewish clerics. The Gentiles, at least in my case, will not be Sitting Shiva, but rather, Standing Shiva. There is a reason for this revised designation which it is hoped will not offend any of my Jewish friends. Upon my departure to heaven where angel wings will be installed on my back using Phillips head screws, instructions have been left to my survivors that a small party should be held. It will be a one afternoon affair as contrasted with the Jewish seven day period of mourning. Everyone will be asked to appear say between 2PM and 4PM, which means that there will not be sufficient seats for everyone, thus my mourners will have to stand. Ole Miss Rebels A second thusly is that the Shiva will become a Standing Shiva. New Balance 678 hombre It seems to me that pleasant memories can be recalled standing up as well as sitting down. On the other hand, at that point, my views may well be ignored. We are not done yet. Nike Free Run Mens Shoes
    Trevone Boykin Jerseys If the cost of living stays in the same general ball park, it is planned to offer the mourners a glass or two of champagne on the ground that a drink of that bubbly stuff will encourage positive recollections as distinguished from dire memories. This may look like the mourners are being bought off, but my wife, the estimable Miss Chicka, will have additional supplies of champagne to dispel any thoughts of corrupting the audience in my favor. Taking a page from the Bush campaign, each mourner will be asked to sign a pledge before being admitted to the Shiva that each utterance will start with, “That Ed Carr was a great guy.” Standing on both feet, drinking the best extra dry brut champagne may be the best innovation in history to come along for what would normally be a doleful time. Remember, this innovation was NOT brought to you by Christian doctors, preachers and monsignors. Curry Due Bambini It is brought to you by a non-involved, non-believer who believed that going out in style called for a toast or two of dry brut champagne which is the only way to go. Verse 3: Ray Charles’ Mistake Ray Charles was an excellent entertainer. His style was all his own. Miami Heat He died earlier this year after having reached his seventies. adidas stan smith 2 noir blanc If you have forgotten him, he was a blind piano player-singer. He also fathered 12 children by eight different women, which is an accomplishment by itself. Air Jordan Retro 6 Not long before he died, Charles told Ed Bradley from 60 Minutes, that his blindness detracted only about one percent from his enjoyment of life. A large, rousing dissent arises from your ancient essayist. Canotta New York Knicks In the days of my soldiering, about every GI would say that Ray Charles is politely full of spit. Sorry to say, soldiers talked like that. When your eyesight is compromised, walking becomes a chore watching out for cracks in the sidewalk or holes in the road. There are times when it is difficult to see if the road is cleared of traffic. Curbs are a menace. When your vision is limited, it is difficult to find your way when paths diverge. The situation at night is considerably worse as there is no structure for orientation. Nighttime may result in walking into telephone poles and all kinds of obstructions. People with compromised sight tend to walk tentatively. In the world of boxing, when a fighter is on his heels, as distinguished from his toes, it is likely that disaster awaits him. People with compromised vision tend to walk on their heels because of their fear of taking the wrong path and/or because of fear of running into an obstacle. Indoors, there are all sorts of things that may be knocked over by not being seen. Salt shakers, small potted plants and fine glassware only starts the list. This is not to say that people with compromised eyesight have no reason for not continuing to live and to enjoy life. Of course not. Air Jordan 9 Retro On the other hand, it says that adjustments have to be made which can be done. But they are adjustments that people with ordinary sight don’t have to make. There are two points to be made. The first is that people with compromised sight seek no sympathy. One way or another, they will endure. The second point is that Ray Charles, who said that complete lack of sight only detracts one percent from the joy of living, was in the words of old GI’s, completely full of spit. Now if Ray Charles were to talk about his exploits with women, we would all listen and pay attention. Twelve children by eight women – or was it twelve women and eight children – whatever – that is indeed impressive. Ray Charles should have stuck to music and women and forgotten about enjoyment of life. Finally, Ray Charles told Ed Bradley that “You can only make love to one woman at a time.” We wonder what that was all about. Verse 4: Sunday Segregation Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis on April 28, 1968 by James Earl Ray. nike dunk 2007 Sometime before his untimely death, Reverend King once observed that 11AM on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week. Indeed, it is. When politicians campaign, they embrace brotherhood of all kinds. When preachers enunciate their sermons, one would think that love of ones fellow man was an idea endorsed by everyone. When the Army sets out to recruit African American youth, one might believe the Army is a benevolent place of love and understanding. George and Ira Gershwin had it right when they wrote, “It Ain’t Necessarily So” from Porgy and Bess. In New Jersey where this is being written, there are no laws of segregation. buy ffxiv gil People can pick their churches or charitable organizations or political parties. Taking one thing with another, those New Jerseyans seem inclined to associate with others who are similar to themselves. That is a shame for white people. They miss out on all the good fun and ironic humor of the African Americans who work with them or who serve them. It is a grave mistake to conclude that the good natured African American is unaware of the prejudice taking place all around him in his daily life. Those who find themselves entangled with the police know that there is no such thing as innocence until proven guilty. Those folks know that their job mobility is often foreclosed and that they often work for a lower wage than their white counterparts. In this general neighborhood, there is a church service on one day of the year that brings together two black Baptist churches and a white Presbyterian establishment. That happens on Dr. King’s birthday. That is good as far as it goes, but it does not alter Dr. King’s observation that 11AM on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in the week. nike chaussures pas cher Maybe it will get better – and maybe it won’t. But my long held conviction is that being friendly with – and showing respect for African Americans – will bring a greatly increased joy to life. It is one more way to honor Doctor King’s life and accomplishments. E. E. CARR August 27, 2005 ~~~ Pop’s Shiva did in fact take place in a restaurant in the afternoon, and if memory serves, it featured champagne. I’m pretty sure we sat down, though, but still — pretty darn close. As far as blindness goes, I’d hazard that losing one’s sight at age seven is a lot different from losing it at age 85. I’d imagine that if you ask someone who has been blind for decades and decades how much of a problem blindness poses to their daily life, they are likely to downplay that percentage, because they don’t remember it any other way.

