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In this essay, it is my intention to give consideration to the importance of the religious vote to the recent re-election of Bush, particularly to the Jewish element of that choice. The title comes from a sentence of a proclamation by the “Provisional Government of the Irish Republic to the people of Ireland.” The proclamation was written in 1915 and has been preserved by the Irish National Museum in Dublin. A facsimile copy has been in my possession for many years. Among the aims of the Provisional Government of Ireland was the solemn promise to “Cherish all the children of the nation equally.” You may recall that at the time the proclamation was written, England had dictatorial control over the Irish nation. As a descendant of Irish forbearers, it seems to me that the vow to “cherish all the children of the nation equally,” is inspirational in its concept and lyrical in its choice of English words. The vow imposes a sacred duty on the men who signed the Proclamation to treat all Irish citizens equally. By 1916 after the Easter Uprising at the General Post Office in Dublin, nearly all the men who signed the Proclamation had been executed by the English. The Irish said they intended to control their own affairs. John Bull said such people were unruly rebels and deserved to be shot – which was done. The Proclamation came back to me this week as the Bush re-election is being celebrated. It came back to me because the “children” of this nation who subscribe to the Evangelical Christian faith are being treated with great favor, while the so-called elitist’s children who live on the East and West coasts of the United States are to be treated with considerable disfavor. Contrary to what Bush and John Kerry may have said during the campaign, there are no prospects for the “children” of this nation being treated equally. Now, the prospects for inequality of treatment are increasingly greater. Looking at the distribution of recent tax cuts going almost totally to the richest Americans, is one example that comes immediately to mind. My comments in this piece have to do with the seeming confluence of views between Evangelic Protestants, far right Catholic prelates who seem to be hung up on abortion and same sex marriages, and people of the Jewish faith who have recently discovered desirable qualities in George Bush. To comment on this three-way confluence takes some bona fides. My bona fides certainly do not come from a seminary of any sort or from a university that offers courses in religious appreciation. Unfortunately , my bona fides come from forced attendance at the marathon church services offered by the Southern Baptists, the Nazarenes, the Pentecostals and finally the Free Will Baptist church which banned all organ or piano music to accompany the hymns. It may be that Satan himself sponsors instrumental music. My reaction to the primitive inanities of all these churches was outright disdain which soon became an intense dislike bordering on hatred for their ignorance of obvious facts. And to think that my mother had hoped and planned for me to become a preacher. She had not succeeded with my older brothers, so as the youngest child of the family, she had ordained me as her final hope for a preacher who would follow in the steps of the Blessed Billy Sunday. She was increasingly aware of my gross disenchantment with divine services so her disappointment was muted as my attendance at Protestant churches of her choosing came to an end at the time of my attaining the age of 13 years. Since that time, there has been an active intent to keep up with some developments in religious life largely as a result of my on-going interests in affairs of the United States and the world. The television fulminations of such ill-informed and ignorant know-nothings as the Graham-Falwell-Robertson combine are occasionally followed with curiosity that flows from my disbelief that they actually believe the tripe they are preaching. Did the sun stand still, was the Red Sea actually parted and did Jesus walk on water? The Catholic channel, EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), has only recently acknowledged that there MAY POSSIBLY have been some unseemly moral behavior between priests and altar boys. As a general principal , the performers on EWTN make it clear that non-Catholics are going to have one hell of a time to get to purgatory, much less to the eternal ecstasy of heaven. So my bona fides come from exposure to the right wing evangelic sects as well as to watching Catholic preaching on EWTN. Over the years, my exposure to members of the Jewish faith has been through secular contacts. Air Jordan 4 Jews don’t seem to preach on radio or television. It seems to me that Jews have an inordinate capacity to produce articles and papers that offer cogent comment on the affairs of the day. And on top of all that, it seems to me that the Irish and the Jews seem to get on well together. One of the reasons may be that the Jews have no apparent legislative agenda which would force other groups to accede to the principals of the Jewish faith. For example, the Jews were never behind Prohibition. It is doubted that Jews are enthusiastic to overturn Roe v. Wade. It is also doubted that Jews would subscribe to banning birth control devices or the teaching of creationism to the exclusion of evolution in our schools. In the case of the recent presidential election, there was a communion of sorts between Bible thumping Evangelic Protestants and Catholics who seemed to believe that abortion and same sex marriages were a greater threat to the Republic than the deaths in Iraq, the assault on civil liberties, and the record deficits that will have to be paid by the children of our grandchildren. For Catholics to overlook what Lancet, the respected British journal, calls 100,000 Iraqi civilian deaths and the loss of over 1220 deaths among our own soldiers is astounding to this former soldier from World War II. Now, election results point out that some Jews joined in this crusade to elect Bush over a pious Catholic who was a hero in the Vietnam War. adidas superstar 2 hombre You will recall that Bush and Chaney avoided service in that conflict with Bush fleeing to the Texas Air National Guard and with Chaney saying he had “other priorities” rather than to serve as a military person. Based upon my experience with Evangelic Protestants, it is my unshakeable belief that the concordant with the other Christian groups will be short lived. The Protestant-Catholic dispute goes back to the year 1517 when Martin Luther, a Catholic priest, posted 95 theses to the castle church in Saxony, Germany. Luther was offended by the authorities in Rome granting indulgences that spared church officials the inconvenience of going to purgatory after their deaths. Of course, money was involved here. As a result of Luther’s protests against the Roman Church, a new Christian sect or faith was established. These were the Protestants as the protestors against indulgent practices were called. The passage of nearly 500 years has not mitigated the separation of the Protestants and their former church, the Catholics. Among other beliefs, Protestants reject priestly celibacy, the bar against females in the Catholic clergy and the idea of purgatory. Protestants have no ban on the use of birth control. The Catholics maintain that theirs is the one true church of God, regardless of the establishment of all other religions. It must be assumed that adherents to the Catholic faith reject Protestantism as well as the Islamic, Hindu and the Buddhist faiths. Simply joining hands with the Evangelic Protestants to support Bush will do nothing to erase 500 years of disagreement and displeasure between the Catholics and the Protestants. When it comes to the evangelic fundamentalists congregations in the right wing of the Protestant denomination, there is a sense of being “aginners.” In spite of the fact that Catholics are fellow Christians, the “aginners” will assure you in no uncertain terms, that Catholics can never aspire to what the right wing religionists call, “The Kingdom of Heaven.” It has never been made convincingly clear to me why the Protestant fundamentalists believe that Catholics are headed for the eternal damnation of hell. Perhaps it is bingo games in the basement of Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Perhaps it is that Catholics do not submit to total immersion when being baptized which the Protestant religious right holds sacred. Perhaps it all has to do with being “aginners” but the Nazarenes and the Baptists and the Pentecostals say that God himself has made it clear that they will enjoy the endless pleasures of heaven while Catholics will be sent to eternal damnation and torment. There is no meeting ground. Does anyone, Catholic, Protestant, Pagan or Jew, believe this chasm on the Christian side of things may be papered over when Sadie Liebowitz marries Suzy Brown, simply because there is an imminent threat to the Republic that only George Bush can master? He has mangled so much so far in his first term, that bringing Catholics and born again Protestants into the same tent will be an accomplishment that will avoid solution for the next 500 years. In the Christian faith, dislike for other sects bordering on fanaticism or hatred is a component that will probably exist forever. When a Jew from any branch of his faith would contemplate joining with the born again Protestants and the militant Catholics in support of Bush, he should give a thought or two to Martin Luther and realize the depth of the disagreements that exist within the Christian faith. It is for this reason that any long term support for Bush is problematic and the Jew who gets involved in intra-Christian disputes is bound to be burned. On the Protestant side of this arrangement, a little more is known to me by virtue of my forced exposure to the incoherent primitive services of the Baptists (Southern and Free Will), the Nazarenes and the Pentecostals. Every prejudice was cited or invented to claim that other Protestant sects were never going to enjoy the exquisite pleasures of heaven. According to the preachers my parents forced me to hear, anyone who danced or played cards, or owned gold jewelry, or enjoyed worldly things such as baseball games would receive a one way ticket to hell. Remember, this is one Protestant sect making such claims against competing Protestant groups. While the Protestants fight among themselves, they all harbor ill feelings against their ancient rivals, the Catholics. The same preachers who denounced dancing and card playing claimed that more sophisticated sects such as the Presbyterians, the Episcopalians and the Congregationalists would be barred from heaven because they did not submit to the primitive beliefs of the born again sects. In effect, the fundamentalists said the uptown church goers would be ineligible for heaven because their beliefs were too uppity. When the preaching and the conversation in the fundamental sects, turned to the more sophisticated sects, the word “infidel” would soon surface. nike air max 2016 goedkoop The point is that many born again Protestant sects seem to be comfortable with their holiness only when other Protestant sects are diminished. They have to put down competing sects to make themselves feel superior and more holy. Here is what is being said in the born again circles. Peter Wallsten writes in the Los Angeles Times of November 12, 2004, about his interview with Jerry Falwell. Two short paragraphs tell us all we need to know about the Reverend Doctor Jerry Falwell:

“Jerry Falwell — is so concerned about harnessing his movements power within the GOP and national politics that this week he formed the Faith and Values Coalition, which, as he put it, aimed to be the 21st Century version of the Moral Majority. “The group will seek to register millions of additional voters, starting in January, to ensure that supports of abortion rights, such as former New York Mayor Rudolph Guilani, or backers of gay rights such as Arizona’s Senator John McCain, don’t win the GOP presidential nomination and that Republicans retain the White House in 2008.”

Guilani and McCain are both Christians, but their right wing credentials leave much to be desired in Falwell’s eyes. Also, it must be assumed that his new Faith and Values outfit deplores divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is much greater in Falwell’s Bible belt state when compared to the states that voted against George Bush. Maybe Falwell ought to devote some effort to healing traditional marriages rather than to harp on same sex unions. Guilani is a Catholic politician who is now involved with his third marriage. McCain is believed to be an Episcopalian. Does anything in Falwell’s diatribe strike you as conciliatory or conducive to preserving the loving arrangement with the Catholics or the Jews? To my Jewish friends, it must be said that any agreement on political or religious matters with the Christians will perforce, be short lived. James Dobson is another of the Christian moguls. Dobson runs a religious enterprise in Colorado. “He has compared recent steps toward gay marriage to Pearl Harbor and likens it to D-Day,” says Michael Crowley in an assessment in the New Republic published on November 12. When Dobson got a thank you call from the White House, he told the caller that Bush “needs to be more aggressive” about pressing the religious right’s pro-life, anti-gay agenda. Crowley calls Dobson a “Republican kingmaker.” Once more, my Jewish friends must be asked if they intend to place their trust in a born-again Christian who fancies himself a Republican kingmaker. What is in it for any Jew? Any Jew must ask whether the fanaticism or Dobson or Falwell or Robertson has elements of anti-Semiticism in it. The fraying of the embrace between Christians is not confined to debates between Christian sects. James Hatfield in an Online Journal dated April 24, 2001, says this about Bush:

“Dubya often talks the talk, but seldom walks the walk of his faith. “Dubya and I have one thing – and only one thing – in common. We are both members of the United Methodist Church. “You might think the election of the third Methodist to the Presidency would be a source of pride. “Think again, folks.”

Hatfield has filed a long report which excoriates Bush for his actions as a human being and as a Methodist. So the Protestant squabble is inter and intra-sectual. (That may be a neologism.) Is this the sort of arrangement that Jews would be pleased to find themselves within? Now when this essayist says a concordant between Christians will be short lived, my point is hammered home in the November 3, 2004 congratulatory letter to Bush from Bob Jones III, the president of Bob Jones University. You may recall that this school banned interracial dating until national attention was called to it as a result of Bush making a campaign speech at that institution. Excerpts from the congratulatory letter follow:

“In your re-election, God has graciously granted America – though she doesn’t deserve it – a reprieve from the agenda of paganism. We the people expect your voice to be like the clear and certain sound of a trumpet. “Don’t equivocate. Put your agenda on the front burner and let it boil. You owe the liberals nothing. They despise you because they despise your Christ. “The student body, faculty and staff at Bob Jones University commit ourselves to pray for you – that you would do right and honor the Savior. Pull out all the stops and make a difference. If you have weaklings around you who do not share your biblical values, shed yourself of them. “We could not be more thankful that God has given you four more years to serve Him in the White House never taking off your Christian faith and laying it aside as a man takes off a jacket, but living, speaking, and making decisions as one who knows the Bible to be eternally true.”

Now, the people at Bob Jones University are the gung ho supporters of Bush. Nike Jordan 11 Future In the congratulatory letter to Bush, do you see a scintilla anywhere that might even suggest that Jews might be welcome in the George Dubya arrangement? It would be a failure of great proportions to see Jews being taken in by Christians of this born again stripe. What the Dobsons, the Falwells and the other born-agains are saying is that our faith – not the Catholic or the Jewish faith will get us to heaven and all you elitist readers of the New York Times will be condemned to enjoying eternal torment. Hell, here we come. Now a further thought about Christianity. In the red states of the 2004 election, 70% of those citizens believed that Saddam Hussein was working closely with Al Qaeda. One third believe that the majority of world opinion supported the U.S. led invasion of Iraq. These folks are by and large, Christians. A goodly proportion, perhaps a majority, of them believes that in ancient times, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus. Their clerics have told them so. Does any Jew anywhere believe that he or she will be welcomed as a full partner with the born again Protestants and the Catholics when he/she pledged support of Bush? No matter how you cut it, intense rivalries and arguments on theological grounds permeates the Christian faith. When the Jew approaches this enduring fact with an endorsement of people like Bush, is he prepared to live with permanent animosity? If the Shias and the Sunnis were to unite within the Islamic faith, would the ordinary Jew want to be the third party in that arrangement? In my estimation, the Jew would have more success in joining with the Islamic agreement than he or she would with the short lived agreement within the Christian faith. Now if a Jew became a leader establishing a sect called Jews for Jerry Falwell, it might be necessary for me to tuck my tail between my hind legs and seek a hiding place. On the other hand, it is my belief that Bush will use the forces of religion as long as it is of use to his political career. Jewish support is important to Bush’s career, therefore, he courts Jews. Soldes Nike Pas Cher But all Jews should bear in mind the example of Vincente Fox, the President of Mexico. When Señor Fox declined to send troops to the hell holes of Iraq, a distinct coolness developed in our relations with Mexico. Fox no longer speaks to Bush; he is obliged to converse with lower levels in the Bush administration. All this comes after Bush once promised that the United States and Mexico were inseparable. When Jacques Chretian, the Premier of Canada refused to endorse the fool hardy pre-emptive invasion of Iraq, he was cut off. In his four years in the Oval Office, Bush has yet to visit our neighbor to the north. Is this mean-spiritedness toward our two closest neighbors what Jews wish to support? Do they understand what “born again” means? In the recent appointments to Bush’s cabinet, the Jewish names are distinguished by their absence. My relationship with Jews is very important to me. My life has been enriched by having an active relationship with male Jews that could only come from a genuine liking for each other. Canotte Detroit Pistons Take Larry Friedman, who married Doris Woodward, a lovely lady who is much too good for a guy like Friedman. Larry said he had a kosher butcher on Bleeker Street in New York City who could perform cut rate circumcisions on goys like me. Some of us goys responded by inviting Larry to lunch at a place that served only oysters, eels, cockles and mussels. This turned out to be a bad deal because Larry was an observant Jew except when it came to eating. He would eat anything. But the kosher butcher was located on Houston Street, not on Bleeker at all. My older passports carry stamps that show my work took me to Israel perhaps 15 times on communications business. My Israeli counterparts received me with uncommon courtesy and friendship. Aryeh Ron, Jake Haberfeld and Gideon Lev had left Europe as the Nazis took over. Aryeh Ron was called Lee Ritter in Vienna when storm troopers ordered him to bring his toothbrush to clean the sidewalk. He got the hint and took off for Palestine. Aryeh appointed himself as my guide to his new country. On one occasion, we were driving in the northern part of Israel and my host driver seemed to be in no hurry. He suggested that we stop for a drink of Israeli orange juice at the cafeteria of the University of Haifa. He said we both might learn something. A member of the university administration joined us. When he innocently inquired about my academic credentials, he was laughingly told that, in terms of college work, there were none. He said, “That can be fixed.” So he escorted me to many departments of Haifa University. Upon leaving, he told me that my tour of the University and my long friendship with Aryeh Ron qualified us both as honors graduates of Haifa University. That academic achievement is not one that is worn on my sleeve, but there it is nonetheless. As it turned out, Aryeh was killing time until his granddaughter finished her first grade class in Haifa. His meeting with that little girl was a sight to behold with kisses and hugs flying everywhere. Aryeh’s guest was not overlooked in the affection department. Jake Haberfeld, a refugee from Poland, was an important figure in the Israeli telephone industry. In business meetings, Jake presented himself with great dignity, but always with a sense of humor. On one occasion when Israel was in a dispute with Syria over the Golan Heights, your author told Mr. Haberfeld that the U.S. Government would support Israel on the Heights question, provided that Israel would agree to returning Miami Beach to us. Instantly, Jake said, “That is the trouble with you Americans. You always want a package deal.” Everybody roared. That round went to Jake Haberfeld. Now we turn to the thought that got us here in the first place. That thought has to do with whether the Bush administration backed by the Protestant born again right and by evangelical Catholics and by some Jews will indeed, treat all the citizens equally. It goes without saying that most of the 55,000,000 voters who supported John Kerry do not think so with, for example, with tax breaks going to the most well off Americans and with rampant favoritism being shown to heavy contributors to Republican Party coffers. In my experience, Jews have almost always supported fair treatment for all of us. Many Irish people contend that Ireland’s only debt to their long term oppressors flows from teaching English to the Irish. Of course, the title of this piece is a part of a Proclamation written by Irishmen in the English language. The rest of the sentence from which the title of this essay was lifted is instructive and should guide every politician who is given the responsibility to run a government. The rest of the sentence says:

“The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and all its parts, cherishing all the children of the nation equally, and oblivious to the difference carefully fostered by an alien government which have divided a minority from the majority in the past.”

