Ordinarily, it is my wont to deal with financial matters promptly.

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  • This accounts for calling contractors before their bill for work at the Carr-Chicka residence has often been composed. And so my head is shaking over my failure to write an essay about Craig Jordan, a Lab Technician who works for the Summit Medical Group in Summit, New Jersey. This essay has been in my “Come Up File” for perhaps two years now. That’s far too long, so as soon as a few essay preliminaries are observed, there will be a short essay about a most accomplished professional phlebotomist, Craig Jordan. Professionalism has always seemed like a most desirable characteristic in earthly endeavors. Perhaps we ought to start with the Great Depression of 1929-1942 which meant that workers and executives had to make do with what they had. As a matter of fact, World War II was fought by children of the Great Depression. For many years, it fell to me to be acquainted with Al Goebel, a fellow AT&T employee. Putting it succinctly, Al Goebel was in many respects, the most pompous fellow it has been my misfortune to know. But in between all the pomposity, Goebel had some wisdom that greatly appealed to me. Goebel was a B-29 pilot in the Pacific in World War II. Al had been shot at and there were occasions when he feared his B-29 bomber would not make it off the hastily constructed wartime runways in the islands of the Pacific. Goebel contended that for our generation, the strongest influences in our lives were the Great Depression and World War II. That had my full endorsement. Then Goebel would say we were the right generation to fight the war because growing up during the Depression, taught us the value of things and to improvise where the right tool or right part was unavailable. In short, it was Al Goebel’s point that if we did not have a part or a tool, the Depression generation was accustomed to doing whatever was necessary to get the job done. From that experience flows practical expertise and, if you will, a sense of professionalism. There were no schools to teach grace under fire. It had to be done regardless of the drawbacks. Professionals can handle those kinds of do or die situations. And so in my experience, people who show professionalism acquired largely on the job, have my complete admiration. Al Goebel may have been pompous, but in this case he made eminent sense. Carl Schroth was a professional of that sort. Carl ran a Mobilgas station in Clayton, Missouri. Many of his clientele were uncommonly wealthy people who lived in Clayton, a prosperous suburb of St. Louis. In 1937 when this essayist had reached his 15th birthday, Carl hired me to work in his filling station. The elder statesman under Carl Schroth was good old Charlie Kosta, who could make an engine start after everyone else had given up. Carl had a 1927 Packard coupe that he had converted into a tow truck because it had a powerful engine. About one mile from Carl’s station was a fancy subdivision that offered houses built as though they were European castles. During the Christmas holidays every year, these wealthy people would have some boisterous parties. When the parties ended, it seemed that at least two or three celebrants would drive their cars off the icy private roadways and would find themselves mired in a ditch. And so Carl Schroth’s filling station was called to set the stricken cars back on the roadway. On the Packard converted tow truck, there was no top to cover the driver and his helpers. There was a windshield but nothing else. Heaters at that time were unheard of. So the exposed tow truck ride made us anxious to get the stricken cars out of the ditch so that we could return to the warmth of the filling station. The people who had driven their cars off the road were assumed to be wealthy people visiting other wealthy people. Once a car was winched out of a ditch, the owner would be reminded the charges would be something like $10 or $15 for an ordinary pullout. On New Year’s Eve, the price would creep more toward $20 if the hour was late and if the rain and snow were still at it. On this evening, Carl Schroth and Charlie Kosta were working with me on rescuing wealthy drivers. In this case, after the car was restored to the icy roadway, Carl or Charlie again told the owner that the cost of our services would be $15. This amount had been agreed to by the car owner before winching work started. Here, after his car was pulled out of the ditch, this fellow told Carl and Charlie that he did not want to pay the agreed upon price for the pullout. It was cold and from my wrestling with the stricken car to get the winch chains attached to the bumper or the axle, my clothing was pretty well soaked. Charlie and Carl and your old essayist were in no mood to bargain at 2AM, even if there was a depression on. Carl and Charlie listened to the owner of the car as he said $15 was simply too much. Now comes my introduction to professionalism in pulling people out of ditches. New Balance Mujer As soon as the owner said for the second time that he was not going to be held up by filling station grease monkeys, Carl and Charlie stood on opposite sides of the car – and silently pushed it back into the same hole that it had occupied before. From this experience, it became clear that customers ought to be treated courteously, but if they intended to put down men who wore work clothes, there would be a price to be paid. As soon as the three of us climbed aboard our Packard tow truck and started to leave, good common sense came over the owner of the ditched car who now wanted to pay the agreed upon rate. Charlie Kosta who was driving the Packard never stopped, so this story has no end as far as the three of us were concerned. But the point was made in my young mind. People who perform a vital service on a night filled with snow and sleet deserve to be paid. Failing such payment, professionalism dictates that there should be no more investment in the venture. The impression left in my mind is only half of the conclusion of that early morning trip. It must be assumed that the owner of the car must also have derived a lesson from what Carl Schroth and Charlie Kosta did on that occasion. For my part, it was resolved in my mind that messing with Carl and Charlie was not a profitable proposition. They were first class professionals.