    ATTENTION: FALL OUT | Meditations Chapter 15: Verses Clayton, Mo. Through Crawdaddy, Texas

    In Chapter 13 of these sacred Meditations, there was a reference to one of the basic principles of the American Army. If the Army possessed a stone tablet reflecting the Ten Army Commandment, high on that list would be the injunction about not thinking. Simply put, soldiers would be warned that they don’t get paid to think. Thinking in the Army is done at great peril to one’s own body, brain and career. Thinking about the sinfulness of Army thinking has led me to other examples of screw-ups in the Army establishment which may or may not involve the wickedness of thinking. Here are three examples which precede the merciful thoughts of General Omar Bradley, a learned gentleman from Missouri, of all places. Verse 1: General Casey Trying to Bat It is quite clear that there are factions at the White House which have fundamentally different agendas. Last week, General George Casey, the commander of forces in Iraq, got caught in the middle. His failure to speak truthfully about the troop situation in Iraq, earned him knots on both sides of his head. Some of the people at the White House understand the public pressure for some sign of American forces leaving Iraq. Mens Air Jordan 10 Apparently, they told Casey that he should recognize this political response. So Casey called a press conference to announce that if the political situation in Iraq stabilized, if the Iraqi elections worked out well together with some other caveats, Casey hoped to reduce the American forces in Iraq by about 30,000 perhaps next spring of summer. Listening to Casey’s announcement was an exercise in “If everything works out.” Casey hoped to please his political White House bosses by suggesting that if everything fell into place, we could reduce our forces by about 30,000 troops. polska biega asics He emphasized that everything had to fall into place, which in a war rarely happens. But to please his White House political shot callers, he suggested that sometime in 2006, some of the troops could start home. Please remember General Casey made this semi-good pseudo announcement in person. No anonymous sources at all. This must have angered the other faction in the White House who demands that “we stay the course.” So they over-rode the “feel good” faction and told Casey in effect, that there would be no reduction in American forces in the foreseeable future. Bush came down on this side. One sentence from Tom Oliphant’s report in the Boston Globe says it all.

    “This formulation angered many of Bush’s conservative supporters which produced fresh instructions to poor Casey to switch to a say-the-course pessimism. The result was a story in the Washington Post quoting a senior military official in Baghdad as saying no way Iraq’s ‘leaders’ would be ready to lead some operations against the insurgency until next summer, if not later. The anonymous official was the same General Casey.”

    Two things emerge from this continuing fiasco. The first is that when there is some sort of good news to announce, the principals wave their arms and take several bows. When the news is less than superb, those same officials hide behind “anonymous sources.” This, of course, is the essence of the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame by Bush’s brain, Karl Rove. The second fact to emerge is that when military people start to play a political game, the soldiers will almost always be the losers. There is no full blown sorrow in this quarter for General Casey. He was simply following orders from two opposing camps in the White House. If Casey feels used, he could resign. He won’t do that. After all, he has four stars on his uniform. But soldiers don’t get paid for thinking. Those that do usually get burned.

  • air max 90 blu donna
  • The mighty Casey seems to have struck out. Verse 2: Base Closing May or May Not Save Billions Recently, the Pentagon’s Base Closing Commission announced the proposed closing of a high number of military bases. Some of the more famous military bases were on the list to be shut down. The Groton Submarine Base and the Ellsworth Air Force Base were among the more famous bases which the U.S. Air Jordan 3 military said were no longer needed. Closing bases would have devastating effects on the economy of the surrounding towns. Politicians of all sorts have now banded together to save the bases in their territory. It seems that the politicians have an ally in Anthony J. Principi, who had been the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and is now Chairman of the Base Closing Committee. When Principi and his helpers analyzed the list of base closings, they concluded that the Pentagon had inflated the savings of closing the bases by a factor of 50%. Simply put, the Pentagon lied and were caught in it by Chairman Principi. Since the Principi group made its counter claim of the reduced savings that would flow from base closings, the Pentagon has been mysteriously quiet. Soldes Nike Pas Cher It is reasonable to expect that the Pentagon will be back gnawing on the same old bone at a later date, but getting caught in a lie will not help them to make their case. Verse 3: Anyone in Favor of a Draft? The Army has done about everything to encourage people to enlist. Education and age limits have been expanded to make less well educated and those up to nearly age 40 eligible to enlist. Bonuses are enticing, and yet, recruitment goals have been missed repeatedly. The answer is, of course, that young men and women are not eager to be blown apart in Iraq or some similar place. There are commentators who suggest a draft for the military. They argue a draft imposes an equal obligation on everyone to serve. The current all-volunteer Army is peopled often by young men who are not equipped educationally to compete in the job markets of the 21st century. Joining the Army is viewed in many quarters as a respectable job where if things work right, the Army experience may lead to opportunities in education and future civilian employment. Maybe so, but not many students are eager to become freshmen at age 23-27 years and not many employers are eager to hire new workers whose main talent is shooting a machine gun. So the volunteer army becomes an army of “lifers” who have no other employment opportunities. Now if we are ever to spread the responsibility among a much larger pool of Americans, it appears a draft would be one way to do it. There are many reasons to support a draft because it imposes an obligation on all young men. But curiously, the chicken war hawk factions particularly in the Republican Party either say nothing or they oppose any idea of a draft. George Bush, Tom DeLay, Richard Chaney and Bill Frist have nothing to say about equal opportunity to get killed in Iraq. Nothing to say. But when the ghouls gathered to prolong Terri Schiavo’s misery, they were all leading the parade. Bush even flew back from Texas using hundreds of gallons of aviation fuel to sign the unconstitutional bill to extend the misery of Ms. Schiavo. Derrick Henry Jerseys But not a word about a draft for which he has two daughters who seem to be going nowhere. A draft is fine for poor people, but certainly not for kids of the country club set. Verse 4: Omar Bradley’s Thoughts For those who do not know of Omar Bradley, he was in many minds the most successful General of World War II. nike blazer pas cher Bradley’s credentials are too long to summarize here, but he led Army forces in North Africa and in Europe in the 1942-1945 period. Your ancient author became aware of Bradley in early 1943 when he had a leading part in directing allied forces in the Battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia which led to the surrender of Rommel’s Afrika Korps a short time later. Bob Herbert, a columnist for the New York Times has a new book called “Promises Betrayed.” It is largely a collection of his essays. It is very worthwhile reading, particularly if you abhor war. On page 306, Bob Herbert cites a quotation from a speech made in Boston 57 years ago. Herbert quotes a news release on a paragraph of Bradley’s speech.

    “General Omar Bradley , a hero of World War II, delivered a speech in Boston in 1948 that is remarkably appropriate for the violent and chaotic world of today. ‘The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom,’ he said, ‘power without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical midgets. We know more about war than we know of peace, more about killing than we know about living.”

    For me, there is nothing whatsoever to add to Omar Bradley’s speech except to state that he came from the hills of Missouri, home of Howard Davis and Harry Truman. E. Seton Hall Pirates E. CARR August 20, 2005 ~~~ I feel like Bradley does a good job of summarizing why we don’t need bases OR a draft; the U.S. should endeavor to do less occupying and killing in general. Aiming to have fewer bases and fewer troops, regardless of the cost savings associated by closing them, is a great goal. I’d agree that the socioeconomic component to the army is frustrating, though. It obviously shouldn’t be the poorest Americans that have to be the first to die.