Of course, my forbearers were Irish so some may say my thoughts are a bit prejudiced. On the other hand, there is much to ponder over in that marathon sentence from the Proclamation of the Provisional Government of Ireland, particularly on the minority-majority question. The lyricism and the harmony of these words continue to be impressive after nearly 90 years. When electorates of this country elected to go in the election of 2004 with faith over facts, when it elected to go with ideology over reality, when it decided to endorse belief rather than reason, there is no reason to believe that there will be any desire to cherish the citizens equally. Sandra J. Sucher of Waban, Massachusetts summarized it this way: “The officials who perpetuated these untruths and those who believe in them, despite evidence to the contrary, lead us down a path in which no reason can be brought to bear on matters on which our lives and the lives of millions around the globe depend.” It is painful to say that the ensuing years will be a time of great trial. This country doesn’t deserve the fate that faith and ideology have brought us. It is my belief that upon reflection, our Jewish friends would agree with that conclusion. E. E. CARR November 16, 2004 ~~~ I feel like I was missing something in this one until I saw the publication date. I suppose the whole piece is a reaction to Jews somehow contributing to the election of Bush? Did this happen? I don’t remember reading much about the role of the Jewish vote specifically, but I was fourteen at the time and don’t remember reading much news at all. So I guess this essay becomes some sort of cautionary tale to Jews, on the grounds that religious difference with the GOP mean that they’ve elected someone who won’t watch out for their interests. I can’t recall any Bush-era policies that encouraged discrimination against Jews or singled them out specifically, but I can appreciate the message sent here anyway. Fjallraven Kanken Big This election cycle, the same sort of logic would apply to all the working-class Americans who elected an unsympathetic demagogue billionaire — precisely the sort of person who they would normally decry. But they elected him anyway because he spoke in language they could understand and promised to turn their xenophobic hatred into national policy. The gist of this essay is that Republicans aren’t great about being compassionate human beings, so you probably shouldn’t ally yourself with them unless you are sure they’re going to support you. This time it was the US’s the poor and working-class white Christians who got duped, and my prediction is that they’re going to get burned by this change in leadership almost as much as their minority counterparts who they were seeking to attack. Sac à Dos Fjallraven Kanken If Obamacare gets repealed, for instance, Appalachia is going to feel that every bit as much as inner-city Detroit.


Sunday evenings were never meant to be enjoyable. People go to bed early after a weekend of eating drinking and other assorted activities. Monday mornings come soon enough. During the summer months, ESPN has Sunday baseball at 8PM Eastern Time. That is often a life saver in a desert of non-entertainment. Goedkope Nike Air Max schoenen As a general rule, the announcers are Joe Morgan, the old Hall of Fame second baseman, and Jon Miller. Morgan is black and is pretty straight forward with his analysis. Jon Miller is a white fellow and has been around the announcing business for a long time. These two men seem to like each other. Chicago Cubs World Series Champions Jersey Jon Miller is often playful, but that does not deter Joe Morgan from delivering the most trenchant baseball analysis on television or in the newspaper business, as well. Morgan was a teammate of Pete Rose when the Cincinnati Reds led the National League for several years. He was never involved in any scandal whatsoever. Rose, on the other hand, has courted scandal with his long time gambling addiction. After 15 years, Rose finally admitted gambling on baseball. new balance 996 homme pas cher He claims that he never bet against the Reds. Simply put, this 75 year observer of major league baseball does not believe Rose. When Rose chose to admit he gambled on baseball, a cardinal sin against the game, he elected to include it in a book by a Pennsylvania publisher called Rodale Press, in which he and the publisher hope to make a lot of money. Nike Air Max 2016 Homme But Joe Morgan has nothing to do with Rose and his gambling. Joe has made his living by telecasts since he retired from the game. My ball playing grandchildren have been told to listen to Joe Morgan. From him they will learn solid baseball. It is a pity that there are not more teams broadcasting baseball like Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. But after a time, when two uninspired teams are playing in the games broadcast by the Morgan-Miller team, there is a need to look elsewhere for information and occasional entertainment. And it should be born in mind that the baseball season lasts only from April to October. That leaves an enormous void to fill during the Winter months. As a general rule, books are the choice here. But from time to time, some of the charlatans on religious TV broadcasts on Sunday evenings need checking out. When you read what the charlatans have to say, it is my belief that you will agree with my assessments that they are frauds and fakers. This is entertainment, pure and simple. It has nothing to do with religion. Let us start with a preacher who appears on Sunday evenings and maybe two other evenings during the week. There is no record of this fellow ever attending a seminary for formal religious training. His name is Womack. In recent years, he eschews using his regular given names because he calls himself Bishop Shammah Womack. In other words, as a Bishop, Womack started at the top. His meeting place is in East Orange or a similar Newark suburban location. Womack never seems to refer to his place of worship as a church; he refers to himself. From what can be observed over several years of TV viewing, there is no choir and no prayers seem to be offered. His services consist of him haranguing his listeners about subjects that he knows very little about. Often, he will put an article on the lectern and will read from it. This past week, he read about the nature of man and his emotional side. He claims to understand all this information, but it is very doubtful that he has much of a clue about it. Womack got his start from his father, Donald Womack, a run of the mill TV evangelist. He established the church Womack inherited when his father died a few years back from a heart attack. In his formative years, the current erstwhile Bishop was a morgue attendant in Newark. He put his foot in the door in a venture with his father into fruits, nuts and vegetables in a market near the church. Young Womack announced the cure for nearly all diseases. He contended that heart trouble could be cured by eating pears because pears are shaped like the heart. Do you have a brain tumor? No problem. Eat walnut or pecan halves whose shape, according to young Womack, is exactly like the brain. Unfortunately, this inspirational market had a short life as the authorities cited lack of licensing. There is no record of how many cases of heart trouble or brain problems were alleviated by the ministrations of young Bishop Womack. asics running When his father died, young Womack became the leader of the congregation. Dissatisfaction with his given name, led him to adopt the name of Shammah. Apparently, he adopted a Biblical name of Jesse’s third son. Chronicles and Samuel of the Old Testament list at least four or five different spellings, but scholars agree that they are referring to Shammah, Jesse’s third son. With his new name, Womack began to wear collars like priests wear. No one knows what they signified, but after a short time, plain old Shammah Womack became Bishop Shammah Womack. All this is done in a small black church in the suburbs of Newark. Bishops usually have other churches to look after. But it appears, the East Orange church, the only church in his diocese, will have to be it. Bishop Womack has given up priestly collars for now, but he retains this new found given name and the Bishops title he awarded to himself. And he continues to harangue his listeners to get right with God. His saving grace, is that he does not seek contributions from his TV viewers. There would be no reluctance on my part to send him a few dollars for the entertainment he provides. He dresses in stylish clothing so any contribution might be used for extensions to his large wardrobe. Further out in the suburbs, in Whippany, New Jersey, is the home of the Abundant Life Worship Center. The preacher doesn’t use his name on his telecasts as Bishop Womack does. His name is Joe Arminio and he is the main attraction on his Sunday evening broadcasts. It is not fair to include Pastor Arminio under the heading of charlatans where, my next example of charlatans, Mike Murdock, clearly belongs. It would be a pleasure to have Joe Arminio living next door to me. Aside from my fascination with his four button suits, Joe Arminio keeps me interested because of his animations. For example, when he reads a scriptural reference to Jesus walking on water, Pastor Arminio wades around the pulpit as though he is walking on water. When he urges his followers to aspire to heaven, he uses an imaginary ladder. He spends a minute or two climbing this imaginary ladder. This past Sunday, he was a helicopter with his arms in motion around his head. Arkansas Razorbacks Jerseys The theology of Pastor Arminio escapes me because my mind is pre-occupied by his animations. nike air zoom pegasus 31 hombre But my thought is he is a big hearted, Italian guy and if he lived next door, there would be some compulsion to see if my neighbor needed something. Now we go to a TV preacher who calls Denton, Texas his base of operations. Denton is a town with 66,000 inhabitants, according to the most recent census figures. It is a town maybe 50 miles north of Fort Worth. No one has ever considered Denton or Fort Worth as media capitals in the United States. The Reverend Mike Murdock who uses Denton as his home base claims to have published 1500 books and to have written 500 religious songs. Whether all the books and songs were published in Denton is not clear, but with this volume of material, Denton must be accorded some sort of prominence in publishing circles. Those 1500 books seem to include many pamphlets which Murdock calls books. Murdock’s theme is promoting his “Wisdom Keys.” The books and the songs are all in keeping with his Wisdom Keys. He is willing to send you some of this philosophy providing those of us in the audience send him some cash. Listening to his Sunday night cable TV pitch, it is clear that he wants to hook his viewers with weekly contributions over an extended period of time. My memory tells me that one such proposition was for $20 per week over a 50 week period. The 50 week period was chosen because it had some religious significance. Well 20 bucks a week for 50 weeks is, in the end, one thousand dollars, no matter how you cut it. Clearly, it is better for Murdock to ask for $20 than for $1,000. The people snared in his schemes apparently do not figure these things out. Now what is offered in exchange for your $1,000 gift is some of Murdock’s Wisdom Keys and the near guarantee that things will improve in your business and in your love life. Every week Murdock prints letters with no surnames or towns that tell how a contractor who had no money suddenly was awarded a million dollar construction contract after he was in the 50 Week Club. All of this great good fortune is ascribed to adopting Murdock’s Wisdom Keys. If money is sent to Murdock, good things will happen to you. Maybe not immediately, but some time soon. There are so many schemes offered by Murdock that it is difficult to keep track of them. A week or so ago, Murdock announced some new books and pamphlets which discloses – for the first time ever – the 48 secrets of Jesus. Only Murdock knows the secrets of Jesus and he will be willing to tell you about them if you send him $20, plus sign up for a series of future disclosures, all at a cost to the ones who want to know the secrets. As always, his followers are promised great rewards for investing in Murdock’s schemes. Murdock is a car enthusiast which he has made known to his viewers. The bigger the car, the more he likes it. His cars are all painted black on black. Cleveland Cavaliers There is no way for the uninitiated to know what black on black amounts to. But Murdock claims that in his garage are three cars with this paint job. One is the largest model from BMW. Another one is a similar model from Mercedes with the third one being something like a Jaguar or a Rolls Royce. You will notice that none are of American manufacture. Murdock claims that these black on black cars showed up unexpectedly at no cost to him from viewers who were blessed by good fortune after enrolling in one of the Wisdom Key schemes. Without being asked, these viewers bought cars costing in excess of $100,000 and gave them to Murdock due to the excessive blessings they had received from Murdock’s promotions. It is my belief that if Murdock is telling the truth about the cars and his other good fortunes, he has a racket going that is somewhat better than stealing. Murdock has my admiration for his obvious rip-off schemes. As for his listeners who contribute to his success, one can only shake your head. It has been said that there is always a sucker for every such scheme to get rich. And now we see charlatans like Murdock using it to fleece their listeners all in the name of religion. Wringing hands is about all that can be done about Murdock’s propositions because it is clear that Texas authorities have no intention of intervening. So we wring our hands and cluck our tongues and the rip-offs continue. Well, there are three thumbnail sketches of some Sunday night preachers. The Muslims go to mosque on Fridays and people of the Jewish faith attend synagogue on Saturdays, so they are unrepresented here. And as far as can be determined, neither faith appears on television broadcasts, so they are not being intentionally overlooked. The three preachers we have considered so far appear to be Protestant Christians. If they belong to a denomination on the protestant side of things, they have failed to make such designation known to this casual viewer. But having dealt with the Protestant viewpoint, it appears, in the interest of fairness that Catholics be considered. To a large extent, Catholic broadcasters are in one group known as the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). The Catholics present a wide set of personalities on EWTN, but not a single word has ever been uttered in the two years of the priestly scandals involving young children. No criticism is ever offered. Cardinal Law of Boston may lose his job, but there is no comment. There are now something like 800 complaints about the clergy in Los Angeles, but not a single word of comment. The Bishops meet to talk about things including charges of priestly misconduct, but EWTN has no comment whatsoever. And in the future, there seems to be no proposal of any analysis or comment. Members of the faith seem to be unguided in their reaction to charges of misconduct. But EWTN presents some interesting personalities. One is Father Frank Pavone who runs a group he calls Priests for Life. goedkoop nike air max 2017 When all the rhetoric is put aside, Pavone is rabid on the subject of abortion. He claims that his Priests for Life is a vast organization; but he seems to be the only priest who appears on his telecasts. nike air max 90 pas cher Pavone often conducts an interview with a woman who is identified as an employee of Priests for Life. There is no indication of any other employee. Interviewing this woman employee about her views on abortion is about as illuminating as interviewing a fireman on fires. Of course, he is against fires just as the woman employee is against abortion. On top of all that, she is being interviewed by her boss so it comes as no surprise that she opposes abortion. Pavone went off the reservation at least once in talking about Purgatory. How Pavone came into this knowledge is beyond my powers of imagination. According to Pavone, apparently a newly dead person was sent to Purgatory. He ran across some people who had died many years before who were also in Purgatory. The newcomer was condemned by an attack from one of the long term residents of Purgatory saying, “You guys did not pray hard enough for me to get out of here.” Again, it is hard to say how Pavone came into this knowledge, but he is a TV priest on EWTN and perhaps that is enough for him to know these sorts of things. At least, he had my attention. Another EWTN mainstay is Mother Angelica who had something to do with the establishment of the so called network. It is a so called network, because it only embraces one station. It is not like CBS or ESPN. When Mother Angelica was active, she was all over the EWTN programming selling religious figurines or reciting the rosary with her nuns from Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Alabama. Fortunately, her sales pitches and her endless recitations of the rosary were recorded and are played again over and over on EWTN broadcasts. Mother Angelica suffered a debilitating stroke on Christmas Eve two years age, but she appears now with no explanation that this is a broadcast of an old tape. But at Christmas and other religious holidays, Mother Angelica shows up to hawk figurines and crosses and rosaries for sale, all taped of course. Some months ago, Mother Angelica stopped her rehabilitation and speech therapy sessions saying she is content to live her life in whatever condition the Lord wills for her. She is missed because she lent spark and life to otherwise dull broadcasts. With Mother Angelica out of commission, her place has been taken by Father Mitch Pacwa. Pacwa is a pleasant sort who is having trouble filling the void in programming left by Mother Angelica’s departure. nike air max goedkoop For many of of his broadcasts, Pacwa uses a large book which must come from the writings of the Pope. Pacwa will read a sentence and then set off to explain it to his viewers. This is a monstrous book. In one broadcast, he only deals with six or eight sentences so it gives him a script for the next 100 years. In the meantime, Mother Angelica has recited the rosary so many times, that this old non-Catholic and nonbeliever can now recite it. “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, etc.” With that, it is time to go to Johnnette. Johnnette has a last name. It is Benkovic, but she seems to favor her given name. It had been my impression that this approximately 50 year old lay person, who wears the latest fashions, was the consummate, uninvolved virgin, but then one of her interviewers caused her to say that she has a son of 26 years. It had always appeared to me that a man would be below her lofty thoughts. Whether she still has a husband or a lover is not for us to determine. Adidas Zx Flux Homme Pas Cher Johnnette is the ultimate when it comes to Catholic decorum. Goedkoopste Nike Air Max 2017 She runs an effort called “Living Life Abundantly.” Her book and pamphlets are hawked under the Living Life Abundantly label. When one of her guests used the word “Hell” on two occasions, Johnnette said, “Oh, you mean the place down there,” pointing down to the floor. Her view of decorum would not permit her to utter the word “Hell” in any form. Los Angeles Clippers It is a pity that Johnnette never tried to spread her doctrine to Lenny Bruce. Johnnette takes about four breaks in her hour long broadcast. Those breaks don’t go to waste as Johnnette appears on tape to sell her latest books and pamphlets. When a break occurs, there is applause, but there is no audience. Such fakery does her lofty image no good. When interviewing a guest, she never says tell us about what happened or tell us about your views. Tell us has been banned. In its place is “Share with us” your views or what happened. On endless broadcasts, Johnnette who regards Evangelical Protestantism as a mortal danger, interviews a like minded person who writes a column or is involved in schools. In any case, there is extended discussion of the mortal danger of New Age Philosophy. No one has told me that Evangelical Protestants are into New Age thought, but Johnnette and one of her female friends think this is absolutely the case. Johnnette and her cohort claim to know all about the New Age movement and they are here to warn that it is perilous. AIR MAX ZERO QS The philosophers of the New Age, according to these two women, are Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud. Here we are in the year 2004 worried over Jung and Freud who are long since dead and gone. Freud cashed in his chips in 1939. Jung followed in 1968. Well, there is hope for the world. If you watch EWTN at 10PM on Monday evenings, there will be a chance to buy one or more of Johnnette’s inspirational books and pamphlets. Old Johnnette is issuing books and pamphlets about as fast as our author in Denton, Mike Murdock. Murdock has been divorced once and he owns these classy black cars. It is hoped that he will form a perfect union with the ultimate prissy cat of EWTN who refers to “hell” as that place down there. There is one more EWTN character whom you ought to meet. He is Doctor Professor Scott Hahn of a Catholic college in Stuebenville, Ohio. Some of Hahn’s religious claims are largely outrageous. He often conducts an exchange with a person who may be on the staff at Stuebenville. In any case, this person is in charge of lobbing soft ball questions to Hahn who seems to have made a study of the Bible and its history his life’s work. On two occasions, Hahn had his wife as the third person at the table. Not long ago the subject of living in an obedient Catholic marriage came up. With his wife there, he seemed to lecture on the superiority of men in a marriage. According to Hahn, God created MAN who was given dominion over all things on earth. Apparently, according to Hahn, the game began and ended with man. Later, we don’t know how much later, this gentleman whom we assume was Adam, became lonely. Hahn says God put Adam to sleep on a Monday or Tuesday until he awoke on Sunday morning to find he had a playmate – now get this – a WO-MAN. Hahn says Adam assumed dominion over this WO-MAN just as he had enjoyed dominion over animals. Adidas Homme Hahn explained that God named the female a WO-MAN because she was constructed from a man. Hahn contends and instructs that WO-MAN embraces the name of her creator, man. Man gave her the title. From what Hahn said, the same relationship is destined to appear through out the ages, the WO-MAN takes her name from MAN. Apparently, God spoke only English when he created Adam’s companion. Woman appears to embrace man as the second syllable only in English. In German it is MANN and FRAU. In French, it is HOMME and FEMME. Scarpe Nike In Italian, it is UOMO and DONNA. In Spanish, it is HOMBRE and MUJER. In Czech, it is PAN and ZENA. As we must deduce, God spoke only English. It is unknown how Hahn in his doctoral studies could have made such a discovery that God spoke only English. There was one other case where Hahn got carried away in front of his wife. While his program on this interview segment is called, “First Came Love,” love has very little to do with his teachings. The love part is directed toward God or to the church. On this occasion, somehow or another, the subject of family planning and birth control came up and as usual, Hahn spouted off at length about it. Apparently in the early days of his marriage, Hahn used the Catholic manner of birth control which calls for complete abstinence during a woman’s fertile period. The name for this is “Rhythm.” Some observers have concluded that the Rhythm system works perfectly if one or both partners are sterile. Hahn has a houseful of kids, which may tell you a little bit about the Rhythm system.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw
  • With his wife sitting there and with the TV cameras rolling, Hahn says he and his wife have now adopted the practice in their intimate relations, a means that always provides for the transmission of life to occur. It must be assumed that no birth control system is used, not even the Rhythm system. He describes their current intimate sexual life as “thrilling beyond belief” because it is always open completely to the transmission of life. Hahn says his wife joins him in the “thrilling beyond belief” description. He spoke for her even though she was sitting at the table with him. She did not speak. Well, perhaps we ought to mark that one down to man being given dominion over women, and animals as well. It is suspected that no woman who heard the “thrilling” episode would want to take part of such an adventure with Hahn. And what would Mother Angelica or Johnnette Benkovic say about this dalliance and the broadcast of intimate details being heard on EWTN? All that can be said by this old EWTN viewer is, don’t ever send your kid to Steubenville College to be educated. At the beginning of this essay, it was said that some charlatans would appear to greet us. Womens Air Jordan 3 In Pat Robertson we have a consummate charlatan and a fraud to boot. Only Jerry Falwell exceeds him. Robertson runs the 700 Club on morning television and was involved in a gold mining scheme in Liberia in partnership with Charles Taylor, the ousted dictator of that rundown country. Robertson made the news this past week, because he said that he had “heard from the Lord.” Bush will win the 2004 election in a “blowout” because “the Lord blessed Bush.” He went on to say, “It makes no difference what he does, good or bad. God picks him up because he is a man of prayer and God has blessed him.” This will come as great news to the Democratic hopefuls wading in the snows of Iowa and New Hampshire. Think of all the money they will save. God may bless George Bush, but Robertson is still a charlatan and a fraud. Let us hope we are spared any more messages from God via Pat Robertson. If God has something to say about the 2004 election, he or she ought to communicate with each American voter individually. That, my friends, is the American way. E. E. CARR January 12, 2004 ~~~ That’s it for the 2004 essays — all of them are now up on the site. Onto 2005! For the record, this is the 659th essay published on this site so far. Given that the absolute total is somewhere around the 700 mark, it’s really not far to go now. Feels weird to think about the first essay was published here way back in 2012. adidas y3 hombre At the time, I thought that completing the site would take “one to two years,” which in retrospect was a Bush-esque misunderestimation. It will be very strange to get to the end of the line. On the topic at hand (and I think I’ve expressed this before) I do have to wonder why Pop would steadfastly refuse to consume any fictional media, but would spend hours watching people who he hated talk about subjects that he didn’t believe in.