    As time went on, St. Louis Cardinal ballplayers, Enos Slaughter, Pepper Martin and Stan Musial were professionals who gained my admiration. They were something like Franklin Roosevelt, that is someone to be admired from afar. Closer to home were some of the other GI’s with whom this old soldier served. Many of these people became professionals in the military sense. One was Mike Molinari who was in charge of combat aircraft electrical problems. Mike worked for a newspaper in civilian life, but once he joined the Air Force, he became a professional electrician in charge of our early stage electronic equipment. Working for AT&T led me to the vast numbers of women employed in the traffic operations in St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago and in New York. These women were tough as nails if they concluded they were being cheated or being run over. But from my long association with them, they were people of unshakeable loyalty. They were not as well paid as many of us would have preferred, but when a call had to go through or when a party had to be found, the AT&T traffic women were without parallel. No greater professionalism may be found in all of AT&T’s many thousands of employees. When there were physical problems that hospitalized me in the Army, the professionalism of the Corps of Nurses was immediately apparent. Now in later life as hospitalization is required, the professionalism of civilian nurses earns my admiration. For several years, it was my pleasure to be a friend of Charles Lee Brown, the Chairman of the Board of AT&T. Charlie’s brain put him in the genius class. His position as the head of America’s largest corporation did not affect his dedication to doing the right thing. Charlie was a bargainer on two of my bargaining teams in negotiation with the Communication Workers of America. Even under duress, Charlie never put down any of the union people even if some of their proposals were bizarre. Canotte Portland Trail Blazers Charlie was a good man in my estimation and he performed all his AT&T jobs with distinction and professionalism. There are literally hundreds of cases where people have displayed expertise and professionalism. This week, Matt Pepe and his sons laid a new driveway at this house. Matt Pepe has performed work for me for more than 40 years. There are no schools that teach concrete and paving work as far as can be determined. Matt Pepe learned on the job and his two sons have profited from the expertise he has learned. If anyone needs concrete or paving work to be done, members of the Pepe clan are first class professionals who appear on time and who do not dawdle about the job. It is completed with dispatch. nike air max 2016 blauw One more case of professionalism out of thousands, now comes to mind because we see him twice a week. Daniel Commodore, an immigrant from Ghana, has established himself as a first class fish monger in a large Whole Foods grocery store near us. Only a professional could skin a fish as Daniel does. He comes by his craft naturally, it may be supposed, as his father was a fisherman in Ghana which used to be called The Gold Coast. Daniel is not only an excellent fish monger, but he is a bright and friendly person. It is a pleasure for my wife and for me to count old Daniel as our friend. His cohorts at the Whole Foods fish counter are Janice Williamson and Robert Lopresti. They are also professionals in dealing with fish. It was obvious that undertaking an essay about professionalism would mean that it would be impossible to cite every such case. To all those cases which are not included in this essay about professionalism, this old essayist extends his apology. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames blauw If we were to write of every case of professionalism that has happened to me, this essay would be unending. It is hoped that the reader will understand.

  • And besides, this was supposed to be a salute to the honorable Craig Jordan in a tribute that has been put off for more than two years. Craig works in the Lab at the Summit Medical Group. For many years, cardiologists at the Summit Medical Group have been watching the composition of my blood. If it gets too thick, there is a possibility of severe coronary problems. If it gets too thin, some of the same problems may also arise. What is being offered here is my interpretation of a cardiac procedure which will never be included in a medical textbook. Now to see that my blood is the proper fluidity, the medics have devised a method called a Protime reading which measures how Coumadin has affected my blood and its consistency. This is all well and good to measure the consistency of my blood, but to do so requires the efforts of a phlebotomist who draws the blood to be submitted to the Protime procedure. Drawing blood from a patient is not necessarily a happy procedure. When a phlebotomist is encountered, an arm is extended and the needle to withdraw the blood goes in around the elbow. Nike Free Running Every time a Protime reading is required, blood must be withdrawn. Because the reading must be taken sometime at weekly intervals, the arm develops scar tissue which tells the phlebotomist that he must go someplace else to insert the needle. Canotte OKC Thunder Most often if the elbow area is foreclosed to the phlebotomist, he or she will then go to the large veins on top of the hands. From the patient’s point of view, only a masochist would enjoy blood being drawn. Some phlebotomists are more skilled than others and some are more dedicated to their craft. The objective for both the patient and the phlebotomist is to make the procedure as painless as possible and to get the work finished as quickly as possible. Because it has been necessary to draw blood for repeated Protime readings, it has become clear that some phlebotomists are better at their craft than others. And that, dear readers, brings us at last to the consummate pro of all phlebotomists. Today, there is a procedure to take a small amount of blood from one of the fingers, which obviates the need to draw blood from the arm. But in former days, it was a case of drawing blood from the arm every week or two weeks. Whenever possible, it was my intention to ask that my blood be drawn by Craig Jordan because he did the work as pain free as possible and he did not dawdle in getting the test tube filled. This may be hard to believe, but there have been occasions when Craig released the rubber band on my arm and started to put a small bandage on the puncture, and this old patient would ask, “How is it coming along?” The Craig Jordan answer was, “It’s all over.” Where Craig Jordan learned his craft is unknown to me. Aside form being a first class professional phlebotomist, Craig is a thoroughly pleasant person who would always be welcome in our home. A week or two ago, the cardiologist ordered blood to be drawn. It had been some time since it was necessary to visit the Labs. In passing, the receptionist Monica was asked if Craig would happen to be around. Monica said he was still at work at the Labs and would it please me to have the work performed by Mr. Jordan. My reply was an enthusiastic “yes” and soon old Craig showed up and went to work. In a short while, this ancient patient wanted to know how the work was going, and Mr. Jordan said he was finished. As always, it was as close to painless as it could possibly be. As you can see, professionalism has my highest regard whether it is pouring concrete, or skinning a fish or a big shot such as Charlie Brown being decent to the little people he had to deal with. And so it is that Craig Jordan has my vote and my endorsement for the Phlebotomists Hall of Fame because of his complete professionalism. That is only the half of it because Craig is a most pleasant man who would be called a good guy. It has taken me two years to get this essay written, but all along, my view of Craig has not changed at all. Maillot NBA The encounter last week, simply confirmed the view that Craig Jordan belongs in the top tier of his craft. Tennis Nike France In a way, it is regrettable that Al Goebel, the old B-29 pilot, did not live long enough to be a patient in the hands of Craig Jordan. My bet is that pompous old Al would say that Mr. Jordan can do his phlebotomist thing on him at any time. And Goebel might even agree to tell Craig a Depression tale or a B-29 story from the Pacific. Al clearly was pomposity personified, but he was a fine story teller. Perhaps Craig would be interested in what Al Goebel had to say as long as the story was completed by the time Craig had done his phlebotomist thing. E. E. CARR May 20, 2004 ~~~ Kevin’s commentary: Phlebotomy has come a long way since the days of leeching, it sounds like. I had no idea that the veins in ones hands would make good targets for taking blood. I guess it’s pretty easy to find them, though, so why not? Thanks to the magic of Google, I was able to track ol’ Craig down pretty quickly. He’s a motivational speaker now, which is pretty cool. I think I’ll send him a link to this essay, to let him know that his talent stood out to Pop so much that he wrote an essay about it. Who knows if he’ll remember an old patient from fifteen years ago, but I think it’d be fun to read this even if he doesn’t.   UPDATE: Craig responded right away! He wrote: Hello all. I am Craig Jordan. Mr. Carr was a great man who made everyone smile when he came to the lab. I had the pleasure of being chosen by Mr. Carr to perform his phlebotomy procedure when he came to the lab and it was an honor and a pleasure to do so. Mr. Carr always put a smile on my face and laughter in my voice. Mr. Carr was an inspiration to us and a joy to be around. Although he is not here, he has not left my heart and thoughts. Mr. Carr motivated me then and is motivating me now. This essay is moving and heartfelt. It will live with me for as long as I live. Rest in Heaven Mr. Carr.