    SATURDAY AFTERNOON THOUGHTS DURING AUGUST HEAT | Meditations Chapter 14: Verses Amos to Andy

    It may be that the string of temperatures of over 90 degrees has gotten to the old essayist. For an old geezer from St. Louis where the summer temperatures are reminiscent of the home that Satan enjoys, it must be said that the heat is more than impressive. All of this leads to a series of unrelated thoughts that may have some wisdom in spite of the heat. Take for example, Tom Eadone’s Rule. Verse 1: Eadone’s Rule For many years, Tom Eadone together with his sisters, ran a limo service based in Chatham, New Jersey. Tom was a man in his 50’s who had grown up in the environs of Newark. Political chicanery was a factor that Tom looked for in every politician. In this state, Tom was absolutely right to doubt any word of any of our politicians. Over a period of time, Tom developed an immutable rule about New Jersey politics. Any candidate who spent more on his campaign than the job he sought would pay him, was clearly a suspect. FLYKNIT LUNAR3 If Tom found a candidate spending $20,000 for a job that paid $8,000 or $12,000, he would be convicted by Eadone’s Rule. In New Jersey politics, any candidate spending more than the job would pay would be aiming for kickbacks and bribes. Think about that proposition. Does anyone spend a fortune for the purpose of pleasure as he watches his money squirt away? Of course not. The candidate is making an investment. On the other hand, we now have two zillionaires running for Governor where the pay is about $125,000 to $150,000 per year. They are prepared to spend as much as $75 million to get a job that, in other circumstances, would be considered as below their station in life. The Democratic zillionaire hopes the governorship may lead to the presidency provided he doesn’t trip over a girl friend or two. The Republican zillionaire seems at this point to be satisfied if he becomes governor where he can introduce right wing foolishness. Tom Eadone retired a few years ago and we are left alone without his wise counsel. But if Tom could be reached for comment, it is clear that he would regard both candidates for governor with consummate suspicion. As a scholar who has studied at Professor Eadone’s feet, his suspicions are shared by me. Alfonzo Dennard What would a man who uses a trunk for a wallet do with a job that pays only $150,000 per year? We shall see soon enough. My memory is that Tom picked me up or delivered me to airports on perhaps more than two hundred occasions. He and his other drivers were never late, and Tom’s philosophy was free. That is my finest tribute. Verse 2: An Arab Army is a Bona Fide Oxymoron The United States is on a fool’s errand in Iraq. Goedkoop Nike Air Max Our alleged exit strategy from this debacle of a war is to train an Iraqi Army that will see to it that the unpleasantness of war stays “over there and not over here.” We are depending on an Arab army, yet to be formed, to carry our burden in fighting other Arabs. This is treasonable foolishness. An oxymoron is a contradiction in terms. There is no such thing as a peaceful war. There is no such thing as a prosperous depression. kobe 9 cheap Similarly, there is absolutely no such thing as an effective Arab army. A few years back, Iraq and Iran started a war that seemed to be fought at long range. My observation is that hand-to-hand fighting did not take place. Obviously, the Iranians are Persians and not Arabs. The Arab army of Iraq fought their long range war and ended up territorially, right where they started. Arab armies exist to protect their Arab Kings and dictators. After the Iraq-Iran war, Saddam overran Kuwait which he had always considered merely a province of Iraq. Kuwait had a police force but no Army of any consequence. Georgetown Hoyas When the Allied forces showed up, the Iraqi army, including the vaunted Republican Guards, flew headlong back toward Baghdad. There was no such thing as the Iraqi Army when push came to shove. In 1948 when the State of Israel came into being, there were many people who expected it to be destroyed by Arab armies. Israel defeated all the Arab armies including Egypt, and did so again in the 1960’s. During my service in North Africa, it occurred to me and to several other GI’s that Arab armies were hollow. Again, it is my long held contention that Arab armies exist to protect the king or dictator from the native population. So any consternation about them is nothing more than a continuing oxymoron. When they march in formation, they swing their hands up to shoulder height. Nice to see, but it doesn’t make them anything like an effective army. And so when we are finished training an Iraqi army, we allegedly can “stand down.” Much more likely is the thought that all our training will be put to use in fighting a sectarian civil war in Iraq. Don’t let the paid commentators who have political fish to fry tell you that life, when all the Iraqi soldiers are trained, will be all milk and honey. It ain’t so. Al Goebel, a fellow AT&T employee and a B-20 bomber pilot in World War II, used to say that when you put on a uniform, it was not just for marching in parades or impressing the girls. Sometimes the man wearing the uniform might be asked to shoot at an enemy or to be shot at by an enemy. Unfortunately, my conclusion is that Goebel’s Rule is not understood by the Iraqi recruits being trained by U.S. forces. If and when we leave Iraq, that training and equipment may well be invested in a sectarian civil war. Remember, an Arab army is generally an oxymoron. Another thought about the situation in Iraq is expressed in Verse 3. Verse 3: Scowcroft’s Rule When the Gulf War was concluded by Coalition forces chasing the Iraqi Army back to Iraq, there were many commentators who faulted George H.W. Bush and his National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft for not occupying Baghdad and Iraq. Scowcroft and the elder Bush thought such a move would have disastrous consequences. They wrote a book in 1998 called “A World Transformed” in which they said occupying Iraq “involved incalculable human and political costs.” They went on to say:

    “We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq. The coalition would instantly have collapsed, the Arabs deserting it in anger and other allies pulling out as well…Furthermore, we had been self-consciously trying to set a pattern for handling aggression in the post-Cold War world. Going in and occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally exceeding the United Nations’ mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land. It would have been a dramatically different – and perhaps barren – outcome.” (emphasis mine)

    When George W. Bush was asked about his own father’s advice, he said that “I listened to a higher father.” Presumably, Bush receives messages from God. Most people who talk to God are candidates for psychotherapy. So you see, it was God herself or himself who got us into the quagmire of Iraq. No one can blame Bush as he was a mere messenger. —– We started this Chapter with a rule from Tom Eadone and ended with a rule by Al Goebel. The Scowcroft-Bush quote is probably more than a mere rule, but it took the intervention of God herself to overrule it as we are now trying to occupy a “bitterly hostile land.” When the President talks to God, there are many of us who say the United States is in trouble. new balance shop firenze Earlier this summer when the Prime Minister of Palestine, Mr. Abbas, came to Washington, he was told by the U.S. President that God had told him to “smite” Al Qaeda.