    In his 93rd year, former U. chaussures nike air max pas cher S. President Ronald Reagan, died on June 5, 2004. His death came at an inopportune moment, as the Allies from World War II were planning to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy on June 6th. Although Reagan had absolutely no involvement in the landings, his death caused some consternation among the guests gathered in France. For one whole week from June 6th through June 12th, 2004, the death of Ronald Reagan consumed programming on American television channels. His death and the military trappings that followed were treated as breaking news on nearly every United States television station. Republicans at every level of government were thumping the tub with the hope that Reagan’s charm would rub off on George Bush. Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as murders in Saudi Arabia came in small piece meal segments, if at all, at the end of devotions to Reagan. Frank Rich is a long time observer of the New York entertainment scene. In his column on June 13th, Rich called the week long television programming an “ORGIASTIC CELEBRATION.” A newcomer to the American political scene would probably have believed that someone in the family of a deity had died or that the deity himself had cashed in his or her chips. Frank Rich’s pungent phrase seemed to capture what American television viewers saw from June 5th through June 12th. We owe Frank Rich a salute for the phrase that he used in his commentary. new balance 574 femme rouge A week or 10 days have now passed. At this point a retrospective on Reagan’s passing would seem to be in order. Reagan left the president’s office 15 years ago. For the past 10 years, he has suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Somewhere in this period of time, Reagan and his wife Nancy, planned all the maneuvers for Reagan’s funeral. There would be fighter aircraft and transport planes. There would be all kinds of marching troops and troops standing guard over Reagan’s coffin. Dignitaries would come from all over the world.

  • Nike Air Presto Dames
  • There would be choirs singing Christian hymns. In short, for the United States television watching public, the world would be stopped. And that is where the title of this essay comes in. The Reagans planned the funeral arrangements as a sense of entitlement. Reagan never served one day in the military services, yet the use of soldiers, sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen was profligate. Military hymns were played as though he was an old soldier. One hymn, “For those in peril on the sea,” has to do with sailors facing death. There is no record of Reagan ever serving in the U. Nike Cortez Dames nike air max 1 premium mujer S. Navy.

  • Air Max 1 Homme
  • asics pas cher The point is that extraordinary sums were expended by the Reagans to get him finally buried in a crypt. All of these expenses were incurred by the Reagans as a sense of entitlement. Reagan left office with threats of lawsuits because of his miscues on the Iran-Contra affair. His administration set the tone for preferential treatment of rich people. His possible impeachment was an active subject for discussion during his two terms in office. Remember Oliver North and Admiral Poindexter? Or Elliott Abrams? Reagan’s supporters would like you now to believe that his death was a national tragedy for a well loved figure. Black Blue Jordan Shoes Not so – by a long shot. Airplanes and flyovers are a costly proposition. Troops don’t come for nothing. Someone has to pay for them. The United States government has not disclosed what Reagan’s funeral cost. It is quite unlikely that we will ever know. Dwayne Harris nike air max pas cher But whatever the cost of airplanes, and troops from a one or two star General on down and the cost of auditoria, the Reagan’s treated it as a sense of entitlement. Aaron Rodgers Cal Jerseys In the opinion of many, including this old essayist, the money would have been better spent on feeding homeless and starving children – of which we have thousands. First things first. Purdue Boilermakers When it comes to funerals, the proper course is the one followed by Harry Truman. Truman was a combat soldier in the First World War. He served in the presidency at the end of World War II. He had a distinguished career. When he died, he had specified that his burial would be in Independence, Missouri, near his home. New Balance buty dziecięce His funeral was carried out devoid of hoop-la. He died and dignitaries came to Independence. Tim Williams Jersey He was buried after the proper funeral symbols had taken place. Canotte Phoenix Suns For Harry, there was no “orgiastic celebration” and no sense of entitlement. He was buried where he grew up. Old Harry did it right! E.

  • Scarpe Nike Italia E. CARR June 19, 2004 ~~~ Funds allocated for feeding children are probably sourcing from a different budget than those dedicated to putting a president to rest.

  • Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Uomo
  • I think the idea that most things are a bad idea when put in direct comparison from keeping people from starving, but clearly the government can’t put all its eggs in the ‘just provide food’ basket. That said, the Reagan funeral seemed pretty extravagant and I’ve always found Reagan-worship to be incredibly frustrating. Republicans like to treat him like a God. I feel like he was only great in comparison to the Republicans who came after him, which really, REALLY isn’t a high bar to clear.


    When an Irish person suffers a grievous loss, the response will most often come in the form of a lament. The dictionary says a lament may involve mourning aloud or a wail. It expresses sorrow and deep regret. Nick Marshall Auburn Football Jerseys The lament may take the form of a poem or of a song or of a sermon. Canotta Minnesota Timberwolves It may be an essay such as this one or it may be a letter to the Editor of the local newspaper. Or it may be simply staring out a window with the forlorn hope that what has really happened never did happen. Whatever form it takes, it is the Irish person’s response to a loss of major significance. This lament is for Shamrock, an orange and white tiger striped male cat who lived with us for only a month from August 7th until September 11th. Unfortunately and unhappily, Shamrock met his death from one or more wild dogs that roam the woods around this town and are occasionally seen in populated areas. Shamrock weighed less than 11 pounds. He stood no chance at all in a fight to the death with one or more wild dogs. There are gamblers who sometimes say, “If I have any luck at all, it will probably be bad luck.” In his short lifetime of one year, old Shamrock had enough bad luck to last at least nine lifetimes. Consider this: his original owner abandoned him. More than abandonment, he betrayed Shamrock, who was a kitten at the time. When it was time for the original owners to move, he packed everything except the kitten, and left. Shamrock as a baby cat, was left to do the best he could. Under these circumstances, abandonment and betrayal are not words of sufficient strength to define what was done to this kitten. It must be supposed as Shamrock wandered around, he was eventually picked up and turned in to the authorities. He was placed in a temporary arrangement called a “kill shelter.” This means that if someone does not claim the animal, he will be destroyed after a few days and cremated. The term “kill shelter” may not please the aesthetes among us, but in practical terms, it is undeniably a matter of utter simplicity. In New Jersey, there is an organization called “Orphaned Pets, Inc.” This organization is a non-profit corporation founded for the sole purpose of helping unwanted domestic animals find compassionate, caring homes. Goedkoop Nike Air Max They say, “Each dog or cat is rescued from a kill shelter and fostered in the home of a volunteer until adopted.” Mrs. Claudine Cheung of Randolph, N.J. Nike Benassi rescued Shamrock from the kill shelter and provided him with a foster home. Claudine deserves a medal for the work she has done to provide for abandoned and orphaned pets. One of Claudine’s permanent guests is a large dog that she rescued from a junk yard in Newark or Jersey City. My weight would qualify me for a lineman in professional football. When that dog was placed in my custody while Claudine tended to some paper work, the dog went where she wanted to go and her temporary handler was reduced to pretending that is where he wanted to go also. The only danger from the former junk yard dog is that she will snuggle and love and lick you to death. When Claudine took her new cat into her home, she called him “Horatio.” My recollection is that Horatio in history, was a brave fellow. Horatio Alger was a fictional character who achieved success by self reliance and hard work. From his experience before he was given a foster home, Claudine’s new boarder certainly had at least shown self reliance in abundance. Claudine worked hard at placing Horatio in a loving home. To that end, she took her boarder to places where he might be seen. One of her calls was to the Madison, N.J. Farmer’s Market which is held each week in the summer. For years, we have almost always patronized the local Millburn, N.J. Farmer’s Market. We may go to the Madison Market only once or twice in a year. For reasons that will be left to the clairvoyants, this year, we visited the Madison Market twice, at the end of July and again on August 5th.

  • Adidas Zx 700 Donna
  • When the last tomato and ears of corn had been bought, we headed for the car on a hot day. The farmers who sell produce are, for all intents and purposes, in a long line on one side of the market. We will call that the right side. On the left side, there was a solitary stand with an umbrella and several people who seemed to have an interest in what was going on. Simply to satisfy our curiosity, we wandered over to the stand on the left side which had no produce for sale. What we found there was a lot more interesting than radishes or cabbages. free run 5 0 blu donna This stand had some cats and perhaps at least one dog. As we found out, it was the stand of the Orphaned Pets, Inc. nike air max chaussures vente At that point, we had no other intention than to pet the animals and to ask about their backgrounds. On the far side of the table, was a portable cage in which old Horatio lay sprawled out on the bottom. For nearly 15 years, we had a cat who ran this house named Shannon. Old Horatio in the portable cage, had the orange and white markings of our departed Shannon. And when my middle finger was inserted through the wires on the portable cage, Horatio played with it gently. So we left the market and started driving home. We did not get very far before the cat with markings similar to Shannon came up. As we said, this was on August 5th. A thought lurked in my mind, that two days hence, it would be Judy’s birthday. So we drove around Madison and debated about taking on the responsibility of being the parents of an orange and white cat. The debate must not have lasted long as we were still in Madison when it was decided to go back to the Farmer’s Market and stake our claim to Claudine’s Horatio. When Judy told Claudine we wanted that cat, Claudine seemed pleased. She announced to the assembled audience, “Horatio has been adopted!” Indeed he had. We met the next day at the Madison Pet Store. In preparation for our meeting, Judy had bought out the inventory of the Millburn Feed Company stock. There were cans of food and toys. There was a beautifully arranged basket which invited cats to come in and take a nap. There were collars and brushes and other kinds of accessories. Canotta Squadra USA So we met Claudine in Madison with a new portable cage for Horatio-Shamrock to be carried in from one place to another. Before we left to meet Claudine, there was a high level executive session here about the new cat’s name. nike air max 90 pas cher His predecessors who lived long lives here had Irish names. First, there was Sean, the Gaelic name for James. Nike Air Jordan 14
    He was followed by the much beloved Shannon. Perhaps it could be argued that Shannon is a girl’s name and it could be argued that Shannon is the main international airport in Ireland named after a small near-by village. It seemed to us that far away voices were calling for Shamrock. And Shamrock it was. Those far away voices again intervened and said with the new cat starting a new phase of his life, that he should have an outstanding, distinguished Irish name. And so the former Horatio was named for the national flower of Ireland, the Shamrock. Legend has it that the shamrock had a close association with St. Patrick, Ireland’s national saint. And so, with or without his consent, the new cat was named Shamrock. After we picked up Shamrock at the Madison Pet Store, when we got a few feet outside, a six or seven year old boy dressed in a Karate suit, asked what we had in the cage. He was told it was a cat named Shamrock. The boy seemed puzzled and said that he had never heard of a cat named Shamrock. So the boy was gently asked if it would be better to name the cat “Rover” or “Spot”? The little boy in the Karate suit now said he thought Shamrock was a good name. That was interpreted by his new guardians as a special blessing. We were advised by several people to leave Shamrock in a confined space near his food and sanitary facilities. In point of fact, Shamrock mastered those facts instantly and began to satisfy his enormous curiosity about the basement. He smelled the walls and the furnace. asics gel lyte 3 mujer He leaped to my bench. From there it was easy to reach the top of the basement refrigerator. There is a beveled ledge at the top of the concrete blocks that form the basement. On top of it is a finished cement surface. Old Shamrock walked all around on that beveled edge. All of these things were done to satisfy his enormous curiosity. New Balance 420 damskie He did absolutely nothing maliciously. Before the day was out, Shamrock was permitted to come upstairs. This house is called a split level. From the basement to the red room at the top bedroom, it is a five level house. Old Shamrock set out to explore every level and every wall and every chair. As time went by, we expanded Shamrock’s horizon’s by introducing him to the garage and to the porch. He identified several chairs on the porch and in the living room as “HIS” which he said he would need for naps and for sleeping whenever he felt like it. Shamrock was not given to nuance or subtlety. What he wanted was made known with no mistakes about it. If that cat ran a church, he would be the preacher and the usher who took up the collection. He would direct the choir and he would play the organ. He would be the speaker at civic affairs around town and he would insist on changing the bulletin board out in front of the church. Shamrock was a cat who insisted that his way was not only the right way, but the only way. Shamrock was kept inside in the house, on the porch and in the garage for two weeks. He clearly wanted to go outside so at the beginning of the third week, he went outside usually accompanied by one of us. He showed no inclination to run away. When he was given outdoor privileges, Judy said his personality blossomed. When Judy went over to our next door neighbor to take garbage cans to the back of the house, Shamrock would go with her or he would meet her when she called. Shamrock was permitted to have outdoor privileges from about 8AM until 4PM when he would respond to a call to come inside. asics gel pulse 8 męskie We were aware that his curiosity would take him up the street for perhaps 200 yards. On the fateful Saturday, September 11th, Shamrock’s travels must have taken him a short block from his house. We had known for several months, that at least two wild dogs were preying on smaller animals in a park perhaps two or three miles from here. We had no indication that the wild dogs would come to a wooded reserve for the East Orange Water Supply about 300 feet from this house on White Oak Ridge Road. There are stories that when someone decides to abandon a cat or a dog, it will be taken to one of the parks in Millburn with the owner driving off and leaving the pet. In the case of dogs, it must be supposed that they revert to a primitive state of affairs where killing is routine for the right to eat or for the pure sport of killing. In any case, Millburn has some wild, vicious dogs to deal with. When Shamrock failed to come home during the morning, Judy started to drive around the neighborhood calling for him. Early in the afternoon, when she drove up Mohawk Road, a short distance from our house, she saw Shamrock’s body on the side of the road. His body showed clearly that he had been attacked by the wild dogs who have apparently moved to within a few feet of this house in the wooded water conservatory. Air Jordan 12 Uomo When Monday came, Shamrock’s body was taken to the Summit Dog and Cat Hospital where the Dorney’s would see to it that the body was properly cremated. The police came around to make a report. Officer Freen was sympathetic and understanding. At one time he had used his shotgun on one of the wild dogs, but it seemed that the dog was not hurt by the shot. In a community such as this one with houses close together, the police are reluctant to shoot, which is quite understandable. What is not understandable are the people who claim to speak out against cruelty to animals. Those wild dogs have forfeited any claim they may have to patient understanding. Shamrock’s death is not the first, by any means. Other animals have also been mutilated by the dogs, so they have no claim whatsoever to humane treatment. If this were an isolated case, it might be somewhat different. But we know from reports in the newspapers that Shamrock’s death is one of many. Officer Freen told us that they found a 200 pound deer being mutilated by the wild dogs. asics buty męskie It was behind the high school. That is when he had the opportunity to take a shot at one of them. Clearly, owners of smaller animals permit their dogs and cats to go outside at their own peril. In effect, the vicious dogs are holding the residents of this town hostage. Geno Smith – West Virginia Mountaineers Our earlier cats lived their indoor-outdoor lives peacefully until old age overtook them. But that was before there were wild dogs. It seems clear to me that if the dogs have mutilated a large deer and if the dogs have been seen as far from the wooded areas as Millburn High School, there is a significant risk that they may attack a child. If the child is playing or running, it may attract the dog’s attention. If the dogs can mangle a large deer, they would have no problem with a small child. Let us move to have the dogs destroyed before such an awful event should happen. Well, Shamrock is gone now and he is grievously missed. There are chairs he used for sleeping that have his fur on them. There are balls and toys on the porch and in the basement. nike tn pas cher Judy has finally put his bowls and dishes away. It is a matter of some significance to note that he only lived here for one month, but his owners miss him terribly. On the other hand, if Shamrock’s death causes the dogs to be destroyed before a child or other animal is killed, it may be a blessing in disguise. Shamrock’s owners hope so. Irish laments are by their nature sad offerings. This lament over the death of a fun-loving cat is certainly not an exception to the rule. On the other hand, Irish laments are often found in communion with songs and expressions of defiance against tyrannical rulers. The Irish had 800 years to express their defiance of British imprisonment and hangings. One of the more famous songs of that defiance is “The Minstrel Boy,” a song about a youngster who carried his harp into a battle that the Irish had no hope of winning. The final verse of this Irish rouser is:

    And said “No chain shall sully thee, Thou soul of love and bravery! Thy songs were meant for the pure and free; They shall never sound in slav’ry!”