    A week or so ago, the English Prime Minister, Tony Blair, came to Washington to discuss how things were going in the war against Iraq. Blair and Bush appeared after their conference to hold a meeting with the press. None of the major American networks carried the program. NIKE AIR MAX Goedkoop It didn’t even appear on the Public Broadcasting Systems. It appeared only on MSNBC and perhaps on CNN. That will tell you what the networks think of the importance of the news to be made. At the news conference, Blair and Bush both appeared to have had a very trying day. Their mood was not upbeat. Quite to the contrary, it was somber and, in both cases, there were apologies or semi-apologies for opportunities missed. For example, Bush acknowledged that when he said “Bring it on” and “We want Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive” that he should have used “more sophisticated language.” The fact that Bush expressed himself in the language of a cowboy was not lost on the world, yet Bush contended that he should have used more sophisticated language because the rest of the world did not understand what he meant. So you see it is our fault for the mistake we made in not understanding Bush. From my point of view, there was no mistake in the phrases of “bring it on” or “we want Osama, dead or alive.” These comments were extremely provocative and now that the insurgents have “brought it on,” Bush is distraught. If Bush thinks that he was misunderstood solely because he used unsophisticated expressions, here is my suggestion for a more cerebral comment:

    In more sophisticated terms, I should have told you terrorists that we are prepared to engage in stepping on toes, insults, fisticuffs, mud wrestling, torture or controlled and compassionate manslaughter. kanken baratas So kindly advise us whichever you wish to be engaged in. However, if you bring us a televised broadcast statement from Ann Coulter, it will cause us to wilt and plead for mercy.
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  • On Osama bin Laden, I should have said we would like to have him presented to us either pre or post mortem. Air Jordan 14 Retro Using the terms of “bring it on” or “We want Osama dead or alive” were horrid expressions and we apologize for their lack of sophistication.

    Blair was equally regretful for some of the actions that the English had taken. But in the end it must be considered that the limeys have absolutely learned nothing. chaussures nike pas cher The British troops are in charge of the southern part of Iraq, based largely around the town of Basra. For the duration of the war, the English had contended that Basra was a model of good behavior, which I assume was a tribute to their troops. In the last few days, we have learned that the new Premier of Iraq has gone to Basra and has lectured people because it is a lawless city that has fallen prey to tribal and sectarian influences. What the English have always misunderstood is that when they occupy a country, hatred is the inevitable result. For 800 years, England occupied Ireland. The result was warfare at every turn until the English were thrown out in 1922. In all of Ireland, there is not a statue honoring the English occupation. In most cases, the English are reviled and those thoughts of revulsion are passed on from one generation to the next. What England is doing in Iraq, as we are doing also, is generating hatred for years and perhaps hundreds of years to come. Fjallraven Kanken Yet Tony Blair indicated no understanding of this fact. If, for example, an Arab army were to occupy the United States, I probably would be the first one to oppose them with the thought of killing them at every opportunity. In that case, I would become a full-fledged insurrectionist. That is what occupation does to the natives. In West Africa, in Ghana and Nigeria for example, the English excused their occupation on the ground that they were bringing Christianity to the natives who did not know Jesus. Again, I am quite certain that there are no monuments to the Brits in either Nigeria or Ghana now that the Brits have departed. asics gel nimbus hombre In those two countries, the English required every black native to refer to any white man as “Master.” It made no difference if a British soldier had worked in the garbage disposal vat of a British slaughter house, he was to be addressed as “Master” when he arrived in West Africa. Does anyone now consider building a statue to the former masters? Of course not. The press conference between Bush and Blair had all the hangdog looks that go with people who had been wrestling with a problem that could not be solved, mainly the occupation of Iraq. Yet, a few days later on Memorial Day, Bush attended a ceremony at Arlington Cemetery to honor our dead. Now remember this is the president who has never attended the funeral for a soldier killed in Iraq. As of this morning, 2,492 American soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq and almost 19,000 have been wounded. Yet Mr. Bush declines to attend a funeral, even those held in Arlington Cemetery where he was speaking. At the Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day, Bush had recovered from his performance at the press conference with Blair and now spoke a little bit more confidently. He repeated his mantra that the only way you can pay tribute to all of these dead soldiers is by staying the course. This means that staying the course may well produce another 2,500 dead soldiers and 15,000 more wounded and that, somehow, according to Bush, is a means of paying tribute to the women and men who are to be interred in Arlington Cemetery. That is the most backward thinking that any chief executive could be capable of. The point is, we should get out of Iraq and do it now before we incur further losses. Bush and Blair unfortunately are clueless about how to end this war. Somehow they seem to think that incurring more casualties pays tribute to fallen soldiers. I am here to tell you that is not the way to pay tribute to anyone, alive or dead. What we need here is someone with a brain and I am sorry to tell you that between Blair and Bush, they do not have a brain between them when it comes to this war that they started. This of course is a downbeat assessment of where things stand in Iraq, but that is the state of the record. As long as the United States is stuck with the clueless George Bush, the killing will go on, the execution of civilians as happened with the Marine Corps recently, and the abuses at our prisons will continue to take place. May I ask, is this the image we want to extend to the Arab world as well as to the rest of civilization? Of course not. adidas zx 750 donna The fact of the matter is that when Bush told the insurgents in Iraq to bring it on, they brought it on and now George W. is whimpering. E. E. CARR June 6, 2006 ~~~ The United States could have saved plenty of lives and money if someone had bothered to write a picturebook that explained the concept of a “sunk cost.” Doubling down on a terrible idea very rarely makes it a less terrible idea. Fun fact: this is the only essay known to me that has an identical title to another essay. Buty Adidas Męskie A month ago I published its counterpart.