  • Adidas Nmd Uomo
  • Then he told Abbas that God suggested that he destroy Saddam. So Bush again was simply following God’s orders. To use the elder Bush’s evaluation which comes from a cloistered New England upbringing, “We are in deep doo doo.” Do you believe that it was God who got us there? E. E. Matthew Slater CARR August 13, 2005 ~~~ China is perhaps the greatest violator of Eadone’s Rule of which I am aware. For communist party insiders, governmental positions are basically bought and sold on the market – but the price of each job has nothing to do with the salary it pays, and everything to do with the companies and industries that it has jurisdiction over. Bribes and relationship building (guanxi) are an expected part of any large business venture or contract in the country, so being a gatekeeper can be phenomenally lucrative. Positions that pay a few thousand dollars (USD) a year are routinely purchased for millions. China winds up with a lot of local gatekeepers, in this fashion. It is one of several reasons that I’m not on the “China is about to eat the U.S.’s lunch” train that seems to be gathering steam lately. Anyway, the funny part is that this system represents one of the very few ways that China could have downgraded the caliber of those who hold public office, which for centuries (until 1911) were determined largely by a series of incredibly intense examinations where performance was mainly tied to one’s ability to memorize incredibly extensive sections of the ancient Chinese classic texts. You would sit for like a week, quoting these texts extensively, verbatim, in essays that touched far less on good governance than they did on philosophical questions and Confucian principles. The result is that these Chinese government was staffed for years and years and years by those who were, first and foremost, good at memorizing things.

    Letter to Kevin 6/15/05

    Kevin – Judy and I were delighted with your response to the letter and the essay about Mencken. Canotte nba a poco prezzo I am not surprised by your mother withholding it from you. She may well have referred my letter to the FBI or to the Texas Holy Roller Diocese before she let you read it. Basically, from the day of her conception, she has been a prominent juvenile delinquent. She jay walks, spits on sidewalks, cadges cigarettes and reads girlie magazines. In one of his regular appearances on Fox TV news, God himself told me to quit praying for her as it was out of his hands. God’s former wife told me that I would be turned into a pillar of salt if my prayers persisted. Tom Delay is the only person who could have any influence on your mother. In your last sentence you suggest that sending more essays to Texas might be in order.

  • I will be happy to do that. I have been writing essays for about eight years. I believe that 200 or more essays have been written here. Your tap dancing mother has most if not all of them. Judy and I will go through them and send you some. nike air max 1 bordowe As you read the essays, remember that unjust wars disgust me. Iraq for example. I am a liberal Democrat whose religious beliefs are in total non-belief. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the British royal family – or for anyone else’s kings, queens, princes, etc. Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Gay marriage is fine with me. Generally speaking, all the prohibitions of the Catholic Church are regarded here as the acme of stupidity. Canotte Philadelphia 76ers My writings mock politicians, preachers and do-gooders. I praise countries that sing, such as the Celts. The death penalty is abhorrent to me. I like baseball and consider NASCAR racing as obscene. Now about your debating skills. Reading Mencken would be a good investment of your time. He was a sharp logician who laughed at the many of the laws that hampered this country. Prohibition of the sale or consumption of beer or whiskey was high on HLM’s lists of foolish laws. I hope you can find books by Mencken in your library. I believe I have everything that he put between hard covers so we can be a resource for you. There is a new book dealing with the Bible that is excellent reading because it is logical. It is “Sins of Scripture, Exposing the Bible’s Texts of Hate…”. John Shelby Spong, who was the Episcopal Bishop of Newark wrote it. If you ever get into a debate about such things as homosexual acts, etc. it is the gold standard for setting the Biblical situation straight. The book was published in 2005 by Harpers in San Francisco. The subhead is “Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism.” When we get the mailing together, we will talk some more. I am delighted by your interest in Henry Mencken who had a profound influence on my life. Stay strong, Pop e-mailed 6-15-05 ~~~ It is with reluctance that I publish my 15-year-old-self’s email that Pop is replying to here. Even though it makes me cringe, I take solace in the fact that Judy is probably the only person reading this, and she’s seen it already. For extra context, apparently my mother had waited three months to hand me one of Pop’s essays that was sent to me specifically. Reggie Jackson Baseball Jersey I am truly, truly sorry that I could not have read your essay about HLM earlier, seeing as it was written on March second. It was mailed May 15. It was given to this particular churchwallop….10 minutes ago. Needless to say, I read both parts of the letter right away. Addressing the first part: dad says that all I need in order to be the essential twin of Jesse Halloman is a handlebar mustache. Air Jordan 10 Retro I’ll work on that one. About religion: I have decided that there is in fact a God, but He really doesn’t give a damn about us. Nor did he create us. Nor did he do much of anything really; mom calls this the watchmaker approach. I have long since considered the bible a load of crock, and have yet to read it. “Religion is the archenemy of progress” made me think, and i’ve come to accept that it is absolutely right. I’ve heard that more people have been killed in the name of Jesus Christ than by both Stallin and Hitler combined. The essay itself was another work of brilliance, and it got me to wondering if our library has any books by Mencken–he seems to think like a debater, and arguments against a rigid state and or democracy would be a wonderful tool to have in my cases. I thank you for passing the torch, and introducing another generation to this author. As for the two paragraphs from chain of command, it reminded me strikingly of good old jack shepherd–if you say you’re getting a milkshake, you’re getting one. Then I realized that i had just compared George W. Bush to someone as great as Jack, and was disgusted with myself. I thank you for your letter and essay. P.S. try grounding mom…forbid her to leave the house until she has given all mail directed to me, well, to me. I enjoy reading your essays, and hope you send more. ~~~ Upon reflection twelve years later, it strikes me that the “watchmaker” theory here is more of an issue of nomenclature than of theology. Everything is caused by something else (exempting, perhaps, extremely advanced physics on very small scales), so the “watchmaker” approach is tantamount to just saying “there was a big bang, so we’ll just say that “God” is whatever phenomenon that kicked that off.” I think that’s where I was coming from at the time when I “Decided that there is in fact a God” above. Any deeper probing into the watchmaker theory makes it fall apart just as much as any typical explanation of God, namely that one is forced to wonder what created or came before God, which of course is a dead-end line of thinking. Looking at small-scale physical interactions of particles and extrapolating as far backwards into the big bang as we can with physics is probably a much better bet if you want to eventually find out what happened to cause all this. Nike Hyperdunk It’s cute to see one of my first written essay responses, though.