    When Judy and this old essayist think of Shamrock and the difficulties he endured during his one short year of life, we think of the minstrel boy and his bravery. Perhaps Shamrock’s death may start a series of events here that may finally set things aright. Let us hope so. E. E. CARR September 16, 2004 SHAMROCK IN POP’S GARDEN ~~~ Well that’s a huge bummer. Poor Shamrock — I didn’t realize his stay with Pop and Judy was so short! I wonder though if there’s a silver lining in there somewhere though; if a pet is going to get taken away from you very early, I’d almost rather that happen after a month than after a year or two years since you’d be so much more attached. Still, that’s a pretty awful way to go.


    There is a Mormon Church only two miles from this house. Jabaal Sheard It escapes me why the Mormons elected to build a large church in Short Hills, New Jersey. As far as can be determined, their sect has a very limited appeal to residents of Summit, Livingston, Millburn and Short Hills. But the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been with us for several years. On Sunday mornings, it is filled by people from all over Northern New Jersey. In the afternoon service, the church is filled again by Latinos coming mainly from Newark and its suburbs. The Mormons would like to be called Latter Day Saints, but that name has not caught on, at least in this area, where there are many affluent Catholic, Jewish and Protestant residents. While the church near here was being established, Mormon representatives would appear regularly on our street and on our doorstep. They were always polite, but their persistence was something to behold. It has never fallen to me to attend any kind of service in the Short Hills Mormon Church, which it is understood to be called a “Stake.” But that is not to downgrade them in any way; my attendance in thousands of other churches has not occurred either. In former times, the Mormon Church encouraged men to take as many wives as could be supported by the one Mormon man. In most cases, the multiple wives lived together in a communal arrangement with the husband. There were elaborate schemes to provide individual attention to the wives. The wives all seemed to have their own rooms and the husband tried to divide his time equally among them. But multiple marriages were outlawed by the church as a condition for admitting Utah to the United States. But while the church officially frowns upon multiple marriages, many men practice it openly today and no one calls the cops. Senator Hatch of Utah is all wound up about trying to get Bush’s Right Wing judicial nominees through the Senate Judicial Committee, but he has never spoken out about multiple marriages. In December, 2003 we are told by the New York Times and by other publications, that the Mormons are conducting posthumous baptisms of dead Jews. Why the Jews must be a church secret. According to Mormon theology, all people, living or dead, possess “free agency”. Apparently, Mormons have used that theological doctrine to include dead members of the Jewish faith in baptismal rites, whether it was requested or not while the person was living. Canotte Los Angeles Clippers No instances of such requests come to anyone’s mind. Many holocaust victims have been given Mormon baptismal rites with absolutely no indication that the victims knew anything about such a practice or even about the Mormon sect. Holocaust victims were only part of the story. The philosopher Theodore Herzl as well as David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, have had the Mormon postmortem baptismal rites, as has the teenage diarist Anne Frank. For years, Jewish leaders have attempted to make the Mormons stop this practice. The Jewish leaders thought they had an agreement that the postmortem baptisms would stop. Adidas NMD Dames But they seem to continue in spite of past agreements to cease and desist. Maglia Scottie Pippen My sentiments are all with the Jews on this subject. If the Mormons can baptize people against their will after postmortem exercises take place, what is to keep them from baptizing a complete non-believer like me. After all, my home is only two miles from their large church. Perhaps my remains, if any, will escape the clutches of the Mormons only because the LDS crowd will conclude that my surname is not Jewish. But my first given name is Ezra, the scribe of Jerusalem. But that is a thin reed to hang my hat on. Allstate sells all kinds of insurance. Perhaps they will insure me against becoming a Mormon after my transformation to an angel takes place. It is hoped that the Umbrella policy from Allstate may cover that distressful outcome. We will have to see. SOLDIERS DON’T GET PAID TO THINK During my Army enlistment in World War II, many people told me and my colleagues that you are here to shut up, and to say “Yes Sir.” That was always followed by the inviolable American military thought that in this Army, you don’t get paid for thinking. Old time officers and enlisted men gave me that advice and after a while, it sunk into my brain. It has been 59 years since my discharge and that nugget remains in my aging brain. One of the facts that causes me to think about not getting paid to think, is the proliferation of retired Colonels and Generals that may be found on many news programs. CNN has a standby Colonel called Patrick Lang. He pops up regularly and seems to comment on any military subject. Colonel Lang (Retired) and all the other military commentators seem to have spent many years in the Armed Forces of the United States. From my observations, many of them seem to have spent several decades avoiding thinking, hence, the upward promotions. In my view of things military, the long-termers who have kowtowed their way to field rank, Colonels and above, have gone without thinking for much of their adult lives. If anyone thinks this is a harsh assessment, that person should remember that ANYONE who opposes the official military line is labeled a troublemaker and he gets no more promotions or, most often, he is told to prepare for discharge. It happened to General Zinni who showed no enthusiasm for Bush’s war in Iraq. It happened to General Wesley Clark for something he did back in Kosovo. The military services want to hear a resounding “Yes Sir” to every proposition. When a suggestion came to me, it was expressed very early in my military service. Calling that service a career would be a misleading misnomer. As soon as the innocent suggestion was voiced, the drill sergeant let me have it. He said, “You are here to shut up” and to say “Yes Sir” at appropriate intervals. It was my conclusion then, and it is my conclusion now dozens of years later, that military men are not paid to think. Air Jordan 17 None. Yes Sir is how it is done and why the military crowd is so deficient in intellectual achievements. IN DEEP WATER Newsweek magazine in its year end edition had thumbnail sketches of prominent personalities. Many of them shown in the Newsweek summary were members of the current Bush administration. The thumbnail sketch of Condoleezza Rice said simply, “In over her head.” Most impartial observers and many impartial Republicans have long since reached the same conclusion. She is used now by Bush to carry unfavorable news to Cabinet members, as was the case when James Baker was sent to Europe to ask France, Germany and Russia to ease Iraq’s debts to them. Ms. Rice was told to convey the unpleasant news to Secretary of State Colin Powell. Bush did not speak to Powell ahead of time. The fact that Miss Rice is in over her head comes as no surprise to anyone. She has spent her life as an academic. She has no military background and none in international diplomacy, both requisites for holding the job as National Security Advisor. Can anyone imagine Condoleezza knocking the heads of two arguing generals together? Or reconciling a dispute between warring factions in the State Department? Or by telling Ariel Sharon that there will be no more Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory? Not on your life. The fact that Miss Rice is in well over her head comes as no surprise at all. The fault has to lie with the man who gave her this impossible assignment – for her – to carry out. There is a second member of the administration in the same trouble as Condoleezza. This is a holder of a cabinet level appointment as Secretary of Agriculture. Anne Veneman now has the unhappy assignment to tell the world that eating American beef is perfectly all right – regardless of the mad cow disease found recently in a meat packing plant. Ms. Veneman is in over her head because no one believes her. They are well advised to have their distrust of her injunctions to eat beef right now. The Secretary of Agriculture has no record of walking in a barn or milking a cow or nursing a sick calf back to health. Her hands were never soiled by farm work. Quite to the contrary, when it came to soiled hands, Ms. Veneman received her cabinet appointment because she was a lobbyist in the agricultural sector. Her job was to ask or persuade government officials to rule favorably on her propositions or to get her bosses to oppose unfavorable government rulings. That’s what lobbyists do. Denver Nuggets She spent no time wrestling steers or planting a wheat crop. She is and was a lobbyist when this administration rewarded her by giving her the job as Secretary of Agriculture. When a Nobel Prize scientist tried to get an appointment with her, she turned him down until he got the ear of Karl Rove, Bush’s political guru to intervene. When the scientist eventually saw Ms. Veneman, he warned her about what was going to happen with respect to mad cow disease.

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  • She rejected his advice which was delivered last summer. And so we have two women who plainly are in over their heads in this administration. Bush has not seen fit to get qualified replacements, so we are left to muddle on through. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames The only response from Bush is to advise us to eat more beef. San Antonio Spurs The answer in this situation is to consider a meat-free vegetarian diet and to hope that the Defense Department or the Department of State have no sticky mess to sort out anytime soon. In the end the Rice-Veneman affair leads to a recall of an incident last Summer. A woman was found wandering around the parking lot of a supermarket here in New Jersey. She said she had forgotten where her car was parked. When asked is it was a Ford or Chevy or a Mercedes, her wonderment did not improve. She said that her car may have been an Adidas. Rice and Veneman are in the same boat as the owner of that disappearing Adidas. They don’t have a clue. GENEROUS WOMEN During a long career with AT&T, this old geezer had an opportunity to get to know the behind the scenes operations in St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago and New York. All things considered, the people who staffed AT&T traffic operating rooms were among the least known and most generous people imaginable. It showed in many ways. Here is one case of the generous behavior of several of them. In 1953, the Illinois Children’s Home and Aid Society said there was a baby girl available to be taken to a permanent home. Under Armour Curry 3.0 Their response was in answer to our application for adoption. Memphis Tigers That was on a Monday. The baby was in a foster home on the South Side of Chicago and she was to be picked up early on Thursday morning. Ordinary protocol calls for mailing out announcements of the birth of children. Ah, but finding a card announcement of the impending adoption was a completely different story. At the time, the largest department store in Chicago was Marshall Fields. Their card selection was enormous and it was located below the main floor – that is to say, in the basement. Pawing through all the cards announcing the births of children was a bit of a challenge, but there was no card dealing with the adoption of a child. None at all. When the going got very disappointing, a woman from the #1 Chicago Traffic Office came over to see about what her colleague was doing on Monday night at Marshall Fields, the evening when Chicago women looked for bargains. The #1 Office in Chicago was where my employment took had brought me. The colleague–bargain hunter was Betty Kruchten. Betty looked at the cards herself and agreed there was nothing for the adopting of a baby. She suggested that we should prepare a card and forget about store bought cards. Which is what we decided to do. It is good that it had Betty Kruchten’s approval. On Thursday morning, December 8, 1953, it was necessary to drive from our Near North Side flat, through the downtown congestion to travel some 70 blocks south to the foster home. It may have been 10AM or 10:30AM when the baby was safely deposited back in the flat on California and Lunt, not far from Wrigley Field. By the time the train came and deposited its passengers (including me) on Franklin Street in downtown Chicago, the time must have been 11:30AM. nike air huarache femme pas cher It was my intention to go to an office shared with Dick Nichols and an old timer named Kess Kessler. The adoption was never a secret and it was never intended to be a secret. On the other hand, it was my intention to tell anyone who asked about it. If they didn’t ask, they didn’t get told. That was my intention. It was the intention of all the women and the three men in the #1 Office that there was going to be a celebration with gifts galore for Maureen, the new baby. Mens Air Jordan 10 My intention had nothing to do with it. The gifts for Maureen were piled all over my desk and chair. Dick Nichols was accused, by me, of piling his Christmas gifts on my desk. He denied that allegation. It was necessary to borrow a car from Otis Dodge, the Division Plant Superintendent, to get all the gifts taken to our North Side flat. The spur of the moment generosity of the Chicago people was overwhelming to me. My thanks to the gathered assemblage was taken well, but hearing thanks was not uppermost on their minds. Those #1 Traffic Office women wanted to know about the baby. New Balance 530 męskie So they heard what little there was to know. Adoption agencies, even as reputable as the Illinois Children’s Home and Aid Society were, are eager to protect the names of the natural mother and the father, so we did not know a lot about the baby’s background. It took me awhile to figure out that Betty Kruchten was the instigator of the gift giving celebration. adidas ultra boost uncaged uomo Betty did not work for me. Her job had nothing to do with my efforts. Mobilizing all these women into buying all those gifts was an act of love for an adopted baby. Nothing less than an act of love. This sort of conduct is typical of Traffic women. Many of them lead fairly lonely lives. Less than half, by my estimation, were married. But mention an adoption, and they were all there. There was Mildred Simon who lost her lower legs in a childhood accident. nike air max 90 essential femme Mildred had prosthetic legs and in all the time she was known to me, no sound of discouragement ever escaped her lips. She wore make up and being around her was an inspiration. Beatrice Bell, the office manager, a spinster well into her 60’s was among the leading celebrants. Those people in Chicago had known me for less than a year. It made no difference to them. After the gift giving on December 8, it was my thought that things would quiet down. However, for the rest of my stay in Chicago, from time to time, women would drop by my office and say, “I saw this little dress and it is something for you to take to Maureen.” My directions were clear; take the dress to old Blondie. Harry Livermore, the Chicago Division Traffic Superintendent during my tenure, answered my call during the New Year’s holidays. We agreed that Chicago, the home of Al Capone, had some wonderfully generous citizens as well. All those people will always be in my memory, starting with Betty Kruchten. E. E. CARR January 7, 2004 ~~~ Stuffing one’s cabinet full of incompetent people seems to be a bona fide pastime for Republican presidents. Pop is probably rolling in his grave with these Trump picks. Each one could get an essay, easy. Let’s put a Republican mega-donor billionaire who doesn’t believe in public education in charge of the Department of Education. Let’s put Rick Perry in charge of the Department of Energy — coming after a nobel prize winner and MIT an professor — when he can’t even remember that the department exists. Or put the fucking CEO of Exxon in charge of the State Department. Why not have a white nationlist as chief of strategy while you’re at it? I’d love for Condy and Powell to come back at this point. Good god. On a lighter note, Pop’s coworkers were sweethearts. I’m sure that the impromptu baby shower meant a whole lot to them as they were just getting started with kid #1.


    This is a follow-up essay to an earlier piece called “Jobless Nostalgia.” Before we get to the heart of the subject, every reader should know that a new table and a new chair are being used for this monumental work of essay writing. Earlier this year, Miss Chicka decided that my office chair, which had provided me with superior service for about 20 years, needed to be replaced. You will note that Miss Chicka made this fateful determination. The new chair is an Aeron, made by Herman Miller and has more handles and adjustments than my Chrysler car. It is a mind boggling exercise to describe what this chair can do – so this ancient writer will not even try. But the new chair has one failing. When it is in the operating mode and is pulled up to my desk, there is not enough room for my upper legs between the chair seat and the desk. Apparently, the designers at Herman Miller designed the multiple position chair to be used with modern desks which have no middle drawer or a very skinny middle drawer. Canotta Toronto Raptors The chair is a work of modern art, but it is basically unusable at my desk. Trips to the local hospital provided an answer. When hospital patients are served a meal, there is a device called an overbed table. It might be called a block “C”– shaped table. The bottom part of the “C” is shoved under the patient’s bed. The top part of the block “C” is a table which is capable of being raised or lowered or it can be tilted for reading. So we bought one. The saving grace is that the user of the Aeron chair can use the overbed table without having to worry about whether his upper leg will fit between the seat of the chair and the table. And, the tabletop is adjustable to many heights to accommodate near-sighted writers as well as for those who can write at a great distance from their noses. All of this is being pointed out as a means of explaining unforeseen and inexplicable errors and other proof reading mistakes in this work. Now this essay is the result of a suggestion of Miss Chicka. In an earlier essay called, “Jobless Nostalgia,” there were lamentations for jobs and occupations that no longer exist such as elevator operators, draftsmen or telephone operators. The point Miss Chicka was making is that when jobs disappear, the person who assumes responsibility for the task is you and me. Let me give you some examples. Let’s take a call to a doctor’s office. In former days, doctors had a receptionist or a nurse to answer calls from patients. Ah, but those days are long gone now. A call today is not answered by a human voice. Instead, a recorded announcement commands the patient-caller to perform certain tasks before the personnel in the doctor’s office will take the call. Asics Pas Cher Typical questions are these: Do you want an appointment for today? Press 1 Do you want a future appointment? Press 2 Is this an emergency? Press 3 Do you need a prescription? Press 4 Do you need to have your current prescription extended? Press 5 If you do not understand these inquires and wish to speak to a doctor’s representative, press 6 or wait for an operator. In days gone by, the receptionist or the nurse would answer the call and make appropriate arrangements. Not so today. Listening to the spiel about “press 1” and “press 2” takes many minutes and from time to time, the patient will say, “To hell with all this garbage” and hang up. But the overwhelming point is that the patient is doing the work of the receptionist or the nurse. What could have been settled in a one minute call now takes several minutes and in the end, it is necessary often, after all the numbers are pressed, to talk to the doctor’s representative in any case. Is this an advance? Does it promote better doctor-patient understanding? On all accounts, the answer has to be NO! In recent months, there were occasions to call investment firms to inquire about direct deposit of dividends as opposed to mailing the dividends to me each month. As a general rule, investment firms are quite anxious to have an electronic transfer rather than using the postal system.