    Spent tonight trying to take inventory of how many unpublished essays there are left! Answer: Not many. Michigan Wolverines Jerseys Thankfully, Nike Air zoom Pegasus 31 damskie some of the ones that are left are REALLY hefty — so even if there aren’t lots left,


    On Sunday, November 26, 2006 the United States will have been at war in Iraq for the same length of time that we were involved in World War II. As an observer of human events for the last 80 years and as a veteran of World War II, I believe that it is incumbent upon me to offer some straight talk. This will not be the tortured syntax of George Bush’s speeches nor will it be the lectures of the hapless Condoleezza Rice. It is much too late for that sort of thing. This will be as straight-talk as can be imagined. The so-called war on terror is at heart, a fraud and a myth. Simply put, the so-called war on terror, which is primarily the invasion of Iraq, is flawed because it was based on the lies of George Bush and his administration. Dozens of books are now available which recount the lies told by the President of the United States which led us to war. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill has stated that in the first cabinet meeting, it was apparent that Bush intended to take this country into war against Iraq. Nike Air Max 1 męskie białe Richard Clarke, the adviser to the National Security Adviser has testified in the same vein. There is an abundance of evidence flowing from our main allies, the British, to the effect that the intelligence was manipulated to support a war in Iraq. The Downing Street Memo and other British government documents are the most damning of the Bush lies that led us into this war. Rather than go through each of the points which are so amply documented in dozens of books, I believe it is fair to say that on this subject, George Bush is a bully, a coward and a consummate liar. And now we turn to the myth making. According to the Bush administration, Iraq was awash in weapons of mass destruction. There were references to the smoke billowing from an atom bomb to which we were led to believe that Saddam was on the verge of achieving. There was the brilliant moment when George Bush stepped out of his airplane on the deck of the carrier Abraham Lincoln to announce that as far as the war in Iraq, it was a “Mission Accomplished.” After the WMD excuse did not fly, we were told that the idea was to democratize the Middle East. Events over the Thanksgiving holiday, 2006 make it clear that we aren’t going to democratize anything in the Mideast. What we are trying to do is figure a way out of Iraq without being slaughtered. This is not the “victory” that George Bush imagined. billig nike air norge The fact is that any dream of establishing a new democracy on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers has been replaced by an active civil war which is killing thousands of people every month. Scarpe Air Jordan Xx9 The recent American elections on November 7th of this year have told the Bush administration that the American people at long last, no longer believe him. Bush now is irrelevant. The fact that he is making foreign trips simply causes him to seem more silly. He finally arrived earlier this month in Vietnam, some 40 years late. Bush copped out on that war. His meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraq in Amman was, in large measure, a disaster because Bush is asking the Prime Minister of Iraq to disarm the militia groups of his own sect. Simply put, Maliki is unable to do that and even if he were able to do it, it is highly improbable that he would even set out to accomplish that end. In the meantime, while we are engaged in what Bush has told us is the central front on the war on terror, there is strife in Nigeria. In Zimbabwe, we have the president, Robert Mugabe, terrorizing his opposition. New York Knicks In the Darfur region of the Sudan, the Arabs are killing and raping the black inhabitants. In Lebanon and Gaza, there are excesses by the Israeli Army that border on atrocities. Last week an Israeli artillery shell landed in a crowded settlement killing 18 Palestinian women and children. The prime minister of Israel issued a muffled I’m sorry kind of excuse but no investigation followed. Sac à Dos Fjallraven Kanken The point that is obvious here is that there are plenty of terrifying incidents around the rest of the globe, but our attention is tied to Iraq where we are bogged down and looking to Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia for some thought that would lead us to escape with the skin on our backs. Russell Wilson College Jerseys The end product of George Bush’s war in Iraq is a new set of civil strifes. According to an American source, as many as 600,000 Iraqis have been killed. Montana Murphy Jersey General Tommy Franks, who was decorated by Bush with the Medal of Freedom, has announced that, “We don’t do Iraqi body counts.” Soon we will have lost our three thousandths soldier in Iraq not to mention the losses of the British, the Polish, the Spaniards, and the Italian contingents. Fjallraven Kanken Sverige Bush has told us that we must make the sacrifices so that the war is kept over there and not over here. Does anyone believe that? Throughout the history of the invasion of Iraq, Bush has taken his vacations in Texas and has ridden his bicycle. He has never attended a funeral of one of the soldiers killed in Iraq. Perhaps one of the largest myths that George Bush seems to believe is that, to the extent that we train Iraqi soldiers, we can then leave the battlefield. Friends, the fact of the matter is that no Iraqi soldier is going to defend American interests after we leave. Wisconsin Badgers Obviously, they are going to pursue their own interests. They would say to hell with the interests of Americans. This has been an unhappy experience for this old essayist to record. But it is a matter of straight talk which you haven’t heard from George Bush or Cheney or the hapless Madame Rice. America is much less safe today than it was before Bush initiated his invasion of Iraq. Much less! For that we have to thank the Iraqi invasion because it was based on fraudulent evidence and the hopes of myth makers. The man in charge was George Bush who is nothing less than a bully, a coward and a consummate liar. It would be my hope, which is forlorn, that Mr. Bush could hear this summary from my own lips. In the meantime, this essay will have to do. E. E. CARR November 25, 2006 ~~~ This essay was bundled with another 2006 essay called WAR ON TERROR which I published almost three years ago. In the bundle, he gave this forward: To the Essay Reader: Here are two essays on the so-called War on Terror. They were both written in November, 2006. While there are a few redundancies in the two essays, they reflect the fact that the War on Terror is nothing more than a complete fraud and a total myth. I hope you have the inclination to read both of them. EEC I think many of the essays were shipped out to readers in bundles with little introductory letters, but for some reason I don’t have access to most of those introductory letters outside of 2006. Some of them are quite short like this one, and some could be essays in their own right. I had no idea that Bush such an avid biker. Makes me wonder what security must have looked like for those outings. I imagine a two-wheeled version of the motorcade parading through the underbrush.