    QUESTIONS IN SEARCH OF ANSWERS | Meditations: Chapter 13, Verses Pre-Genesis to Mid-Malachi

    From time to time, questions come along that make me wonder if anyone else has similar questions and whether any solutions really exist. The questions are so persistent that they must be acknowledged even though there may be no answers at all. Try some of these. Verse 1: Poor Health, Men’s Division The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court has been afflicted with cancer. To see him try to walk is a disheartening experience. His cancer treatments kept him home bound for much of the 2004-2005 Supreme Court term. Air Jordan 13 Retro In recent weeks, he has required hospitalization for fever. The Chief Justice, William Rehnquist is now past 80 years of age. He claims that he is keeping up with his work while at home by reading briefs and the minutes of court proceedings. In spite of his myriad of difficulties, he seems intent upon remaining as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. If he retired, it is likely he would receive a substantial pension along with health care. But he elects to shuffle along with his cap pulled down tightly on his head and tries to go to work. NIKE AIR MAX ZERO QS If Rehnquist worked for me, there would be a small personnel conference, at which time he would be told that between his ailments and his age, he should attend his own going away party as promptly as possible. The business of the U.S. is too important that it not be left to aged invalids. This old essayist has never enjoyed the spiritual comfort that some derive from Catholicism. None-the-less, for several years it struck me that the Polish Pope, John Paul II should have retired for the same reasons that apply to Rehnquist. He was well past 80 years and had suffered from Parkinson’s disease. His mobility was seriously compromised. His voice was often inaudible. Yet he went through the motions of being Pope of the Roman Catholic Church until death claimed him. Matt Holliday Authentic Jersey Is this a matter of male vanity? In my own family, my father was basically blind from age 65 onward. Yet he found a used car salesman who sold him a big Buick that would barely fit in the garage. And the used car salesman had to drive the Buick home as my father could not see. Women have face lifts. Some men have vanity in such proportions that it tends to blind and to kill them. This is one question that needs an answer. new balance 574 pop damskie Verse 2: Senator Frist’s Pre-Born Again Conversion Bill Frist is a heart surgeon from Tennessee who is now the majority leader in the U.S. Senate. For a time now, he has been running hard to convince Right Wing Conservatives that he is a Bible believing Southern Baptist who would make a good president. In many respects, his campaign has come at the expense of his legislative duties. For unknown reasons, Frist and other politicians have adopted the positions of the Catholic Church. For example, no Protestant church that is known to me, has decreed that life begins at conception. For all the years that preachers have tortured me with their prolix sermons, no Protestant preacher has ever preached on conception being the original key to life. They may think so, but Protestants have never made a point of it being a matter of infallibility. Even the far out sects such as the Nazarenes, the Pentecostals, the Southern Baptists and the Free Will Baptists have preached that their adherents must be born again. asics tiger pas cher That is a matter of infallibility. New Balance Goedkoop Yet Frist, a Baptist, who will apparently do anything or say anything or adopt any religious precept, has announced that life begins at conception.

  • Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Uomo
  • How does that square with being born again? It isn’t a matter of being conceived again; Protestants believe in being born again. That raises substantial questions. Asics Onitsuka tiger męskie In dozens of cases such as enlisting in the U.S. Army, one of the major questions has been “Date of Birth” and “Place of Birth.” Now if we are going to take Frist and the other politicians seriously, we are going to have to change countless forms and applications. How could a person state the date when she or he had been conceived? Hard to say. Can anyone imagine the embarrassment when the proper amount of time had not elapsed between the DOC and the DOB? Why bring up skeletons from the basement? Now what are we going to do about where the conception took place? When a live baby appears, hospital personnel fill out a birth certificate saying that the birth took place in this hospital in a specific city and county. So we know where the DOB took place. But what are we going to do about the DOC’s? Are we all to be Paris Hiltons whose parents contend that she was conceived there within a few meters of the Eiffel Tower? What are we to do with people who travel a lot, such as traveling salespersons? They would have no idea as to whether the DOC took place in Chicago, Des Moines or Crawford, Texas. Obviously, Protestant Frist has not thought through his adoption of the Roman position on conception. But if this is the wave of the future, all of us must prepare ourselves with some rational answers. There are questions here that need to be answered as long as politicians embrace the precepts of the Roman church. Perhaps the Roman Church might blaze new trails by holding that as a condition of entering heaven, everyone must be conceived again. That will keep this Roman Church a full stride ahead of Martin Luther’s Protestants. Verse 3: The Dullest Speakers Wear Eagles and Stars For more than 63 years, that is the summer of 1942, it has been my sad duty to attempt to figure out what Colonels, Generals and Admirals are attempting to say. When it comes to sheer absolute dullness, high level military people compete with preachers and politicians in the World Series of uninspiring discourse. There is a reason for this, of course. Early in my career as an Army private, a situation arose where it seemed appropriate to offer a solution. The sergeant informed me in thunderous tones that “You, Private Carr, don’t get paid to think.” For quite a while, it became my practice to think, but not to announce the results of my cerebral activity. Like Galileo Galilei who muttered to church authorities that regardless of what they thought, it was the earth that turned. And so this Private also muttered about less consequential things. Simply put, the military services put a premium on acceptance of authority even if that authority is completely wrong. Men, and now some women, rise in the ranks by keeping their mouths shut. There is no such thing as a maverick general or an admiral who demonstrates a better way. The mantra is to get along by going along. Andre Ethier Jersey Even on a disastrous course. An example may be helpful. General Shinseki was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff which is the top U.S. Nike Air Odyssey military job. When the Iraq invasion took place, General Shinseki offered the thought that to occupy and pacify Iraq, something like 400,000 to 500,000 troops would be needed. That viewpoint flew in the face of the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who had persuaded his boss that Iraq could be conquered on the cheap. The Assistant Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, was caustic in criticizing General Shinsiki. In a matter of months, Shinseki was, in effect, fired. Remember, you don’t get paid for thinking. That seems to apply to Privates as well as to Four Star Generals. In point of fact, ever since the disastrous Iraq invasion has taken place, there have been calls for more troops to make our occupation succeed. But no General in the field wishes to have the Shinseki treatment visited upon him, so we struggle with a grossly undersized force. The military doctrine of not being paid to think shows up when our military brass tries to explain things. nike pas cher To prevent criticism from Congress, the press or other military officers, they invariably read from a script which makes for utter dullness. When they agree to answer questions, they lapse into military jargon using initials for names and say virtually nothing. Even the sainted Colin Powell had trouble speaking effectively. Army Black Knights His major speech to the United Nations Security Council shortly before our Commander in Chief launched his ill fated invasion of Iraq, was shortly shown to be false. This was the speech where he guaranteed the existence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. The blunt fact is that the U.S. Adrian Gonzalez Authentic Jersey military abhors innovation as much as they protest to the contrary. New Balance 009 mujer This is a get along by going along outfit. To make an interesting statement or an interesting speech requires thought and the willingness to advocate something other than saying something absolutely without controversy. The question that must be posed to our readers is how must dullness be considered a virtue in military matters? It appears that dullness in our military will be with us as long as the generals and admirals insist that soldiers and sailors don’t get paid for thinking. Verse 4: Monuments In the civilized world, there must be several million monuments. Maybe many more. Of all these edifices, only one involves me. That is the World War II Monument in Washington, D.C. which honors the military men and women who took part in that war. Unfortunately, that is indeed an enormous monument which pleases politicians, but it doesn’t say much for the soldiers and sailors who were involved in World War II. This overwhelming monument was built with no input from any old soldier known to me. asics kinsei 4 gel It was built largely because there were memorials for the Korean War and the War in Vietnam. Bob Dole, the Senator from Kansas, was the moving force to build the monument which is why some of us say it was built to please politicians. Aside from being antiseptic, it is overblown. It is a loud military brass band backing the National Symphony with a chorus of 10,000 voices. It would be better to have a single guitar player or a cello to memorialize that war. The Korean War memorial is a stark reminder of what soldiers encounter in dealing with an enemy. It is a magnificent memorial. The wall with the 58,000 names of the dead from the Vietnam War carries a moving message. More than anything else, it is an antiwar statement and it is a magnificent memorial to the fallen. It seems to me that the World War II monument would have profited from simplicity. There is a wall in that monument that honors the 400,000 military people lost in that war. That might just be enough of an understatement to make an impression. But in addition to that wall, there are 50 or 52 tall stone obelisks for each state. nike air max 2017 femme rouge But understatement has never been a characteristic of American politicians. Fjallraven Kanken NO.2 UK So the question that remains is whether it is worth seeing. Absolutely – provided you see it together with the Korean and Vietnamese memorials. Air Max 90 Femme The key here is that World War II is marked by a monument. The other two are marked by memorials. Memorials are better. Verse 5: Envelopes and Screw Top Bottles Companies that send me bills often include an envelope that requires me to be certain that the addressees name shows through the plastic window. This is a hassle that no one needs. Is there anything wrong with sending a return envelope that does not require such dexterity? Now about screw top containers that require that the lid be forced down before it may be unscrewed. nike air jordan 10 chicago Allegedly, this is a device to protect our children. In this house, there are no children. When a bottle of 100 tablets is purchased, for example, for each of those one hundred attempts to extract one pill, the cap must be pushed down with which it becomes cross threaded. People become heathens for less provocation than the push down caps. There has to be a better way of dealing with envelopes and bottles. Your suggestions will be welcome. And while we are at it, the fastening devices at the top of cereal boxes are often deplorable. There are those of us who believe the alleged most advanced country in the world ought to be able to design cereal boxes that shut without a degree in industrial engineering. These are a few of the questions that give me pause. Perhaps future Meditations will provide some answers. But in all likelihood, as age creeps up on me, there will only be more unanswered questions and fewer answers. E. E. CARR August 13, 2005 ~~~ I wonder — I think Pop’s blindness set in in 2005 sometime, but this essay doesn’t reference it in the fifth section. nike buty męskie You’d think that would be the reason why everything else mentioned was particularly inconvenient, but maybe that’s implied. Meanwhile I think the bit about male vanity towards the top of the essay was pretty spot-on. Pride can definitely drive people to make some pretty obvious mistakes.