  • In my case, there were many hurdles to deal with. When the first “press 1” and “press 2” were accomplished, the call then went to the next stage where there were additional “press 1” and “press 6” buttons to push, before the second hurdle was completed. nike air max 1 rasta There was now a third one to deal with. And in the end, it was necessary to deal with a supercilious representative of the investment firm. All this took about 20 minutes to deal with a simple request: send my dividend checks electronically rather than by the U.S. Postal System. But in the end, the burden of doing the investment company’s work fell on me. If this is progress, take me back to the 1940s. And we haven’t considered firms that offer the “press 1” and “press 2” to hear the selections in Spanish or, in Canada, in French or English. Closely allied to the “press 1” and “press 2” problem, is the telephone system. In its early days, all phones were manual. Indiana Hoosiers If you wished to place a call, there was a Central Operator who performed all the necessary functions. These operators knew who was being called and were often full of gossip. They could tell you if you had an incoming call while you were engaged in a separate call. And more than anything else, they provided a human touch to the telephone company. But that was long ago. Today, if you wish to call across the street, there is usually the necessity to dial a “1” followed by a three digit area code followed by a seven digit local code. Clayton Kershaw Jersey The requirement to dial “1” followed by the area code is a development that has come about in the last few years. But no matter how you cut it, the customer is doing the work that used to be performed by a telephone company employee. And all of this is a matter of “progress”? Many of us who remember when service was really provided are pretty dubious as to the claim of progress. When a call is placed to a phone belonging to a company very often the call is referred to a remote voice box, which permits company employees to answer at their leisure. More than anything else, this is primarily a device to keep labor costs as low as possible. Not long ago, calls to a company location were answered by a real employee who could deal with the subject at hand. Not any longer. AIR MAX 2017 When a call is transferred to a voice box, the customer-caller is obliged to explain his problem to an electronic device that asks no questions as a human would do. adidas stan smith argent Once again, the customer is doing someone else’s work while the employer enjoys the reduced payroll. Closely allied is the banking industry. Banks now seem intent upon getting rid of tellers and using ATM’s in their place. Perhaps, modern bankers denigrate the human touch that a teller can offer. It is obvious, that an ATM is not going to ask, “How are you today?” or “Good to see you again.” In any case, bankers want you to do the teller function and the small talk is simply an arcane memory of the past. On-line banking takes it a step further. When it comes to small talk or advice about one product over another, there is no better example than grocery stores. My memory goes back to the late 1920’s and the depression years of the 1930’s. My mother patronized Gualdoni’s grocery store located just south of “Dead Man’s curve” on North and South Road in Brentwood, Missouri. The sharp bend in the two lane roadway on a steep hill which produced several serious motor vehicle accidents per year, was called “Dead Man’s Curve” for a very good reason. At Gualdoni’s there was a long counter. Nike Air Force 1 Bob and Lou and John Gualdoni stood behind the counter. Behind them was the stock. Corn flakes, for example, were stacked at the top of the other packaged goods. They may have been eight or nine feet above ground level. When a customer ordered corn flakes – Kellogg’s, of course – one of the three clerks would take a long pole with a grappling device on the far end and pick out a package of corn flakes. Bob and Lou were in their 20’s. They often dislodged the corn flakes and would catch it on the way down. In the meantime, the customer would stand on the other side of the counter with a grocery list. When all the items to be brought were assembled on the counter, the clerks would write down the cost on a brown grocery bag, and would then add up the total. Prince Amukamara There were no calculators then or even adding machines. Each column was added and the carryover was written at the head of the next column of figures. While the groceries were being assembled, John or Bob or Lou might say, “We’ve got some strawberries that would be good with those cornflakes.” In a way it was salesmanship, but in another way it was a grocery man being helpful. Boy, has all that changed. Clerks are hard to find in today’s grocery stores. The customers wanders up and down the aisles and throws things into his grocery cart. There is no small talk, and certainly, no helpful suggestions. If the customer fails to see the special on strawberries, he or she will be forced to eat his cornflakes strawberry-less. Reggie Jackson Baseball Jersey In the final analysis, the customer is performing the duties of the clerks who have never been hired by the owners of the grocery chain or store. mochilas fjallraven kanken oferta But from all appearances, we ain’t seen nothing yet. In the bright new world of tomorrow, the check-out clerks are eliminated. Each item has a bar code. The customer takes the bar coded item to a machine and passes it over a reading device. A total is then produced which the faceless customer pays using his/her credit or debit card. This is similar to the transaction at a self-serve gasoline station where you pump your own gas and pay your own bill. Scarpe Air Jordan 9 Grocery shopping tomorrow will be an experience almost completely devoid of any human contact. The customer is responsible for the function formerly performed by clerks. While we moan at doing someone else’s work, the grocery owners have retired to the back rooms to count the extra profits from the non-hiring of clerks. Everyone knows that the grocery business is a competitive affair, but a little human contact might make it a more pleasant experience. This is not a complete list of functions that require customers to perform the work formerly performed by clerks, telephone operators, nurses, receptionists, etc. A complete list might involve more functions than the reader is willing to deal with. In leaving this subject of all of us performing jobs formerly performed by others, if we go back in time, there may be a bright side to this whole proposition. When many of us were youngsters, coal was brought to our homes in the winter months. There was no gas or oil heat. Delivering coal was a filthy job. Chandler Jones Shoveling it from the coal bin into the furnace was a job that required old clothes. Taking out the ashes after the coal had burned was an unpleasant job. Gas or oil heat is a more pleasant way to heat our homes and a good bit cleaner as well. In the summer, before refrigerators were commonplace, ice men came each day except Sunday. A 12 or 15 inch card was placed in a window facing the street. The top of the card had an entry for 25. If the card was turned on one side it read 50. If the card was turned the other way, it read 75. Canotte Golden State Warriors If the card was placed upside down, it read 100. The numbers were the pounds of ice that the ice man was to deliver for use in an ice box. In St. Louis and its suburbs, the predominate furnisher of coal and ice was the Polar Wave Company. Delivery men who worked for Polar Wave were hardworking fellows. Statistics are unavailable of course, but it must be assumed that men who delivered coal and ice had a short life expectancy. But the point is clear that heating homes and having refrigerators rather than an ice box are more civilized today than they were in the 1920’s and 1930’s. My informants – some of whom are reliable – tell me that Polar Wave is still in business and is a profitable company. They should be applauded for making the transition to modern times. There is one other occupation that is included here because of a sense of nostalgia. The job was a sharpener of knives and scissors and other cutting devices. In the 1930’s, there were men who drove small pickup trucks with a large whetstone in the back. The whetstone was mounted on the truck bed and was turned very much the way a bicycle is propelled. When the sharpener had a customer from ringing his bell, he would leave the cab of the truck and climb into the rear of the truck. Seated on a seat, he would then pump to turn the whetstone. Memory tells me that knife sharpeners were generally Italian immigrants. They were hard working people in an occupation that offered no long term benefits. Today, these men are gone. In their place, we have electric devices that sharpen both sides of a knife whereas the whetstone sharpened only one side at a time. Certainly, the electric sharpeners of today are a great improvement, but for many of us, the ringing of the bell that told us the knife sharpener was on our street brings back a sense of considerable nostalgia. On top of that, when the immigrant sharpeners told you of their home towns in Italy, it provided a geography lesson as well. This little essay about lost jobs must end with a sense of romance. For nearly 30 years, it has been my pleasure to know two Swedish citizens through their association with Televerket, the Swedish international telecommunications firm. My friends are Ella and Sven Lernevall. Sven and your essayist are about the same age. In order to advance himself, Sven left his hometown of Umeå in Northern Sweden which is located on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia. Sven soon found work in Stockholm as a radio telegraph operator deciphering dispatches from other countries. At the time in the 1940’s, people in the United States who wished to send a radio dispatch to Sweden used the services of RCA. Calling by telephone was still several years off. Now for the romance part of this story. In 1945, Sven met Ella who also was a radio telegraph operator. According to natives of Sweden, it is very difficult to pronounce the name of Umeå, Sven’s hometown. Somewhere along the line in 1945, Dr. Lernevall heard Ella pronunce Umeå properly and elegantly. There is no need for me to tell you that romance followed and Ella and Sven married. As time went forward, telecommunications advances rendered the radio telegraph operator as an obsolete occupation. Before that happened, Ella and Sven had a happy marriage and Sven was promoted several times in the Swedish Telecommunications Authority. So there you are. In spite of all of us performing functions that were formerly performed by others, your old essayist brings cheer to a dismal situation by reciting the story of the romance by Ella and Sven Lernevall, natives of Sweden. Not all stories of lost jobs end as uplifting as the Lernevall story, but there is some sort of hope. In the meantime, my efforts will go toward pronouncing Umeå in a fashion that even King Gustav would approve of. In exchange, perhaps, His Majesty might try pronouncing the name of four towns in my home state of Missouri. They are Tallapoosa and Braggadocio in the Boot Heel of Missouri, and in Johnson County, Chilhowee and my favorite, Knob Knoster. If they are pronounced correctly, Sven and Ella would be appointed the Duke and Duchess of Knob Knoster, in the Show Me state, an achievement of unparalleled significance. Even though the pay is at the poverty level and they would be forced to use a 1939 Essex Motor car for ceremonial occasions, most socialites would die for these honors. It is a certainty that Knob Knosterettes will come to love and revere their new Swedish royalty. (A map of Missouri, The Show Me state, is included here.) E.

  • E. CARR June 12, 2004 ~~~ “Objections to Modernity” has to be one of my favorite labels. adidas zx 700 damskie I might even like it more than “Favorite,” which I guess is a little ironic. nike air max 2016 goedkoop I love self checkout machines. I live right by a Safeway so I generally only buy a handful of items at a time, so my choice is to either wait ten minutes for a checkout counter to open up or just scan a few items myself and be on my way. Plus, since I’m currently a product manager on point of sale systems, I love seeing how different companies implement self checkout. Spoiler alert: they still do this badly, because 2 of the 6 registers at my safeway are dependably out of order. Never the same two, mind you. This is what happens when you do a shoddy job of client-proofing your machines. I get what Pop is going for here, that the lack of people in these service jobs makes people more isolated and reduces social interactions, and that’s a valid point. On the other hand, I think it’s pretty strictly a good thing that nobody has to deliver milk and ice every day, and that every human in the world with a cell phone can pretty much call any other human in the world with a cell phone without having to go through yet another human to route the call, which obviously wouldn’t have ever possibly scaled to the globe’s current call volume. Similarly most gains in automation are going to free people up to do work that they find more satisfying to them, in a future where we move away from the idea that everyone needs a 9-to-5 that provides gainful employment. That’s just not a rational endgame here. And who knows? Maybe once the general population isn’t so heads down at work for 40 hours a week, they can go out and socialize more, or maybe they’ll hang out at grocery stores and recommend good food combinations to passerby for the fun of it. I think you can use retired people as sort of a model here — once you don’t have a full time job, you definitely get out a lot more.

    BITS AND PIECES – PART II – “Piling On”

    When an essayist collects miscellaneous items for a Bits and Pieces essay, it is inevitable that some of the items have to do with thoughts we would all like to avoid. For nearly two years now, for example, the United States has been engaged in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This sort of adventure inevitably means that death becomes one of the subjects that we are forced to deal with. But this essay is about more than the deaths incurred in our engagement in the Middle East. It asks a question about why is the end of life presaged by diminished performances or failures in the other organs of the body than the initially afflicted one. When a person falls prey to one bodily failure, why is it the case that often other failures also make a debilitating appearance. And so this section of Bits and Pieces poses a conundrum about piling on. We will try to make the subject as palatable as possible. PILING ON – A PHILOSOPHICAL CONUNDRUM If Merriam Webster is to be believed, a conundrum is a question having only a conjectural answer. It may be said that my conjectural answer is no better or worse than anyone else’s conjectural answer.

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  • In short, there are no real answers to conundrums. This conundrum goes along this line. When the end of life is approaching, why is it often the case that the “soon to die” person finds herself or himself burdened by other ancillary ailments? When a man is dying of heart problems, why, for example, is it necessary to burden him further with a loss of hearing or diminished eye sight? When an aged person who has trouble merely walking, might also find himself or herself dealing with complications of electrolyte imbalance. Why is that so? When my older brother was bedridden with Parkinson’s disease, why did he have to endure blindness and stomach problems? Even his preachers had no satisfactory answers. Cliff Pennington Jersey Children have a word for this situation. It is called piling on. In a football game, when the runner is brought down by a tackle or by tripping, it is considered the height of un-sportsmanlike behavior to pile on. Penalties are assessed for such conduct. Kentucky Wildcats In war, when a soldier is mortally wounded by enemy fire, he is permitted to spend the few remaining moments or minutes of his life in as much peace as the situation may offer. Even enemy soldiers would not attempt to kick him or to stab him. Again, why pile on? But in the general population, piling on happens all the time. Old folks have enough problems without being burdened by other disabilities or ailments. There is a certain randomness about who is afflicted with additional illnesses to go with the cause of their initial disability. Why all this happens is a matter of conjecture and guessing. There is no real answer. About all that may be said about the randomness of piling on is that it affects every class, every race, and every economic group. A rich religious person may find himself in the same hospital ward with a tapped out horse player who rejects the idea of any religious thought.

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  • So perhaps piling on might be called the great leveler. Speaking of randomness, a great many of us were born at a time when it was necessary to grow up during the Great Depression. Maglia DeMarcus Cousins The Depression, of course, was followed in 1941 by the Second World War. Nearly all the men known to me came out of that experience with a distinct aversion to the needless sacrifice of young lives. The pre-emptive war in Iraq has now taken 920 American lives as well as 122 others in the coalition. Best estimates are that there may be 20,000 casualties on the Iraqi side. The current administration tells us that these lives are being sacrificed to make us feel safe. The same administration almost daily warns us of an impending attack because they hear “chatter” on the Islamic and Arab networks. There is no reconciliation of these dire warnings which come from the same administration. So on top of growing older with all the attendant pains from the diseases of the aging, we have the threat of war. Perhaps this is the ultimate example of piling on. Eric Bogle was born a Scot who emigrated to Australia. He has written some outstanding anti-war songs that express the futility of armed conflict. nike tn requin pas cher VALCLEAN2 CMF He wrote a song called, “No Man’s Land.” It is also called, “The Green Fields of France” and “Willie McBride.” This is a song about the First World War, the war that was supposed to end wars. The song is about a young Irish Private, Willie McBride, who was killed in that war at age 19 in 1916. Bogle has written a powerful thought at the end of the first verse. The lines are:

    “Well I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean, Or, Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene?”

    Perhaps all of us would prefer our ultimate demise would come in Eric Bogle’s words, as “quick and clean” rather than as “slow and obscene.” But unfortunately, many of us go the slow and obscene route for no apparent reason. Why this is so is unknown to all rational human beings. Religionists may give you an answer, but whatever they say is nothing more than a conjecture at best. And so the philosophical conundrum remains with us. Why is there a need to pile on? That is a question whose answer is now largely unknown to man. A final thought that also comes from Eric Bogle. It has to do with prolonged suffering. This line comes from his, “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda,” another anti-war song. nike capri uomo In the First World War, Winston Churchill was the Defence Minister for the British Empire. Churchill was an ardent advocate of the idea that the best way to attack Germany was to invade in the “soft underbelly of Europe.” The “soft underbelly” was in the vicinity of Gallipoli in Turkey, which is located on the Sea of Marmara. The Australian-New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was picked to neutralize Gallipoli and surrounding territory. The ANZAC’s met fierce resistance. Bogle said it “nearly blew us right back to Australia.” In his song, Bogle speaks of a soldier who lost both legs. Fjallraven Kanken Baratas NBA Canotte 2017 The song says, “Never knew there were worse things than dying.” If he was a young man, the agony and prolonged suffering probably extends over decades. The conundrum has to be why did it happen this slow and obscene way. new balance 1600 femme The prolonged suffering continues. Consider Max Cleland who lost both legs and his right arm at age 25 in the War in Vietnam. He is now about 60 years of age. sac a dos fjallraven Cleland went on to serve a term as a U.S. Senator from Georgia. He must know all “about piling” on a prolonged basis. nike air max 90 goedkoop In Part II of this Bits and Pieces essay, there is no glib and happy way to end this short discussion of a subject that is not a pleasant one. What we have tried to project is a pragmatic look at a miserable subject. Perhaps laughter and enjoyment will come from a subsequent essay. E. adidas stan smith argent E. albion silver CARR August 1, 2004 ~~~ This isn’t even a proper B&P essay, since it only has one topic. Chaussure Asics Pas Cher Fjallraven Kanken 20L I feel somewhat cheated; this is just a regular, sad, essay. I wonder what motivated Pop to write this one. It’s a pretty song, at least.


    It would be a great source of regret it any reader were to conclude from the title of this essay, that this is a religious piece. Banish the thought. Quite to the contrary, this vignette is an Army story. When we reach the latter stages of this inquiry, there will be a denouement that will justify the grand title that has been given to this small essay. The events in question took place in the Summer of 1942 at an ancient United States Army installation called Jefferson Barracks. St. Louisans usually referred to it simply as “The Barracks.” It was located south of St.