    Every American essayist prays for a week like this one – even atheists, the Dunkers, and the non-believers ask the One Great Intelligent Designer to give them a week where preachers and politician-preachers become so bollixed up that the whole world shakes its head in puzzlement. The only thing missing is for Charley, the Prince of Wales to screw up, but he has been missing in action since Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles became his new mama. Chaussures Under Armour On August 23rd of this year, the Right Reverend Pat Robertson announced on his 700 Club television show that Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela should be assassinated, presumably by agents of the sweet smelling American counter intelligence forces. Old preacher Pat, a former contender for the Republican presidential nomination, said assassination of Chavez would save the cost of a war against Venezuela. Presumably, Pat was spilling some plans that the Administration was keeping quiet about Venezuela. Bush and Robertson usually march in lockstep. Asics Pas Cher Does the fact that Iraq and Venezuela are two countries that sell us oil have something to do with Robertson’s belligerence? Don’t know, but good old Pat wants to save us the cost of another invasion as was done in Iraq. Very holy of him. The response from the Un-Intelligent Design leaders in the Administration was muted in the extreme. Fjällräven Kånken No.2 Rumsfeld said that Americans don’t do assassinations. New Balance 247 męskie That, of course, is a knee-slapper. We do it but we try to cover it by spin. Canotta Charlotte Hornets Karen Hughes, Bush’s long time girl friend, has been appointed Undersecretary of State expressly for the purpose of spinning stories which make all American Republican politicians look like heroes. In any case, the world saw no response from the bravest of the brave, our Commander in Chief and Chief Executive. nike air max 1 femme The rest of the civilized world is aghast that a preacher can make American foreign policy – but all we have is Rumsfeld saying, “Oh we wouldn’t do such a thing.” When the next day arrived, Pat started out by claiming that the Associated Press had misinterpreted his outburst – and then he repeated it. So the state of our relations with the sovereign country of Venezuela seems to be that we want to kill its elected president. The honorable Evangelical Methodist, Mr. Bush, is so busy vacationing and making speeches to the heroes of the VFW and the Idaho National Guard and putting down Cindy Sheehan, that he has no time to tell the world that we don’t really want to kill President Chavez. To do so might injure his relations with his political base, and we certainly can’t have that. Robertson now claims that he has apologized, but the words come out again, “Assassinate Chavez” and no Administration official has told the world that Pat doesn’t do foreign policy. Or, does he? On Monday, August 22nd and Wednesday, our hero president spoke to VFW conventioneers in Salt Lake City and to the Idaho National Guardsmen in Idaho. On Tuesday he rode his bike and visited a recreation area in Idaho. He seemed not to mind as the violence in Iraq went on because he needed to balance his life. For the record, your old illiterate author has never been tempted to join the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign Wars. My interests are not in beer drinking and retelling real or imagined stories of Army life. Central Michigan Chippewas Jerseys Those outfits are not my cup of tea. In his speech to the VFW on August 22nd, which was largely repeated two days later, our Commander in Chief who never saw service in the Army, Navy or the Air Force, and certainly never overseas, said repeatedly, that the nation owed it to the more than 2000 Americans killed not to end their mission prematurely. He went on to say, “Each of these heroes left a legacy that will allow generations of their fellow Americans to enjoy the blessings of liberty. AIR ZOOM VOMERO 11 Air Jordan 10 Uomo We owe them something. We will finish the task they gave their lives for.” Let’s see how the promise that “we owe them something….We will finish the task they gave their lives for” works out. For rational people, it does not parse. Not at all. kobe 9 cheap If we have lost more than 2000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan, why do we owe those dead heroes another batch of American soldiers killed as we “stay the course” as Bush demands? This is spending the lives of our soldiers foolishly. Kenley Jansen Jersey This is the time to cut our losses – not to pile up more casualties. If we “owe” anything to anyone, it is to get out before a sectarian civil war breaks out in Iraq. In that event, we will have 3,000 or 4,000 or 5,000 casualties before this Administration comes to its senses and finally concludes that the Iraq invasion was one of its monumental blunders. It is an irony of the first order to memorialize our dead soldiers by condemning other soldiers to the same fate. Bambini Nike Kd 7 That’s what “staying the course” in an ill-gotten war has brought us. It is a particularly ill fitting tribute to the dead Americans when our representatives, who are pressuring the Iraqis who are attempting to write a constitution, have now conceded that one, Islam will have a major role in the new government and two, that women may be worse off than they were under Saddam Hussein. We want desperately to get a constitution for Iraq in place so that prior to the 2006 elections, the Bush Administration can bring some troops home. It doesn’t matter if there is an Islamic theocracy or whether women are subdued by the law of Sharia. The important thing is the American election of 2006.