    Word has reached these ears that you have expressed the view that life would not be worth living if blindness ever occurred to you. Compra Zapatillas Nike Online This letter is not meant to chastise or to criticize that point of view, because the author has had many of those same thoughts in recent years. I fully understand the thought about life not being worthwhile after blindness occurs. The purpose of this letter is to encourage you to consider the thoughts of a recently blinded man before your idea about life not being worthwhile is set in concrete. It seems to me that there may be some merit in the views of a person who recently became blind and who may offer some thoughts on the subject. My bona fides are fairly obvious. For eleven years, I did without the sight in my left eye due to an expulsive choroidal hemorrhage during a trabeculectomy which is a process aimed at relieving pressure on the optic nerve. nike air max homme pas cher This summer, the pressure apparently expanded in the right eye, and despite all efforts to save it, it was also lost. A trabeculectomy on the right eye was performed at the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia in October and unfortunately, it did not restore my sight. So for better or for worse, I am now a completely blind man. I do not see shapes or shadows or anything of the sort, I simply stare into blank space. Womens Air Jordan 5 The major purpose of this letter to a friend is to tell you that it is still possible to enjoy life even after the devastating onset of blindness. I am trying to say that the onset of blindness does not mean the end of life. It just is not so. There is absolutely no gainsaying the fact that your life after blindness will change fairly dramatically, but that is not a reason to say, “I want to do away with my life because of blindness.” At this early stage in my blindness, the facts seem to say that blindness can be worked around and can be accommodated in spite of the debilitating effect it may have on a person. Clearly, a person afflicted by blindness will need a substantial amount of help. For example, I can no longer write checks. Mens Air Jordan 11 If I wrote a check, the bank would instantly reject it. There is a debate about eating because I am not yet ready, as a blind man, to appear in a public place to consume a meal because my eating habits have been altered by blindness. On the other hand, I have been able to resume many of my activities, starting with getting around the house, going shopping, and things of that nature. Being blind does not mean the end of everything. Nike Free Running Ray Charles, the entertainer who died recently, once contended that his blindness was only 1% of his total experience in living. Fjallraven Kanken No.2 I rejected that thought in an essay called “Ray Charles is Full of Spit.” Blindness is considerably more than 1% of a person’s living experience. Under Armour Curry 3.0 On the other hand, there is no reason to say that 99% of my life is now shot, therefore I will retire to a hole in the ground and pull the dirt in over me and wait until an angel comes to carry me away. Yes, you will need some help. Balancing your check book is one subject and reading a newspaper is another. Those things have to be worked out over time. But the burden of what I am trying to say is that those things are surmountable. North Carolina State Wolfpack Inne Buty Adidas Please understand that blindness cannot be defeated. free run 5.0 nero uomo It certainly can not. But it can be accommodated and lived with. When a thing is accommodated and lived with, there is no drastic reason to end one’s life. In the short time that I have been completely and totally blind, I have learned how to use the white cane and how to get around the house, not totally easily but with a modest degree of proficiency. As each day passes, it seems to me that my repertoire of experiences as a blind man grows slowly and so, in time, I hope to live a life resembling the life I had when I could see. I know that will never happen, but it is something to strive for. When one considers what has happened to the people, to the soldiers, who have been badly injured and mutilated in Iraq, those of us who are blind have absolutely no reason to moan about it. A news report a week ago portrayed a 21 year old soldier who not only was brain damaged, his eyes were shot, he was blind, he was unable to breathe, and he had to be fed through a hole in his throat. Good gracious, that is nothing compared to a man like me who even at 83½ years is able to exercise 4 days a week and is capable of doing a lot of things. When I see a report about what we are doing to our soldiers in Iraq, I am angry beyond reason. Denver Pioneers But it also demonstrates the fact that those fellows have a lot more reason to want to end their lives than those of us who acquired blindness late in life. Air Jordan 1 For Kids Oklahoma State Cowboys I hope this gives you a thought or two about ending your life. As I conclude this letter, I wish to point out that blindness does not flow from any celestial creature. It is not a function of Jesus, Allah, the Holy Ghost, Joseph Ratzinger (the new pope) or Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson to order a case of blindness. new balance 577 marron homme But most significantly, regardless of the candles that are lit and regardless of the novenas that might be said, all of those creatures who reside somewhere above the clouds cannot cure my blindness or yours either. The thought that blindness could be cured by some appeal to a celestial creature went out of style at least in the first or second century. Authentic UGA Jersey It is up to you to live with the situation and make the best of it, as opposed to praying and hoping that it would go away. The fact of the matter is, blindness is a permanent condition and must be lived with and taken into account at every turn. new balance grigie bambino I hope this letter reaches you when you are in a receptive mood and before your views about ending your life are firmly established. If you should decide that life is now not worth living, more than anybody else, I will respect and understand that point of view, because I’ve had those thoughts myself. Womens New Balance Sneakers
    I hope this finds you well. Blindness is not something to be happy about, but if nothing else, I can tell you from my small experience, it can be lived with and it is not a proper reason to consider ending anyone’s life. Goedkoop New Balance Warmest regards, E. nike air max pas cher E. CARR December 25, 2005 ~~~ Pretty heavy subject for a Christmas letter, Pop! Still, this is a sweet and realistic note, which is hopefully exactly the type of honest assessment that the recipient needed to hear at the time. I hope it made an impact.