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  • Louis on the Mississippi River. The fort or barracks was established in ancient times when the West began in Missouri. The Barracks had seen service in the Civil War in this country and in all the conflicts that took place thereafter. When a man enlisted in the Army or was drafted, his place of entry into military service was Jefferson Barracks if his home was in Eastern Missouri and perhaps in Southern Illinois. The average stay at Jefferson Barracks was on the order of ten days or two weeks. During that time, the Army would be figuring out where the enlistee or draftee would be shipped for basic training. For this reason, there were many permanent party soldiers who were in charge of determining where the new soldier would be sent. nike air max 2017 dames Blauw Every soldier at every base, whether new or older, would ask whether the food was acceptable and whether the discipline was within tolerable limits. At Jefferson Barracks, the food was quite good by Army standards. The discipline could be lived with, so Jefferson Barracks was rated a good place to be if you had some time that you owed the U.S. Army. When you owe the U.S. Army some time, it is called a “hitch.” Merriam Webster calls a hitch a “delimited period of time especially military service.” For the regular Army in peacetime, the standard hitch was three years. That ended not long after December 7, 1941. From that time forward, enlisters and draftees were compelled to serve a hitch “for the duration of hostilities plus six months.” No recruiter ever featured this aspect of military service. Air Jordan 10 (X) In the Spring of 1942, the U.S. Army told me to go home and wait for the draft when an attempt was made by me to enlist. The reason seemed to be that the Jefferson Barracks staff could arrange their entry procedures to induct the draftees who arrived on a set pattern. Enlistees, on the other hand, had no predictability as to numbers, so draftees were encouraged and enlistees were in the main, discouraged. And this was in a situation where a real war was going on. In any case, my enlistment started in the Summer of 1942. Mujer Air Jordan 9 Now as to the length of the hitch that enlistees were to serve, news belatedly reached our ears that in the First World War, hostilities technically continued from the end of the war in 1918 until a peace treaty was signed in 1922. At that point, presumably the “plus six months” would kick in. None of us spent a lot of time worrying about the length of the hitch as we assumed something might happen in the meantime or that our death might solve everything. Now there is one more consideration about entering the Army after December 7, 1941. For all intents and purposes, the Army created a new army for men entering service after the attack on December 7, 1941. It was called the “Army of the United States,” to go with the United States Army. My enlistment started as Private Carr, Army of the United States, or AUS. When my enlistment ended on November 8, 1945, my discharge said Sergeant Carr, AUS, was honorably discharged. All the while, the U.S. Army still existed for men who had not completed their hitch by December 7, 1941. The Army moves in mysterious ways and creation of the AUS seemed to be one of them. The Army also moves in mysterious ways when it comes to assigning men to jobs. nike air max 2017 verde donna The Army probably in one of the Corps areas or even in Washington says, for example, it needs some more tank drivers or some more artillerymen or some more front line soldiers. So a requisition is then prepared. baskets noires Asics Lyte Jogger When a requisition arrives in the field, the soldiers there grab available people and send them to the proper school or, if there is no time for school, to the proper functioning unit. As an example, my close friend Tallis Liacopalus had always worked in eating establishments. So naturally, he became a tank driver. Al Strain, another close friend, who had always worked on cars, became an artilleryman because the requisition had to be filed. Al was available, so he became an artilleryman. In my case, the Army ignored my years of drafting experience. The sergeant who handled my enlistment, said that my work on cars during my filling station career would be very valuable on airplanes. Air Jordan 1 Retro
    So after a time, my hitch had to do with being an aerial engineer. That is nice work if you exclude being shot at from time to time. Well, now that you have been brought up to date on what a hitch might be or what the Army of the United States might comprise, it is time for what the French call the denouement, or the reason for this essay being written. Before leaving Jefferson Barracks, every soldier had to have dog tags. Dog tags were not the proper name for the identification that is hung around the necks of soldiers. However, in all the time that was spent in the Army, dog tag was always the name given to the two tags worn by soldiers. Their real name is unknown to me. Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Dames At Jefferson Barracks, there were three soldiers in a work unit who had a device that stamped out every soldier’s dog tags. One soldier, a sergeant, had a master list with the full name as well as the serial number of the soldier to be dog tagged. My number was 17077613. New Balance 1500 damskie The first “1” came because of my enlistment. Draftees were given “3” as their first number. The first “7” is because my enlistment came from the Army’s Seventh Corps Area which embraces seven or eight Midwestern states. The “T42-43” entry represents my inoculation against tetanus. The “0” in the left hand corner is my blood type and comes from the Army physical examination. The only missing piece is the religion of the new soldier. In my case, it is shown as a “P”. There were only two other designations available as far as can be determined. A Catholic would have a “C” or someone of the Jewish faith would have a “J” in the lower section of the tag. No one has ever told me how a Hindu or a Buddhist might be shown on his dog tags. My strong inclination is that they would be shown as Protestants. adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 hombre But in any case, the American Army had few Hindu or Buddhist enlistees or draftees. When the Army had small groups, such as the one stamping dog tags, it is called a “DETAIL.” Merriam Webster calls it another French word. In any case, when the sergeant asked me for my religious preference, he was told that this soldier did not want a religious preference on my dog tags. It was therefore suggested that the space on the dog tags say nothing. The sergeant stood up and said that everyone had to have a “J” or a “C” or a “P” stamped on his dog tags. Goedkoop Nike Air Max And the sergeant wanted me to come clean. There was an attempt by me to explain that no prejudice hovered in my mind about other people stating a religion. My own choice was that there was no preference in my mind and that my desire was to leave that part of the dog tags untouched. The sergeant of the detail said that my indecision was holding things up but, nonetheless, he would consult with a “higher authority.” Presumably that “higher authority” was a military person, or perhaps it was someone in the deity. It was assumed by me that a U.S. Army Buck Sergeant could make that inquiry of a deity. While the sergeant was doing his consulting, my mind wandered to the various kinds of Protestants that then existed. Colorado State Rams There was a whole spectrum of choices. In the most conservative branch of Protestantism, there are the Episcopalians, the Congregationalists and perhaps the Presbyterians and the Lutherans. fjallraven kanken pas cher In those congregations, the preacher is often called a “Doctor.” Talking by the congregants to the preacher is completely unheard of. As a general proposition, the songs in these conservative congregations are often a thin gruel of unsingable hymns. On the other side of the spectrum were the evangelistic sects – the Southern Baptists, the Pentecostals and the Nazarenes. Often, the preacher might be a layman who wore no robes. Throughout the proceedings, the congregations were encouraged to talk back to the preacher with shouts of “Amen” or “Halleluiah” or even “Now you are telling them.” The hymns in the evangelistic group will stick to your vocal chords. When “Amazing Grace” or “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder” are sung, the congregants sing lustily, clap their hands or put their hands in the air. At this point, the august U.S. Army was demanding that this new soldier identify himself as a Catholic, or a Jew or as a Protestant. In my barely 20 years of existence, there was no occasion for me to become familiar with Jewish religious concepts. Catholic beliefs were equally unclear to me except that it was understood that Catholics ate no meat on Fridays. My only religious exposure came as a youngster when my parents compelled me to attend their evangelical churches. From that experience, it was my conviction that religion was to be avoided whenever possible. There was no anger on my part at anyone. What was being presented by the Army was a forced compulsory choice. My inclination was to not get involved in any way. The Army was saying that it was necessary to submit to military compulsion. My demurral was not acceptable to the U.S. Air Jordans For Kids Army or the Army of the U.S. Again my thoughts turned to the spectrum of choices offered by U.S. Protestantism. In the conservative camp, it seemed to me to be a case of eating petit fours served with well chilled chardonnay. On the other end of the spectrum, there were the evangelistic sects who strongly favored red meat barbecues washed down with a locally produced beer. My choice was, “none of the above.” While all this was going through my mind, the sergeant of the detail hung up the phone and turned to me with an angelic smile on his face. He said, “You, Private Carr, are a Protestant,” which made me believe his conversation with “higher authority” was with someone higher than simply a military person. At that point, the soldier in charge of the stamping machine, put a “P” in it and pressed down. So while by belief in non-belief remained intact, there is no denying that the Army of the United States considered me a full fledged Protestant. My parents would have been proud of the man who stamped the “P.” My service started 62 years ago and ended 59 years ago. In that time, there has been a chance to consider such frauds and mountebanks as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or Billy Graham’s son. A good many of this group claimed that they started preaching the Gospel according to Protestant beliefs as child preachers. Perhaps they were pounding the lectern when it was a foot or two out of their reach. Not everyone believes those child preacher stories. On the other hand, there is a stamp of genuineness to my situation. The Army of the United States, no less, bestowed a “P” on my dog tags after consulting “Higher Authority”. The serenity with which the Sergeant of the stamping detail announced my affiliation with the Protestant faith convinced me that ordinary Protestantism was not to be my ultimate goal. It was to be a no holds barred Protestant preacher in the mold of old Billy Sunday. nike air max 2017 blu donna In that case, even the original Billy Graham would have to concede pre-eminent status to Private Carr of the Army of the United States. Amen. Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Homme E. E. Gonzaga Bulldogs CARR July 1, 2004 ~~~ It’s less messy than a baptism, I suppose. Anyway the part of this that I didn’t previously realize is the bit about hitches lasting “for the duration of hostilities plus six months.” You would just have absolutely no way of knowing when your tour would be done, especially if hostilities weren’t declared officially over for years after the fighting stopped. That could potentially have been a decade-long commitment, depending on how the war went. I wonder though, why exactly the religion had to be so urgently identified in the same place as name or blood type. If you’re concerned with funeral rites, can’t that be looked up later once the body is out of combat? It seems like you could just as easily keep that in the same database where you’d keep next of kin, phone number, etc.


    A TRIBUTE TO THE LIFE OF JEAN MC FARLAND LIVERMORE AND A COMMEMORATION OF MORE THAN 50 YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP WITH HARRY A. LIVERMORE “We’ll Keep a Welcome” is a Welsh song that personifies Jean McFarland Livermore’s life and to some extent, Grinnell College in Iowa which she attended. “We’ll Keep a Welcome” goes back to 1941 when Welsh troops who were heavily involved in fighting in World War II were visited by a Welsh variety show called, “Welsh Rarebit.” The idea of the visits by “Welsh Rarebit” was to keep troops such as the famous Royal Welsh Fusiliers, in touch with events back in their Welsh homeland. The producers of “Welsh Rarebit” were a female composer, Mai Jones, and the male lyricist, Lyn Joshua. Their theme song produced especially for the production was the song, “We’ll Keep a Welcome in the Hillside.” The lyrics for “We’ll Keep a Welcome” have three verses. Of course, this is a tease, but the first verse reads like this:

    “Far away a voice is calling Bells of memory chime Come home again, come home again They call through the oceans of time.”

    The other two verses will appear a little later in this tribute to Jean McFarland Livermore. The third verse includes the Welsh word, “Hiraeth,” which ought to appear in all the worlds major languages. This old World War II soldier will explain what “Hiraeth” means as well as the diphthong that goes with it. Not so bad for an itinerant scholar, who did not attend Grinnell College, to explain all about diphthongs. And by the way, one of the attachments is a recipe for Welsh Rarebit. Now before we get back to Jean McFarland Livermore, there is a fact or two that everyone should know about her husband of 63 years. Harry and this old essayist became great friends shortly before Mother’s Day in 1952, a span of 52 years which were counted out on the fingers of this ink stained wretch. You see, for 52 years, Harry has maliciously derided my ability with arithmetic. To improve my performance, the services of the world renowned Creative Arithmetic Institute have been engaged for perhaps the last 20 years. The CAI, not to be confused with the spooks who operate the similarly named CIA, was founded in the 1920’s by Charles K. Ponzi, the world’s best known swindler and the gentleman who completely looted the entire assets of the Hanover Trust Company in New York City. Ponzi took a graduate degree at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York. The professors at Creative Arithmetic Institute now are former executives at the Enron Corporation. Their efforts at CAI have been interrupted from time to time, by lengthy Federal stays at an advanced school located in Leavenworth, Kansas. None the less, the faculty at CAI has produced a classic arithmetic doctrine called “TCE,” meaning “That’s Close Enough.” For example, Harry tells me as my 82nd birthday approaches, that my observations about ageing are the complaints of teenagers. He says, “Wait ‘till you get to be my age before you say anything.” My research done with the help of the faculty at CAI, says that this year is 2004. It is a fact that Harry was born in 1915, AD. The suffix “AD” is cited because in Harry’s case, arguably, his birth could have been marked “BC.” So using the techniques developed by the faculty at CAI, 2004 minus 1915 yields some interesting answers. Using the long hand arithmetic taught at Clayton, Missouri public schools, 2004 was written down with 1915 with a minus sign written directly below it. My expertise does not extend to fractions or decimals, yet the answer to my long hand calculations was 49.73⅝. That answer is crazy as Livermore has been my pal longer than that. So it was necessary now to turn to mechanical devices. In my desk drawer is a calculator which General Mills sent to me for sending in 310 box tops from Wheaties™. Given the same problem, the little calculator yielded an answer of 94 years for Harry. That seemed fairly close, but this calculator has been known to not carry over the one in subtraction problems. So we then turned to a larger printing calculator with the legend, “With the Compliments of the Enron Corporation” on the calculator’s screen. The print out said the answer to the problem was 103 years. This answer made me and the faculty at CAI much more comfortable. As an aside, the faculty at CAI let me have the printing calculator for $1100, which was obviously quite a steal. The point is that in this case of a seeming discrepancy between 94 and 103 years, the infallible doctrine of “That’s close enough” applies. If the professors from Enron say its close enough, that not only suits me in this case, but it does a great deal to reestablish my arithmetic credentials so abused by Harry Livermore. In April of this year, the faculty at CAI will nominate me for enshrinement at the World Wide Arithmetic Hall of Fame. The enshrinement takes three days and Mr. Livermore will be asked to escort me at the coronation ceremonies. It is hoped that he will not plead old age and senility when all the festivities take place. And finally, in its Doctoral Program on arithmetic studies at Grinnell College, it is hoped that the Doctrine of “It’s close enough” will be a central theme. The Arithmetic Hall of Fame does not have elaborate, permanent headquarters such as exist in Canton, Ohio for the professional football Hall or at Cooperstown, New York for the pro-baseball Hall. The Arithmetic Hall is located outside St. Louis near a junkyard on old Highway 66. The Hall uses $8 rooms at a hot sheet motel for its work. The coronation ceremony is held in a Popeye’s Restaurant where the feature is all the hamburgers you can eat. Popeye’s believes that mad cow disease has to do with a cow that is angry. The CAI faculty feels that Harry and his honored guest will feel quite at home in this setting. Maglia Larry Bird Fate has an interesting way of doing things. Harry was a native of Omaha, Nebraska who attended Grinnell College as did Jean, his future wife from Jackson, Michigan. Josiah Bushnell Grinnell (1821 – 1891) an American pioneer, clergyman and abolitionist, came to Iowa because Horace Greeley told him personally to, “Go west, young man, go west.” He founded Grinnell, Iowa (1854) and gave land and buildings (1859) to Iowa College which was later named Grinnell College. Although related to the Congregational Church in the beginning, Grinnell is a non-sectarian school. Sometime later, Harry wound up before World War II working for AT&T in New York. nike kd 9 pas cher When war broke out, he served aboard the carrier Ticonderoga which suffered several hits from Japanese kamikaze aircraft. After the hit, the Ticonderoga limped back into port, was repaired, and with its crew, went back out to fight another day. Because of his indispensability, the American Navy kept Harry on duty until 1946. Jean also served with honor in WWII by staying home and rearing three youngsters on her own while Harry was away. Grinnell must have prepared her very well. After leaving the Navy, Harry went back to AT&T in New York until he was transferred to Kansas City in 1951 or thereabouts. As it turns out, my roots are in Clayton, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. When Clayton High School graduated me in January, 1940, there were no jobs so it was necessary to continue my work in filling stations. Obviously, pumping gas, fixing flat tires and lubricating car chassis equipped me superbly to deal with the curriculum at Creative Arithmetic Institute and at Grinnell College in Iowa. For example, in the Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition at the University of Iowa on April 5, 2003, there were 28 teams of three students who worked on a collection of ten problems. My score was something like 97 or 114 points. The exact score is not important at all. The next higher score was 88 points – so take that – Harry Livermore. Canotte Phoenix Suns In any case, a great break happened to me in September, 1941, when a drafting job opened up with AT&T in St. Louis. From 1942 until November, 1945, there was an enlistment with the United States Army Air Corps – later it became the Army Air Force. In 28 months overseas, it was possible to see the devastation that war brought to North Africa and Italy. Josiah Grinnell was an ardent abolitionist who incurred severe penalties as he argued to stop slavery.

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  • If Reverend Grinnell were around today, he and this old soldier would combine forces to argue to stop wars, starting with the current pre-emptive invasion of Iraq which has cost 530 American lives so far.