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  • The invasion of Iraq was, from its beginning, a complete disaster which George H.W. Bush warned against. adidas Copa homme But W said he listened to a “higher father.” Unfortunately, the higher father apparently told young Bush how to invade Iraq but not how to pacify it or how to get out. nike air max 2017 pas cher femme No matter how you cut it, sending more soldiers to die is not a tribute to the soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq. It is not a tribute ever; it is a treasonable act. There is a paragraph from the August 23, 2005 New York Times Editorial about Iraq. new balance 1500 outlet It reads:

    “Americans continue dying in Iraq, but their mission creeps steadily downward. The nonexistent weapons of mass destruction dropped out of the picture long ago. Now the United States seems ready to walk away from its fine words about helping the Iraqis create a beacon of freedom, harmony and democracy for the Middle East. All that remains to be seen is whether the White House has become so desperate for an excuse to declare victory that it will settle for an Iranian-style Shiite theocracy.”

    This, my friends, is sobering stuff. The sooner we cut our losses, the better off we will be. Staying the course means more deaths and it becomes a matter of self perpetuation. Adidas NMD PK Runner If more deaths occur in our tribute to the fallen, Iraq will become even more of an American tragedy. Steve Smith Sr Ravens Jerseys When Bush says we owe the fallen soldiers “something,” it certainly is not more dead soldiers which will be the inevitable price for “staying the course.” E. E. CARR August 25, 2005 ~~~ Pop has expressed this opinion several times over the course of these essays, so I don’t have much to add. I also feel like I’ve been talking about Trump too much here lately, so I’ll spare everybody the Russia discussion.