    A POTPOURRI OF THOUGHTS | Meditations: Chapter 11, Verses Genesis to Exodus

    Verse 1. THE AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION My final job at AT&T was in the Overseas Department where it was necessary to deal with all the other telecommunications organizations in the world on mutual problems. In many cases, it was a matter of maintaining harmonious relations with people who were very different from ourselves as well as people who are very much like the people found in this country. Nike Free 5.0 Heren It was a job that brought considerable enjoyment to me. Among the people who contributed to that enjoyment were two Assistant General Managers of the Overseas Telecommunication’s Commission – Australia. One was Randy Payne and the other was John Hampton. We were all veterans of World War II which contributed much to our friendship. Before long, it also developed that all of us were offended by attempts to sully the English language. John Hampton said at one point that he had heard the term “to envelopize” a problem. Randy and John were baffled by that term as their American correspondent was by “cut to the chase.” Somewhere along the line came the phrase “pushing the envelope” and the penchant of one of my colleagues for the use of the absurd word “proactive.” When a new imbecilic phrase turned up, we all laughed as its meaning was guessed at. The three of us reserved a special place in hell for those who said, “At this point in time” meaning now, or “That point in time,” meaning then. That also applied to adding the suffix “wise” to any word, such as, “It is hot here, heat-wise.” Randy Payne died bout 20 years ago at a much too early an age. John Hampton retired and unfortunately, we have been out of contact for nearly two decades. But the search goes on. In the past few years, particularly since the Iraq war, insane neologisms are found everywhere. This is the time Randy and John are sorely needed. Here are only a few of the new words that beggar definition and meaning. How about “awesome” or “like” as in the ardent swain saying to his beloved, “Like, I want to kiss you.” She should reply, “Like when is it going to happen?” She might also say, “You know what I mean?” Then there is the recurring phrase “you know.” When George Bush speaks extemporarily, his sentences go on and on as he says “and uh…” instead of a period. Employers are looking for people who “think outside the box.” What box are we discussing? From the war in Iraq, we have “tipping point,” “boots on the ground,” “standing up and standing down,” “closure” and “renditions.” Rumsfeld speaks a language all his own. He loves the word “metrics,” which means nothing more than a measurement of some kind as in the war in Iraq may go on for twelve years. Twelve years is a metric and a long one. Condoleezza Rice, the recently appointed Secretary of State, has a compulsion to use the word “task” in dubious forms. Rumsfeld, of metrics fame, joins Madame Rice in trying to dress up that well understood term, in fancy and in illogical clothing. When someone has been assigned to oversee a project, Rice and Rumsfeld will say that he or she is “being tasked” with that responsibility. Prospectively, they may say that a subordinate person is under consideration “for tasking” a certain project. Because these are peculiar American usages, Randy and John would have pummeled me endlessly, and with good reason. On the ecclesiastical front, we have an entry from EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), the Catholic network. Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Femme They now refer to children in the womb as “pre-born.” When a birth occurs, is it possible that the child would be called a “post-born” or an “after-born”? My driver’s license says born only. “After and post born” would lend some class to a classless entry. Tom Brady Michigan Jerseys From the baseball commentators we now have “going yard” which means hitting a home run. This takes insanity to a lofty level. So you can see why Randy and John are sorely missed. We have much more to work with than when we plied our trade back in the 1980’s. Like I mean, like really. It is awesome! How about, at this point in time, may we say, awesome-wise? Or, proactive-wise? How about prayer-wise? Verse 2. WERE NUNS THAT TOUGH? Your old essayist is at a loss to tell you if nuns who taught school were as tough as some parochial school graduates now claim. My main source is Francis Healey, a former major league catcher who is now a broadcaster of Mets baseball. Fran is not alone in claiming that the nuns he was taught by were overly strict and that some of them were given to corporal punishment. There are those parents who want their children to be taught by demanding teachers. Perhaps that is a laudable trait, but it seems to me that something is missing here. Parochial school graduates speak not of the love of learning, but of the strictness of the teaching nuns. Rulers seem to have been used to rap knuckles of errant school boys. Is that the image that people such as Fran Healey, who must have left his parochial school 40 years ago, want to be known for? My grade school teachers were demanding, but sometimes they would join the children in school yard games at recess. The question remains, were the parochial school nuns as tough as some graduates say they were? Were the Catholic kids that unruly? But the nuns are still at it so it is clear that some parents prefer for their kids to toe the line. Do bad boys ever get excommunicated? Maybe the Eternal Word Television Network can answer that question as soon as “pre-born” is explained satisfactorily. EWTN might explain that the so called “Morning-after pill” is designed to avoid the pre-born situation. That would be a clear definition that all of us could understand. Verse 3. HATRED LASTS FOREVER In previous essays, an attempt was made to describe hatred between people and countries. The Chinese, for example, are still smoldering about the treatment by the Japanese Army in World War II. The Italians are roundly hated in Ethiopia for the invasion in the 1930’s under Mussolini. In turn, the Italians hate what the German Army did to them late in World War II. The Poles hate the Germans and the Russians, with good reason. Even after 800 years, there is absolutely no love lost between the Irish and England. Auburn Tigers Old Mother England is reviled in Africa because the Brits referred to male natives as “boys” and demanded that natives call them “Master.” Our occupation of Iraq – and particularly the torture that has been visited upon Iraqis – will earn Americans the undying hatred of Iraqis and the rest of the Arab world forever. On the subject of torture in American prisons, Burton J. Lee III wrote an article for the Washington Post called, “The Stain of Torture.” Lee served as a doctor in the United States Medical Corps and was for four years, the presidential physician to George H.W. Bush. The final paragraph of Lee’s piece reads like this:

    “America cannot go down this road. Torture demonstrates weakness, not strength. It does not show understanding, power or magnanimity. It is not leadership. It is a reaction of government officials overwhelmed by fear who succumb to conduct unworthy of them and the citizens of the United States.”