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  • After World War II, it was my duty to obey the voice of “We’ll Keep a Welcome” by observing the lines about, “Come home again, come home again.” So it was back to St. Louis. In 1951, AT&T offered me a management job in Kansas City. It was there that Harry’s brother, Monte, became my friend. Before long, another transfer within Kansas City brought me to work for Harry Livermore. It was near Mother’s Day in 1952 when work for Harry actually began. Harry was the District Traffic Manager for AT&T in Kansas City. Mother’s Day was not an auspicious time to try to learn the intricacies of a new job in the traffic department of any of the Bell System Companies. Every person was hard at work preparing to handle record long distance calling on Mother’s Day, so that there was very little time to show a neophyte what went on. Harry had an outstanding staff to help him. There was Chief Operator Helen Billow and Assistant Chief Operator Jeannev Bradbury. Veta Mae Irwin was Harry’s Welfare Supervisor. You called on Veta Mae if your boyfriend was two timing you and you felt aggrieved. The Chief Force Clerk was Blondie Hunter who took all kinds of grief because an unexpected evening tour might interfere with an operator’s love life. Harry’s Office Manager was a lovely woman named Leona Miner. Clarence West of the Plant Department was the Union Ayatollah of Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas. Clarence was a good guy who enjoyed life and laughed quite a bit. As things in the Kansas City Traffic Department grew more familiar to me, it became clear that the staff worked so well together because they liked Harry Livermore and they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Harry would always treat them fairly and do so with a generous spirit. Nike Heren Although my service in Harry’s department was only three or four months, when Harry left for vacation in August, he told me to run things. Specifically, he did not say conduct a holding operation until his vacation was finished. Given Harry’s vote of confidence, my efforts were dedicated to running things. Among other projects, there was a new index board produced for Kansas City Traffic department results. It fell to me to welcome a new Inward and Through Chief Operator as a result of Harry’s earlier arrangement. That would have been Helen Seghers. Knowing that Harry had confidence in this 30 year old worker with only a short time in Traffic operations, gave me an inordinate amount of confidence. And like everyone else in the AT&T Kansas City Traffic operation, it made me a booster of the boss. In other cases where work has taken me, the boss gave no authority to his helpers and jealously reserved his right to criticize if things were not executed perfectly. Harry took a much more refreshing outlook. In effect, he said we’re all in this together. Let’s make it work the best we can. Needless to say, everyone in Kansas City Traffic preferred Harry’s way overwhelmingly. Aside from work, it was my pleasure to see Harry socially for a little bit of drinking and some softball games. In retrospect, it may be clear that we were both Mid-Westerners who spoke non-flowery English. And we were both involved in World War II. If memory serves me correctly, the Aircraft Carrier Ticonderoga that Harry served on lost as many as 300 men in a devastating kamikaze attack. Like me, Harry was not a gung ho promoter of more violence and destruction in another war. Good things came to an end, however, when AT&T promoted Harry to take over the AT&T Chicago Traffic operation. Everyone was happy to see Harry recognized, but there was a sense of foreboding in the Kansas City Traffic department. The foreboding was eminently justified as Harry’s successor was picked by an unmarried Eastern executive and he turned out to be a young, unmarried protégé who had no managerial experience in Traffic operations or in directing people who reported to him. This young man was given to nit-picking and an overwhelming aversion to making decisions. For example, he absolutely and completely refused to sign off on the force scheduling assignments for operators on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or on New Year’s Eve. Blondie Hunter, the Chief Force clerk was frantic. When she told me what was happening, the force schedules were given my approval which had no backing at all in the AT&T Schedule of Authorizations. Fjallraven Kanken Classic

    But, it got the job done. Canotte Portland Trail Blazers This young manager’s management style or lack thereof, soon caused his bosses to relieve him of the manager’s job in Kansas City Traffic. In the meantime, not long after Christmas on a Sunday morning, Harry came to my house in Prairie Village, Kansas to tell me that he wanted me to join him in Chicago. It was not easy to leave the friends that had been made in the Kansas City area, but asking me to go to Chicago to work under Harry was a confidence builder of the first sort. So in late January and February, 1953, we began weekly commutation trips to Chicago. Now there is something everyone should know about our living arrangements in Chicago. The people at Grinnell College ought to think about the incident which will now be described to see if the College wishes to endorse such action by Mr. Livermore, Junior. More than a year ago, this old writer and mathematician wrote an essay about the Livermore-Carr living arrangement in Chicago. Now that more than a year has passed, this excerpt from the essay becomes a matter of REVEALED TRUTH. Here is what was written a long time ago:

    One way or another, while searching for a permanent place to live, Harry and I took a two room suite at the Webster Hotel on Lincoln Parkway in the Near Northside of Chicago. We got along very well. New Balance 574 Pas Cher Harry did not snore much and he discovered that putting peanuts in the refrigerator made a nice hors D’oeuvre. I reserved an opinion on that subject. Almost everyone smoked in the 1950’s. In our suite at the Webster Hotel, when the last cigarette was smoked, the packages would be crumpled into a small ball and would become a source of athletic entertainment and achievement. Over our door to the hallway, was a screenless transom which could be opened to varying degrees of wideness. With one person in the bedroom and the other man in the hallway, the balled up cigarette package would be pitched through the transom with the door closed. The fellow receiving the throw would not know when it was thrown or whether it would be to his left or right. The object, of course, was to catch the thrown cigarette package ball. While we were on the honor system about catching the ball, as soon as the ball was pitched through the transom, the pitcher would run for the door and open it to see if the catcher really did catch the ball. When our neighbors alighted from the elevator and occasionally saw our game of pitching the ball through the transom, we were helped by the liberal view of the Chicago Police Department on minor crime. They did not send the paddy wagon for us. There is one other story on which Harry Livermore considered me as a practitioner of shady play. In this case, the balled up cigarette package was again being used. Our living room at the Webster was quite large probably 12 feet across and perhaps 18 feet long. Harry was sitting on a divan at the far end of the room. Across from him was a window that was opened to a height of two or three inches. Standing at the entrance to the room some 18 to 20 feet away, I told Brother Livermore that it would be possible for me to pitch the ball out that window. Harry immediately took the bet saying no one could do such an impossible feat. Now remember, my offer was to throw that ball out that window. Nothing was said – at least by me – of the window opening being only two or three inches or of my distance from the window. With the bet firmly in hand, I simply walked over to the window and opened it to seven or eight inches, and while standing next to the window, the cigarette package ball was thrown out on Lincoln Parkway. As you might imagine, old Harry screamed bloody murder. Foul play was all Harry could say. It has been 50 years since my triumph of cigarette package ball through an open window in the Webster Hotel. When talking to Harry over all those years, he still accuses me of enticing him into a nefarious betting operation. As always, I claim complete innocence, and rightly so. It has been my pleasure to know Harry for more than 50 years. We have never had a cross word, if you exclude the cigarette ball out the window episode. Harry originally comes from Nebraska where he was born in 1915. That makes him nearly 70 years of age or thereabouts. I hope he lives to see his 100th birthday. If he does achieve that goal, however, I am absolutely sure that he will still be protesting my brilliant move to throw the cigarette package ball out on Chicago’s Lincoln Parkway.

    Now that the revealed truth has been disclosed, it is time to go forward. The AT&T Chicago Traffic operation was immense to a fellow from Kansas City. It became apparent at the outset, that Harry had a difficult job ahead of him as he succeeded an unfortunate and an unpopular martinet. When Harry’s predecessor was the Traffic Manager in St. Louis, it was my pleasure and duty to deal with him harshly as the President of CWA Local 6350 in St. Louis. Straightening out the chaos caused by this fellow gave Harry a Herculean job to do. But it was apparent that Harry went about that job just as he had done in Kansas City. In one instance, for example, there must have been at least 300 or 400 Service Assistants in Chicago. They were non-management employees who trained new operators and who provided assistance to operators having difficulty with a long distance call or caller. As a matter of fact, long distance calls were all AT&T handled. Local calls were the province of the local companies such as the Illinois Bell Telephone Company. At the time we are speaking of, there were few – if any – long distance calls that could be dialed directly. When a subscriber wished to make a long distance call, he or she dialed 211 and spoke to an AT&T operator who then handled the call. So there was plenty of work for Service Assistants. Sometimes they sat at the switchboard. On other occasions, they would patrol behind a section of operators. They worked in the large #1 Office on Franklin Street in Chicago’s Loop. There was an office on the southeastern edge of the Loop District and a third office on the South Side about 10 or 12 miles from the Loop. There were operators and Service Assistants on every shift because this was a 24/7 day operation. When Harry succeeded his unpopular predecessor, he set out to meet personally with every Service Assistant. This took him to meetings all day and into the dinner hour to say nothing about the women who worked the midnight tours. The results were dramatic. Grievances were handled on the spot. Promises made were kept. Morale took off when Harry assumed command. In Chicago, there were some mature, old time supervisors who were Irish women. If they were on your side, nothing could stop you. If they were not on your side, no force on earth could make the head man succeed. Indiana Pacers In no time at all, all the Irish women were on Harry’s side. To name a few, there was Welfare Supervisor Ann Hincks. There were Chief Operators Ann Gairns and Kay McCormack. While she was not Irish, Betty Kruchten was part of that group. In Office #17 was Mildred Grant while Office 20’s Chief Operator was Lois Watson. Mrs. Grant and Miss Watson were what ladies magazines called “full figured women.” These women together with Kay McCormack (Office 19) and Ann Gairns (Office 18), made a formidable force. When Mildred Grant married for the second time after her first husband’s death, she let us know that the second husband could stand some improvements which she promised to make. It is a good bet she did that. As a survivor of World War II, it was obvious to me that it was a prudent move to get on the same side with the Irish Mafia. On one occasion, my instincts told me to slyly point out my Irish ancestry. One of those women told me to forget it as they had checked me out long before it was my turn to show up in their operating rooms. In December, 1953, my wife at that time joined with her husband to adopt a two month old little girl through the offices of the Illinois Children’s Home and Aid Society. For months afterward, these women from the operating rooms in Chicago, specifically including the Irish Mafia, brought little dresses for me to take home. They were often delivered with the stern warning that packages were for Maureen, not for me. It was a stroke of genius, it may be supposed, that we gave the little girl the name of Maureen, meaning in Irish terms, little Mary. When the adoption first happened, it was announced by me of all people, that Maureen’s bow in society would take place at Wrigley Field at nine months of age, when the Chicago Cubs took on my St. Louis Cardinals. They thought it was delusional for me to pick the Cards over the Cubs, but it had no effect whatsoever on those women buying presents for Maureen. They would say, we went shopping last Monday evening and saw this dress that would look stunning on Maureen. They would then order me to take the dress package home without any hesitation enroute. There was absolutely no choice for me but to obey. On many occasions, Harry and Jean came to see Maureen. On many occasions, Maureen appeared at the Livermore house in LaGrange, Illinois where my memory now places it. To this day, Maureen and her sister, Suzanne, refer to Harry and Jean as Uncle Harry and Aunt Jean. Those kids have not used any other names for the Livermores at all in their lives. There are one or two more thoughts about the Chicago Traffic operation when Harry was the Division Traffic Manager. But we interrupt this narrative to remind every reader of the importance of remembering the doctrine of “That’s Close Enough.” That doctrine will appear, perhaps twice more, before we are finished with Jean and Harry. It must have been in the Summer of 1954, when Harry asked us to come by where he was vacationing in Jackson, Michigan. The highlight of the day we spent there was the ability to have a long discussion with Dr. McFarland, Jean’s father. One way or another, that evening was filled with a lively discussion about his practice which intrigued me and with his questions about the Army and our lives in Chicago. There is this much to say about Dr. McFarland. If my physical condition had required me to have an appendectomy or a brain transplant, Dr. McFarland would be have been my choice to perform the operation. Seeing Dr. McFarland brings up another point. Jonathan Casillas Jean and Harry married at an early age. Apparently, wedding vows were exchanged without notifying the parents. When the two of them visited their parents, Harry told me that the marriage license was laid out on the night table six inches from the new bridegroom’s head in case one of the parents looked in during the night and found not one, but two occupants in the bedroom. It is suspected that if Dr. McFarland found the newlyweds with their marriage license prominently displayed, he would have collapsed from laughter. Harry’s parents soon became well known to me. It is clear that Harry Senior would have also collapsed from laughter by the sight of the prominently displayed marriage license. Early in the year 1955, Harry was entertaining Dick Dugan from Long Lines Headquarters in New York. Harry asked a few of us to join him for a few drinks and dinner. Harry saw to it that Dick Dugan always had an ample opportunity to talk to me that evening. What was unknown to me was that Brother Dugan had come to Chicago to see if a fellow with my background would fit in on the labor job in Dick’s department back in New York. It is fairly certain that Harry sang my praises and fairly soon, the promotion was mine. This was one more occasion of Harry helping his subordinates to get ahead. Needless to say, Harry’s help was invaluable and greatly appreciated – again. Leave taking Chicago was a painful process because my two years there was filled with genuine new friendships. And of course, there was the adoption of old Blondie, nee Maureen. In all the years that Harry has been my friend, both of us always point to Chicago as the place where enjoyment was at its greatest. As Harry says “Chicago is the place where we had the most fun.” Of course, he is right. Not long after New York became my new place of employment, Harry came east also. We both located in New Jersey with Harry in his former stomping ground of Maplewood and with the Carr’s in a sort of country town called New Providence. The Livermores still had three kids with them. They were all good kids. During the period starting in the 1960’s, AT&T made several changes in assignments involving Harry and me. As 1970 approached, it was necessary for me to find a new house after an assignment in Washington, D. C. The house was in Short Hills, New Jersey. Pretty soon, Harry downsized his housing requirements and moved so that both of us could ride the Lackawanna Cannonball every day from Short Hills to Hoboken, N. J. In March, 1956, it became apparent to me that smoking was attempting to take my life. My father who smoked one cigar a week and an occasional pipe-full of tobacco, deplored cigarette smoking. He invariably referred to that practice as “sucking cigarettes.” On top of that description, he thought “sucking cigarettes” showed a distinct lack of manliness. If he were alive today, he would claim that smoking is a habit of gay men. My old man did not figure at all in my decision to quit smoking. It had to do with my life expectancy. So Harry and your clean habited friend rode the Lackawanna every day to work. We rode in non-smoking cars. However, about 1.5 miles west of the Hoboken terminal, it was necessary to pass through a long tunnel. The darkness of that tunnel told Harry it was time to have a smoke and head for the door so that we could board the Hudson River ferry and drink some Lackawanna Railroad coffee. My non-smoking demeanor gave me much satisfaction as Harry’s smoke wafted over my nostrils. Over the years, both of us occupied offices at 32 Sixth Avenue in New York and at #5 World Trade Center. When AT&T decided to move to Bedminster, N. J., Harry’s office was a few steps from my own. Jimmy Garoppolo Whenever a question took me to Harry’s place, he quickly offered me a cup of coffee. Coffee drinking is not one of my failures, but his offer was always accepted because it gave him a chance to join me. It seems to me, that my unscientific research shows that old Navy guys drink a great deal of coffee. That’s fine with me. It sure beats chewing tobacco or snuff. Well, it seems to this old essayist that you’ve heard enough about the two of us for awhile. Right now, it would give me pleasure to speak about Grinnell College and its benefactor, Josiah Bushnell Grinnell. Until it was necessary to do some research so that this essay could be written, my view of Grinnell College was one where Jean and Harry Livermore attended college. The town itself became known to me because on a hot, hot August afternoon, curiosity caused me to go to Grinnell, Iowa to see what the town had to offer. Executives at the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company had asked me to make a series of speeches in its principal cities. So Omaha was the first such presentation. This was followed by speeches in Minneapolis and in the Dakotas. Then came Des Moines. So after the presentation in Des Moines, a rented car was found for the trip to Grinnell. This was the late 1950’s and rented cars had no air-conditioning at all. What they had was an opening in the hood outside the windshield which theoretically directed air to the feet. At that time, there were windows that were cranked up and down by the passengers. No electric windows to roll up or down with the push of a button. In front of the two front windows, there was a triangular shaped window which could be rolled or cranked so far inward that it directed air toward the chests of the front seat passengers. On this day, the main windows were down and those little triangular pieces were rolled as far as they would go. It was boiling. When dinner time came, there had to be a comment to a Grinnell native sitting outside the local café. My Missouri upbringing taught me that it is of great importance to speak to townspeople. Adidas Pas Cher As a matter of fact, the gentleman sitting outside the café in Grinnell spoke first asking if it was hot enough for me. He was told that it was plenty hot. Sensing that he was speaking to someone from out of town, he asked what brought me to Grinnell. This gentleman was told that my home was in Eastern Missouri where the weather got very warm also. The answer to the rest of his question was that it would be nice to see what Grinnell might offer in the way of higher education for my kids. Now look here. Only a fool would tell this gentleman that New York was my home base at the time. It is quite true that if you go back to the beginning, Clayton, Missouri is my original home so my answer was factually correct. My daughter was perhaps six years old and her sister was three years old. It’s never too early to look at colleges. So truth was my yardstick. Mujer Air Jordan 4 Well, the Grinnell gentleman seemed satisfied with my answers. He reasoned that Missouri is like Iowa, a Mid-Western state. He also agreed that the Mississippi Valley produced hot weather, but probably not as hot as Iowa. Canotta All Star 2015 So using the doctrine of “That’s Close Enough,” he shook hands with me as a fellow Mid-Westerner. His parting words were, “Hot weather makes the corn grow very nicely.” That was an appropriate comment. It also helps the watermelons. buy bns gold Now about not mentioning New York to the Grinnell gentleman, that was the better part of valor. For example, when it came time for me to be interviewed by the Chairman of the New York Telephone Company, Cliff Phalen, the thought that one of my meals was taken in Grinnell, Iowa, was unmentioned. The point is, you have to know when to hold ‘em and when it’s time, to fold ‘em. The New York Company gave me the job. Now about Grinnell College. The clergyman who made the land grant for the school, Joshua Bushnell Grinnell, was an abolitionist which means that he opposed slavery. As a matter of fact, he was pastor of the First Congregational Church in Washington, D. C., in 1851 and in 1852. He preached an anti-slavery sermon which caused such an uproar that he was fired from his pulpit. Nike Air Jordan 6 Womens Washington, of course, is below the Mason-Dixon Line. So Reverend Grinnell came to Iowa and founded the town and had land set aside for Grinnell College. It had never dawned on me that Grinnell had a founder with such a backbone. Grinnell College has my apologies for my being ignorant of the anti-slavery background of its namesake. Now a personal note. Lillie Carr, my mother, was a religious woman. At various times, she attended Southern Baptist churches as well as those of the Pentecostal and Nazarene faiths. When it came time at age 13 to escape all this religiosity, my parents were attending a Free Will Baptist Church which banned all musical accompaniments when the congregation or soloists sang hymns. No pianos and certainly, no pipe organs were allowed. The explanation seemed to be that organs and pianos did not exist when Jesus founded Christianity, so the Free Will Baptists wanted to be on four squares with the Redeemer. It could also be argued that automobiles and buses and street cars did not exist when Jesus went about preaching his sermons. Did that say that getting to the Church of God using only foot power was the only acceptable means of worship? Even my mother was skeptical about the Free Will Baptists. Lillie Carr sang and hummed Amazing Grace every day of her life. But the Free Willers made it difficult to sing that hymn in their church with no accompaniment whatsoever. When the American Army decided that the completion of 71 combat missions was no reason to send me home from Italy, they elected to send me to a large British-American base in Africa located a few miles outside Accra, the capital of the Gold Coast. Today, that African country is called Ghana. So Accra was my next military stop. The port of Takoradi serves as Accra’s and the Gold Coast’s outlet to the sea. Research showed that John Newton (1725 – 1807) who composed my mother’s favorite hymn Amazing Grace, had been a slave trader ship owner before he became an Anglican clergyman. Takoradi was a regular port of call for John Newton when he captained his slave trading sea-going ship. When the Army gave me a few days of home leave before preparing to move me from Europe and Africa to Japan, my mother and her youngest son, namely me, had a little conversation about my visits to Takoradi. There it was possible to see the wretched conditions the slaves lived in before boarding a ship like John Newton’s to start the trip to Confederate America. It made a lifelong impression on me. It was necessary for me to make three or four trips to Takoradi to take it all in. Because of Lillie Carr’s fondness for Amazing Grace, it seemed like a good subject to bring up in passing. My mistake was immediately apparent. She waved me off and changed the subject. She had no intention of hearing anything derogatory about Amazing Grace. My put down was accepted with as much grace as could be mustered under the circumstances, but my opposition to slavery was with me for life. So when it came time to deal with college for our two daughters, Dartmouth and Miami of Ohio were chosen by the two prospective students. If Grinnell College’s anti-slavery background had been known to me, it would have made me an honest man in my conversation with the man sitting outside the café in Grinnell, Iowa who asked what brought me to town. Now it is time to move on to Jean and the thought of Harry proposing to establish a monument in her memory. When Harry told me about his thought, he explained that he had already been in contact with someone from Grinnell College. He flattered me by suggesting that it would be appreciated by him if this old soldier-essayist would see about producing an essay such as the one you are reading. fjällräven kånken big Obviously, this was simply a request, but it will be treated by me as a commission to write an essay. That commission to write an essay will be pointed out and bragged about in my dealings with other itinerant essayists. If Harry has made clear to me the description of what Grinnell College plans to do, it seems that buildings will be constructed in a prominent place on the campus. If my understanding is correct, a room in one of the new buildings will be named in honor of Jean McFarland Livermore. And so that takes us back to the song at the beginning of this essay and to the world famous doctrine of “That’s Close Enough.” McFarland is a Celtic name. My overeducated Ivy League daughter pronounces Celtic as thought the first letter is a “K.” On dozens of occasions, it has been pointed out to her that the world famous basketball club in Boston, is called the Boston Celtics, as though it were spelled “Sell-tics.” But she is a lawyer who may wind up as Rehnquist’s replacement as the head man of the U. S. Supreme Court. So because this is my essay on commission from her Uncle Harry, the word will be “Sell-tics.” That Kel-tics stuff can stay in Texas. Well, McFarland is a Celtic name as we said. Four groups comprise the Celtic family. There are the Scots and the Irish. Then there are the Welsh. And finally, there are some Celtics in France in Brittany. They use the name “Breton” to identify themselves. McFarland could be a Scot’s name or an Irish name. But remember, the Celts belong to a family. So it is entirely appropriate to commemorate Jean’s life with a Welsh song, “We’ll Keep a Welcome.” It may be that Jean was not Welsh, but her name is in the Celtic family; therefore, under the doctrine of “That’s Close Enough,” We’ll Keep a Welcome applies to Jean Livermore, nee McFarland. Any objection? Hearing none, let’s move on. It will be noted that in the final verse, there appears the Welsh word “Hiraeth.” That word should appear in all the world’s major languages. The “ae” letters in the last half of the word are a diphthong. They are pronounced like an English “eye.” So the word is pronounced as “Hir-ith.” At heart, Hiraeth is a nostalgic longing for home and people and things connected with home. For example, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers are the oldest Welsh infantry regiment. Only Welsh men need apply. The regiment is a family regiment in every sense of the phrase. Brothers, sons, fathers and close friends often from the same town or village serve in the regiment. The sense of belonging to the Welsh Regiment and to Wales are keenly felt. This is Hiraeth. English needs an equivalent word. The words to Jean’s song, We’ll Keep a Welcome go like this:

    Far away a voice is calling Bells of memory chime Come home again, come home again They call through the oceans of time. We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside We’ll keep a welcome in the vales The land you knew will still be singing When you come home again to Wales. This land of song will keep a welcome And with a love that never fails We’ll kiss away each hour of Hiraeth When you come home again to Wales.

    The Celts are singers. The Irish sing “Danny Boy” and “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen.” The Scots sing “Scotland the Brave.” And the Welsh people are famous for their singing choirs in nearly every town, no matter how small. The English, who for centuries have tried to dominate Welsh, Irish and Scots affairs, sing not at all, unless you count Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, who hums as his Royal footman spreads toothpaste on His Majesty’s toothbrush each morning. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren There must be a lesson in the happiness of the Celts as distinguished from the dourness of the English. Can anyone imagine Queen Elizabeth singing “We’ll Keep a Welcome” at any time? Not likely. In all her home’s in New Jersey, in Kansas, in Illinois or in the Pocono’s, Jean McFarland Livermore projected a genuine welcome to all her guests. Now that a room at Grinnell College may be named in her honor, the students may go there to study, and to discuss what the future holds for them. Perhaps they may find the McFarland Livermore room a place for quiet contemplation. Or may be it will be used as a place for meeting of friends. Whatever the room is used for, it is hoped that it will always be remembered as the Jean McFarland Livermore room. It is hoped that those leaving Grinnell College, will have fond memories of that memorial. And finally, there is the thought that the leave takers will consider Grinnell College and the McFarland Livermore Room as home. In that case, Hiraeth and We’ll Keep a Welcome will surely apply. E. E. CARR February 8, 2004 ~~~ Well Pop certainly took his Commission seriously — this essay clocks in at just under 7,000 words. Lots to learn in this essay, from the background of Amazing Grace to everything there is to know about Grinnell and Livermore. It’s really nice to know that even though this essay was written in 2004, their friendship lasted until the end of their lives. I guess once you make it to 50 years, the last handful is easy. The doctrine of “That’s close enough” seems like a handy one. It certainly makes things simpler.


    From time to time, there are some shorter subjects that demand the attention of the essayist. To devote a whole essay to these transient items would probably be more than they deserve. On the other hand, to fail to comment on such items would be a significant injustice. And so what we have here is a collection of unrelated developments that are called – for want of better words – Bits and Pieces. You may recall in a recent essay called, “How I Became a Protestant,” there were allusions to the United States Army moving in mysterious ways. Greyson Lambert UGA Jersey In my case, the mysterious ways go back to 1942. From what we read some 62 years later, the Army continues to move in baffling ways. So we start out this edition of Bits and Pieces with a pair of Army stories. A 67 Year Old is Being Recalled for Active Duty After 41 years of active duty, Charles Ham, a Lexington, Kentucky psychiatrist, retired from the Army seven years ago. Colonel Ham thought he was finished with the United States Army after 41 years. adidas zx flux mujer Thinking in the Army is a dangerous proposition. This old essayist was told on several occasions during his World War II stint, that soldiers don’t get paid to think. The Army seems to believe that thinking soldiers are dangerous soldiers, hence the ban on cerebral activity. adidas neo donna It is amazing to this old soldier that Colonel Ham overlooked this basic fact of Army life. All of this comes about because Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld does not wish to concede that the Army needs more troops for the mission American soldiers have been asked to perform. Mark Herzlich Jersey So instead of taking in more troops, Rumsfeld and Company has elected to recall 5,600 long discharged veterans who thought their Army days were finished. It would be a matter of great interest to hear what those 5,600 former soldiers had to say when they figured out that the Army wanted to recall them again for active duty. While there is an urgent need for truck drivers, Humvee mechanics, and combat engineers, as well as administrative people, the Army says Colonel Ham is needed. As a psychiatrist, he may be called to deal with soldiers who are threatening suicide. The suicide rate in Iraq was found to be 17.3% per 100,000 soldiers compared to 12.8% for the Army overall. So maybe the Colonel will have some psychiatric work to do. Colonel Ham was told that he had a choice of serving three months in a combat zone or spending a year in a domestic military hospital. In any case, Colonel Ham looks like he is headed back to active duty even though he is 67 years old, is a grandfather on Medicare and a man who retired seven years ago from the U.S. Army. With the “stop loss” plan in effect, Colonel Ham might find himself in Army uniform when he celebrates his 75th birthday. If Colonel Ham is returned to active duty, it would seems only a matter of time until Rumsfeld summons soldiers of the World War II vintage. He had better act promptly as there are only less than 4 million of us left and we are dying at the rate of about 440,000 per year. In a year or two as we age, it may be expected that the rate will go to 500,000 every year. If Rumsfeld wants to recall me to active duty, he should be warned that this old essayist will refuse to accept the Army dictum that soldiers don’t get paid to think. As all WWII men are at the 80 plus year mark, there isn’t much else for us to do except think.

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  • And finding all of us may be a formidable chore. Nike Air Mag Colonel Ham said it best. nike air max 2017 pas cher homme He said, “If after seven years of retirement, the Army tracked me down, they sure ought to be able to find Osama Bin Laden.” It seems to me that the Colonel has a point there. In announcing the recall of oldsters such as Colonel Ham, the Army used a spokeswoman named Andrea Wales. Her rank is unknown. Spokeswoman Wales said that officers are considered to be management. It must be supposed that enlisted soldiers, who perform the grunt work in the Army, are considered non-management personnel. Spokeswoman Wales had more to say on the management issue. She said, “The Army puts a lot of money and time into training officers and expects them to rise to the occasion and lead soldiers.” So Colonel Ham, at age 67, is now supposed to lead soldiers in this holy war in Iraq. Something is wrong here. In any case, Spokesperson Wales made her announcement about all the money and training required of officers shortly after she said that the Army needed truck drivers, Humvee mechanics and combat engineers. Well now, this old combat Sergeant has two or three thoughts to offer Madam Wales with respect to the proposed recall. My technical training as an enlisted man took place largely on the second shift at Embry Riddell Flight School in Miami. One of the main ingredients in my training program was to avoid being killed because that generates enormous amounts of paper work which the Army would like to avoid. A second thought has to do with the fact that airplanes of WWII were propeller driven. On the second shift in the dark, it was essential that we try to avoid being killed by not backing into a rotating propeller on an engine being tested or as we would say, being “run up.” The instructor of our class said that rotating propellers would “make hamburger meat out of us” instantly. This may be a tautology about hamburger meat, but none of the non-management men ever backed into a rotating propeller, which might now make us eligible to be recalled. Brooklyn Nets My urgent suggestion for Rumsfeld is that the Army should consider recalling Admiral Harry Livermore of the Navy and Brigadier General Howard Davis of the 8th Air Force before any thought be given to my own recall. Those former officers have had excellent training and good eye sight which is required for truck drivers and Humvee mechanics. Both are a little older than this elderly writer which means that they have more experience to offer the Army. Their addresses are know to me which is better than Colonel Ham’s idea about finding Osama Bin Laden. Furthermore, both are Phi Beta Kappa candidates from Ivy League universities in the Midwest. On the other hand, my educational achievements ended at the high school level where it was difficult for me to write long sentences. Fractions and long division were beyond my understanding. In short, the Army would be infinitely better off recalling Davis and Livermore rather than to deal with my obvious shortcomings. My contribution will be to cheer as they are led away at the induction station. As soon as we can find out where Spokeswoman Wales works, my thoughts will be offered to her. If she tells me that enlisted men don’t get paid for thinking, perhaps that will be a sure sign that the Army has stayed true to its ideals. In other words, the Army has “stayed the course.” Finally, it is my fervent hope that Admiral Livermore and Brigadier Davis find Colonel Ham after their recall to active duty. Both of these gallant soldiers may need for the Colonel to provide psychiatric counseling as we stay the course in Iraq. new balance homme ml574 bleu For myself, there will be two blue stars in my living room window in tribute to those two fearsome soldiers. ABAPIA It goes without saying that blindness is never a laughing matter. Blindness causes a person to lead an entirely different lifestyle from the style he had planned. The loss of vision means that dreams have to be altered or forgotten. Nike Air Max TN Homme For a man, it means a sense of diminishment as he loses his independence and is forced to rely on the generosity of others. A woman must have the same reaction to the onset of blindness. There are, however, a couple of sidelights that go with the loss of visual acuity. The first involves a 24 year U. S. Army Ranger from Blairsville, Pennsylvania, named Sergeant Jeremy Feldbusch. In February of last year, Sgt. Feldbusch left for the war in Iraq. Two months later, he came back to the United States blind. The prognosis for him ever seeing again is dim or non-existent. On April 3rd, Sgt. Feldbusch was in a platoon of Rangers guarding the Haditha Dam, northwest of Baghdad along the Euphrates River. Nike Jordan 11 Future An artillery shell exploded about 100 feet away. Part of the shell’s casing sent an inch long piece of steel through his right eye. It tumbled through his sinuses and lodged in the left side of his brain.

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  • It severely damaged the optic nerve of his left eye and sprayed bone splinters throughout his brain. As you can imagine, the damage to his brain was severe. Butler Bulldogs His social skills and his personality were affected by damage to the brain’s frontal lobe. When this happens, people tend to become angry and more aggressive. In short, there is a significant change in their behavior. He remained in a coma for five weeks. When he emerged from his coma, surgeons at the Brooke Army Medical Center had done all they could do for him. And so this six foot two inch Ranger was sent home to Blairsville as a blind man. In December, 2003, the New York Times sent Jeffrey Gettleman to Blairsville to interview Sgt. Feldbusch. Soldes Asics 2017 Gettleman is a skilled reporter who has spent more than one tour in Iraq. The long report he filed with the Times perhaps said it all in its headline. It said, “A Soldier’s Return to a Dark and Moody World.” The Sergeant told Gettleman of the dreams and ambitions he had lost that day in Iraq. Becoming an Army officer is one ambition that has been lost. “Gone,” was the way Sgt. Feldbusch put it. It might be supposed that any plans of marriage or even taking a date out are probably also “gone.” Gettleman’s story in the Times is not an inspirational piece. It is nothing other than a pragmatic and a factual account of the life of a 24 year old blind man with brain damage. Not much inspiration in those facts. This old essayist likes to cite names and dates and pounds and square feet in his essays. In this case, the essayist misplaced the clipping about the visit of a blind World War II veteran had with Sgt. Feldbusch. But the facts are clear. The old soldier, who had heard about Gettleman’s Times story, went to Blairsville in an attempt to cheer up Sgt. Feldbusch. You will note that there is no indication that the old soldier went to Blairsville to “see” Sgt. Feldbusch. He “visited” him. While the two conversed, the old soldier disclosed that he had lost his vision in an infantry battle in World War II. In an effort to inspire Sgt. Canotta Atlanta Hawks Feldbusch, he recounted that after the Army discharged him, he ran a successful business. While running the business, he acquired a wife and seven children followed. So according to the old GI, blindness isn’t necessarily the end of the line.

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  • Before he left Sgt. Feldbusch, the old GI explained the doctrine of ABAPIA. This, of course, is an acronym much like the WWII expressions of SNAFU and FUBAR. ABAPIA has to do with water glasses being knocked over and doors that have moved enough to cause a blind man to hit his head on the jamb. Fjallraven Kanken Classic It has to do with asking for a drink of water because the blind man can’t locate the sink. And it has to do with stumbling on stairways because of miscalculations about where the steps are located. There is no problem about running down to the drug store to buy a newspaper because blind men can’t read or drive. And it also has to do with not watching a ball game. This is what ABAPIA is concerned with. The old GI tried to tell Sgt. Feldbusch that all these inconveniences are annoying, but the idea is to overcome them and make the best of a bad situation. There was no indication that Feldbusch bought the suggestion. There have been no recent reports from Blairsville, so we don’t know if Sgt. Feldbusch ever adopted the doctrine of ABAPIA. Every old soldier wishes him well, but it may be a long journey in a “Dark and Moody World.” For those of you who weren’t alive during World War II, SNAFU means “Situation Normal, All Fouled Up”. FUBAR is the acronym for “Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.” Because this will be read by innocent angelic children, the real word that should be used when SNAFU and FUBAR are used is the “F” word and may be found on page 505 of the 11th Edition of the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Asics Onitsuka tiger męskie It is the indelicate word Chaney used in his diatribe against Senator Leahy. Now about ABAPIA. That means, “Ain’t Blindness a Pain in the Ass.” Many of us know a little about blindness and we are enthusiastic subscribers to the doctrine of ABAPIA. Perhaps it could be argued that the blind GI from World War II had no reason to intrude on Sgt Feldbusch’s “moody” existence. From my perspective, he was doing his best to help another soldier who was grievously wounded in battle. So my inclination is to salute the old GI and to thank him for his contribution of ABAPIA to the English language. E. E. CARR July 30, 2004 ~~~ I think Pop went completely blind in 2005, which was after this essay was published, so that puts a bit of an interesting spin on it. He was of course very familiar with blindness regardless since it ran (and continues to run) in his family. The real question though is whether being at risk for glaucoma and baldness — not sure which is worse — is worth the tradeoff for a slice of Pop’s wit. I’m leaning towards “yes,” but get back to me at 40 and 85. Poor Sgt. Feldbusch, though. One piece of metal taking out both eyes and part of the brain is pretty nuts. I want to call it a freak occurrence, but in war I guess that’s pretty par for the course. Despite the awful toll that blindness takes, I think that the personality changing element is probably the scariest part to me. Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher Pour Femme It’s really easy to think of one’s “self” or “mind” as being distinct from the bunch of meat that it sits in, but the reality is that if you poke said meat the wrong way, you can become a completely different person. That feels incredibly wrong to me, but it is what it is. Alzheimer’s is similarly scary as hell. And on that happy note, see you for “How I Became a Protestant,” followed shortly by part 2 of this instance of Bits and Pieces.