    In this essay, it is my intention to give consideration to the importance of the religious vote to the recent re-election of Bush, particularly to the Jewish element of that choice. The title comes from a sentence of a proclamation by the “Provisional Government of the Irish Republic to the people of Ireland.” The proclamation was written in 1915 and has been preserved by the Irish National Museum in Dublin. A facsimile copy has been in my possession for many years. Among the aims of the Provisional Government of Ireland was the solemn promise to “Cherish all the children of the nation equally.” You may recall that at the time the proclamation was written, England had dictatorial control over the Irish nation. As a descendant of Irish forbearers, it seems to me that the vow to “cherish all the children of the nation equally,” is inspirational in its concept and lyrical in its choice of English words. The vow imposes a sacred duty on the men who signed the Proclamation to treat all Irish citizens equally. By 1916 after the Easter Uprising at the General Post Office in Dublin, nearly all the men who signed the Proclamation had been executed by the English. The Irish said they intended to control their own affairs. John Bull said such people were unruly rebels and deserved to be shot – which was done. The Proclamation came back to me this week as the Bush re-election is being celebrated. It came back to me because the “children” of this nation who subscribe to the Evangelical Christian faith are being treated with great favor, while the so-called elitist’s children who live on the East and West coasts of the United States are to be treated with considerable disfavor. Contrary to what Bush and John Kerry may have said during the campaign, there are no prospects for the “children” of this nation being treated equally. Now, the prospects for inequality of treatment are increasingly greater. Looking at the distribution of recent tax cuts going almost totally to the richest Americans, is one example that comes immediately to mind. My comments in this piece have to do with the seeming confluence of views between Evangelic Protestants, far right Catholic prelates who seem to be hung up on abortion and same sex marriages, and people of the Jewish faith who have recently discovered desirable qualities in George Bush. To comment on this three-way confluence takes some bona fides. My bona fides certainly do not come from a seminary of any sort or from a university that offers courses in religious appreciation. Unfortunately , my bona fides come from forced attendance at the marathon church services offered by the Southern Baptists, the Nazarenes, the Pentecostals and finally the Free Will Baptist church which banned all organ or piano music to accompany the hymns. It may be that Satan himself sponsors instrumental music. My reaction to the primitive inanities of all these churches was outright disdain which soon became an intense dislike bordering on hatred for their ignorance of obvious facts. And to think that my mother had hoped and planned for me to become a preacher. She had not succeeded with my older brothers, so as the youngest child of the family, she had ordained me as her final hope for a preacher who would follow in the steps of the Blessed Billy Sunday. She was increasingly aware of my gross disenchantment with divine services so her disappointment was muted as my attendance at Protestant churches of her choosing came to an end at the time of my attaining the age of 13 years. Since that time, there has been an active intent to keep up with some developments in religious life largely as a result of my on-going interests in affairs of the United States and the world. The television fulminations of such ill-informed and ignorant know-nothings as the Graham-Falwell-Robertson combine are occasionally followed with curiosity that flows from my disbelief that they actually believe the tripe they are preaching. Did the sun stand still, was the Red Sea actually parted and did Jesus walk on water? The Catholic channel, EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), has only recently acknowledged that there MAY POSSIBLY have been some unseemly moral behavior between priests and altar boys. As a general principal , the performers on EWTN make it clear that non-Catholics are going to have one hell of a time to get to purgatory, much less to the eternal ecstasy of heaven. So my bona fides come from exposure to the right wing evangelic sects as well as to watching Catholic preaching on EWTN. Over the years, my exposure to members of the Jewish faith has been through secular contacts. Air Jordan 4 Jews don’t seem to preach on radio or television. It seems to me that Jews have an inordinate capacity to produce articles and papers that offer cogent comment on the affairs of the day. And on top of all that, it seems to me that the Irish and the Jews seem to get on well together. One of the reasons may be that the Jews have no apparent legislative agenda which would force other groups to accede to the principals of the Jewish faith. For example, the Jews were never behind Prohibition. It is doubted that Jews are enthusiastic to overturn Roe v. Wade. It is also doubted that Jews would subscribe to banning birth control devices or the teaching of creationism to the exclusion of evolution in our schools. In the case of the recent presidential election, there was a communion of sorts between Bible thumping Evangelic Protestants and Catholics who seemed to believe that abortion and same sex marriages were a greater threat to the Republic than the deaths in Iraq, the assault on civil liberties, and the record deficits that will have to be paid by the children of our grandchildren. For Catholics to overlook what Lancet, the respected British journal, calls 100,000 Iraqi civilian deaths and the loss of over 1220 deaths among our own soldiers is astounding to this former soldier from World War II. Now, election results point out that some Jews joined in this crusade to elect Bush over a pious Catholic who was a hero in the Vietnam War. adidas superstar 2 hombre You will recall that Bush and Chaney avoided service in that conflict with Bush fleeing to the Texas Air National Guard and with Chaney saying he had “other priorities” rather than to serve as a military person. Based upon my experience with Evangelic Protestants, it is my unshakeable belief that the concordant with the other Christian groups will be short lived. The Protestant-Catholic dispute goes back to the year 1517 when Martin Luther, a Catholic priest, posted 95 theses to the castle church in Saxony, Germany. Luther was offended by the authorities in Rome granting indulgences that spared church officials the inconvenience of going to purgatory after their deaths. Of course, money was involved here. As a result of Luther’s protests against the Roman Church, a new Christian sect or faith was established. These were the Protestants as the protestors against indulgent practices were called. The passage of nearly 500 years has not mitigated the separation of the Protestants and their former church, the Catholics. Among other beliefs, Protestants reject priestly celibacy, the bar against females in the Catholic clergy and the idea of purgatory. Protestants have no ban on the use of birth control. The Catholics maintain that theirs is the one true church of God, regardless of the establishment of all other religions. It must be assumed that adherents to the Catholic faith reject Protestantism as well as the Islamic, Hindu and the Buddhist faiths. Simply joining hands with the Evangelic Protestants to support Bush will do nothing to erase 500 years of disagreement and displeasure between the Catholics and the Protestants. When it comes to the evangelic fundamentalists congregations in the right wing of the Protestant denomination, there is a sense of being “aginners.” In spite of the fact that Catholics are fellow Christians, the “aginners” will assure you in no uncertain terms, that Catholics can never aspire to what the right wing religionists call, “The Kingdom of Heaven.” It has never been made convincingly clear to me why the Protestant fundamentalists believe that Catholics are headed for the eternal damnation of hell. Perhaps it is bingo games in the basement of Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Perhaps it is that Catholics do not submit to total immersion when being baptized which the Protestant religious right holds sacred. Perhaps it all has to do with being “aginners” but the Nazarenes and the Baptists and the Pentecostals say that God himself has made it clear that they will enjoy the endless pleasures of heaven while Catholics will be sent to eternal damnation and torment. There is no meeting ground. Does anyone, Catholic, Protestant, Pagan or Jew, believe this chasm on the Christian side of things may be papered over when Sadie Liebowitz marries Suzy Brown, simply because there is an imminent threat to the Republic that only George Bush can master? He has mangled so much so far in his first term, that bringing Catholics and born again Protestants into the same tent will be an accomplishment that will avoid solution for the next 500 years. In the Christian faith, dislike for other sects bordering on fanaticism or hatred is a component that will probably exist forever. When a Jew from any branch of his faith would contemplate joining with the born again Protestants and the militant Catholics in support of Bush, he should give a thought or two to Martin Luther and realize the depth of the disagreements that exist within the Christian faith. It is for this reason that any long term support for Bush is problematic and the Jew who gets involved in intra-Christian disputes is bound to be burned. On the Protestant side of this arrangement, a little more is known to me by virtue of my forced exposure to the incoherent primitive services of the Baptists (Southern and Free Will), the Nazarenes and the Pentecostals. Every prejudice was cited or invented to claim that other Protestant sects were never going to enjoy the exquisite pleasures of heaven. According to the preachers my parents forced me to hear, anyone who danced or played cards, or owned gold jewelry, or enjoyed worldly things such as baseball games would receive a one way ticket to hell. Remember, this is one Protestant sect making such claims against competing Protestant groups. While the Protestants fight among themselves, they all harbor ill feelings against their ancient rivals, the Catholics. The same preachers who denounced dancing and card playing claimed that more sophisticated sects such as the Presbyterians, the Episcopalians and the Congregationalists would be barred from heaven because they did not submit to the primitive beliefs of the born again sects. In effect, the fundamentalists said the uptown church goers would be ineligible for heaven because their beliefs were too uppity. When the preaching and the conversation in the fundamental sects, turned to the more sophisticated sects, the word “infidel” would soon surface. nike air max 2016 goedkoop The point is that many born again Protestant sects seem to be comfortable with their holiness only when other Protestant sects are diminished. They have to put down competing sects to make themselves feel superior and more holy. Here is what is being said in the born again circles. Peter Wallsten writes in the Los Angeles Times of November 12, 2004, about his interview with Jerry Falwell. Two short paragraphs tell us all we need to know about the Reverend Doctor Jerry Falwell:

    “Jerry Falwell — is so concerned about harnessing his movements power within the GOP and national politics that this week he formed the Faith and Values Coalition, which, as he put it, aimed to be the 21st Century version of the Moral Majority. “The group will seek to register millions of additional voters, starting in January, to ensure that supports of abortion rights, such as former New York Mayor Rudolph Guilani, or backers of gay rights such as Arizona’s Senator John McCain, don’t win the GOP presidential nomination and that Republicans retain the White House in 2008.”