    Dr. Lee, many of us believe you have said it all. This is what hatred is all about. Verse 4: ROUSING NEWS FROM THE G-8 SUMMIT The G-8 Summit meeting was badly overshadowed by the London bombings. Yet there were one or two statements of note.

  • Femmes Air Jordan 6
  • With respect to the war in Iraq, one of the delegates proclaimed the conflict was “Laying the foundation for peace.” He really said that. Presumably, the bloodier the war in Iraq, the more likely that the foundation for peace is laid properly. On global warming, seven out of the eight delegations were in favor of doing something about it. The United States, which contributes more to greenhouse gasses than any other country, declined to become involved. So the U.S. government holds that seven out of the eight governments are on “the wrong road.” It may come as no surprise that the speaker in both cases was Mr. Bush. nike air max 90 femme Mr. Bush may have been thrilled to learn while he was in Scotland on G-8 business, that the Shia’s have started to establish a Shia theocracy based in Basra, Iraq’s second city. A theocracy is a government based, in this case, on the Islamic religion. As far as this group of Shias is concerned, they will take a pass on democracy. Bush may not have understood all that was going on around him in Scotland, but it is a pretty good guess that he was sobered by the events in London and in Iraq. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit It could – and probably will – happen here. Verse 5: THE STAPLES SYNDROME In recent years, it has become de rigueur to depopulate retail stores. Bakery counters don’t have people to explain the differences between breads. The products are packaged and placed in a bin and the customer is forced to paw through them. Butchers are quickly passing from the scene as cuts of meat are packaged and placed in bins. Help at the cheese counter is largely a thing of the past all done in the name of getting rid of employees with a consequent boost in corporate earnings. Perhaps the ultimate is the Staples office supply chain. asics gel lyte 5 mujer rojas It is quite possible to shop there for the better part of an hour and see no one but a cashier or two. The difference between products is left for the customer to divine. It is sort of like Rumsfeld saying you go to war with the Army you have. In this case, Staples has filled a store with products which may or may not fit customer requirements – and there are precious few clerks or cashiers to ask for help. Staples says it has done its part. If the customer is baffled, that is not Staples problem. With the “no help” situation in Staple’s stores, the losses through shop lifting must be significant. But there we go worrying about Staple’s problems. Canotta Detroit Pistons Perhaps we are lucky to have the cashier available, but knowing of the desire to depopulate stores of every kind, it may not be long till they are gone as well. The inescapable fact is that a good employee will pay for himself by showing how a product is used or by telling customers of other bargains or services supplied by the store. Ah, but the owners are not listening. Curiously, the owners do not share the increased income with the few remaining employees. adidas zx flux damskie niebieskie They keep it for themselves. How short sighted. How immoral. Nike buty Verse 6: SOL’S POOL HALL In Clayton, Missouri, my home town, there was a pool hall that was viewed by my mother as the ultimate den of iniquity. fjällräven kånken Laptop 17 My mother suspected that Sol was selling some sort of beer to patrons during the days of Prohibition. That practice was known as “peddling home brew.” When Franklin Roosevelt assumed the Presidency in 1933, he legalized the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. At that point, old Sol – last name unknown – could sell his beer openly to players who used his pool tables. My brothers who were 11 and 13 years older than myself, were accused by my mother of patronizing Sol’s place. As my young years advanced, Lillie, my mother, warned me that going to Sol’s would endanger my soul from any heavenly reward. Peyton Manning Jerseys All of this took place when Nora, Lillie’s sister, made home brew all during the Prohibition era. As a child, Nora’s home brew was so repulsive that now, 75 years later, there is not one atom in my body ever crying out for beer. Secondly, the lure of pool-playing ranks somewhere below watching a dull person try to solve a crossword puzzle. My current interest in pool and golf are somewhere near zero or below. Nonetheless, as my years mounted, Lillie was assured from time to time that Sol’s Pool Hall was not where my after-school hours were spent. Lillie was completely certain that her fervent prayers for her youngest child were paying off in terms of pool playing and drinking beer. Lillie went to her grave believing that my abstemious conduct was a product of divine intervention. Lillie knew of my non-belief in religion. air max She elected to declare her non-belief in my non-belief.

  • Given that situation, it seemed best for me to let sleeping dogs lie. Lillie never played pool in her life nor did she ever see the inside of a pool hall. Why she was so angered by the existence of Sol’s Pool Hall was inexplicable to me. But none-the-less, for more than three quarters of a century, my consumption of beer is in the range of two or three bottles per year. My visits to a pool hall over that period of time are zero. Do you believe these non-accomplishments are, in fact, divine intervention as specified by Mother Lillie? When this old geezer reaches eternal ecstasy in the hereafter, he will go to the divine ledger to see if that was indeed the case. My hope is to see Sol, who will offer me a cold one, and who will spin out the whole story. But seeing Sol, or Solomon, may be difficult because he subscribed to the Jewish faith. Perhaps Jews live in a different housing development from the Protestants. scarpe adidas calcio But that is an issue for another day. My unshakable belief is that Lillie and Sol will have worked things out long before it is necessary for me to knock on those golden gates. E. Canotta Denver Nuggets E. adidas gazelle homme grise CARR July 5, 2005 ~~~ Most of the time when I’m shopping, I’d much rather use my phone to look up reviews for a product than listen to a biased salesperson tell me about it. And even when a phone is available, having a sales rep staring you down as you attempt to shop is pretty disconcerting for me. I was in Shanghai last week, where this practice is taken to the extreme. In one of the giant counterfeit goods markets, Jen and I made the fatal mistake of asking someone how to get upstairs. That person proceeded to follow us around doggedly for at least ten minutes, despite my becoming increasingly rude to her. “We do not want you here with us, please go away, goodbye” was insufficient deterrent to get her to leave us alone. We eventually had to leave the store to get her to go away.