    Guilani and McCain are both Christians, but their right wing credentials leave much to be desired in Falwell’s eyes. Also, it must be assumed that his new Faith and Values outfit deplores divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is much greater in Falwell’s Bible belt state when compared to the states that voted against George Bush. Maybe Falwell ought to devote some effort to healing traditional marriages rather than to harp on same sex unions. Guilani is a Catholic politician who is now involved with his third marriage. McCain is believed to be an Episcopalian. Does anything in Falwell’s diatribe strike you as conciliatory or conducive to preserving the loving arrangement with the Catholics or the Jews? To my Jewish friends, it must be said that any agreement on political or religious matters with the Christians will perforce, be short lived. James Dobson is another of the Christian moguls. Dobson runs a religious enterprise in Colorado. “He has compared recent steps toward gay marriage to Pearl Harbor and likens it to D-Day,” says Michael Crowley in an assessment in the New Republic published on November 12. When Dobson got a thank you call from the White House, he told the caller that Bush “needs to be more aggressive” about pressing the religious right’s pro-life, anti-gay agenda. Crowley calls Dobson a “Republican kingmaker.” Once more, my Jewish friends must be asked if they intend to place their trust in a born-again Christian who fancies himself a Republican kingmaker. What is in it for any Jew? Any Jew must ask whether the fanaticism or Dobson or Falwell or Robertson has elements of anti-Semiticism in it. The fraying of the embrace between Christians is not confined to debates between Christian sects. James Hatfield in an Online Journal dated April 24, 2001, says this about Bush:

    “Dubya often talks the talk, but seldom walks the walk of his faith. “Dubya and I have one thing – and only one thing – in common. We are both members of the United Methodist Church. “You might think the election of the third Methodist to the Presidency would be a source of pride. “Think again, folks.”

    Hatfield has filed a long report which excoriates Bush for his actions as a human being and as a Methodist. So the Protestant squabble is inter and intra-sectual. (That may be a neologism.) Is this the sort of arrangement that Jews would be pleased to find themselves within? Now when this essayist says a concordant between Christians will be short lived, my point is hammered home in the November 3, 2004 congratulatory letter to Bush from Bob Jones III, the president of Bob Jones University. You may recall that this school banned interracial dating until national attention was called to it as a result of Bush making a campaign speech at that institution. Excerpts from the congratulatory letter follow:

    “In your re-election, God has graciously granted America – though she doesn’t deserve it – a reprieve from the agenda of paganism. We the people expect your voice to be like the clear and certain sound of a trumpet. “Don’t equivocate. Put your agenda on the front burner and let it boil. You owe the liberals nothing. They despise you because they despise your Christ. “The student body, faculty and staff at Bob Jones University commit ourselves to pray for you – that you would do right and honor the Savior. Pull out all the stops and make a difference. If you have weaklings around you who do not share your biblical values, shed yourself of them. “We could not be more thankful that God has given you four more years to serve Him in the White House never taking off your Christian faith and laying it aside as a man takes off a jacket, but living, speaking, and making decisions as one who knows the Bible to be eternally true.”

    Now, the people at Bob Jones University are the gung ho supporters of Bush. Nike Jordan 11 Future In the congratulatory letter to Bush, do you see a scintilla anywhere that might even suggest that Jews might be welcome in the George Dubya arrangement? It would be a failure of great proportions to see Jews being taken in by Christians of this born again stripe. What the Dobsons, the Falwells and the other born-agains are saying is that our faith – not the Catholic or the Jewish faith will get us to heaven and all you elitist readers of the New York Times will be condemned to enjoying eternal torment. Hell, here we come. Now a further thought about Christianity. In the red states of the 2004 election, 70% of those citizens believed that Saddam Hussein was working closely with Al Qaeda. One third believe that the majority of world opinion supported the U.S. led invasion of Iraq. These folks are by and large, Christians. A goodly proportion, perhaps a majority, of them believes that in ancient times, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus. Their clerics have told them so. Does any Jew anywhere believe that he or she will be welcomed as a full partner with the born again Protestants and the Catholics when he/she pledged support of Bush? No matter how you cut it, intense rivalries and arguments on theological grounds permeates the Christian faith. When the Jew approaches this enduring fact with an endorsement of people like Bush, is he prepared to live with permanent animosity? If the Shias and the Sunnis were to unite within the Islamic faith, would the ordinary Jew want to be the third party in that arrangement? In my estimation, the Jew would have more success in joining with the Islamic agreement than he or she would with the short lived agreement within the Christian faith. Now if a Jew became a leader establishing a sect called Jews for Jerry Falwell, it might be necessary for me to tuck my tail between my hind legs and seek a hiding place. On the other hand, it is my belief that Bush will use the forces of religion as long as it is of use to his political career. Jewish support is important to Bush’s career, therefore, he courts Jews. Soldes Nike Pas Cher But all Jews should bear in mind the example of Vincente Fox, the President of Mexico. When Señor Fox declined to send troops to the hell holes of Iraq, a distinct coolness developed in our relations with Mexico. Fox no longer speaks to Bush; he is obliged to converse with lower levels in the Bush administration. All this comes after Bush once promised that the United States and Mexico were inseparable. When Jacques Chretian, the Premier of Canada refused to endorse the fool hardy pre-emptive invasion of Iraq, he was cut off. In his four years in the Oval Office, Bush has yet to visit our neighbor to the north. Is this mean-spiritedness toward our two closest neighbors what Jews wish to support? Do they understand what “born again” means? In the recent appointments to Bush’s cabinet, the Jewish names are distinguished by their absence. My relationship with Jews is very important to me. My life has been enriched by having an active relationship with male Jews that could only come from a genuine liking for each other. Canotte Detroit Pistons Take Larry Friedman, who married Doris Woodward, a lovely lady who is much too good for a guy like Friedman. Larry said he had a kosher butcher on Bleeker Street in New York City who could perform cut rate circumcisions on goys like me. Some of us goys responded by inviting Larry to lunch at a place that served only oysters, eels, cockles and mussels. This turned out to be a bad deal because Larry was an observant Jew except when it came to eating. He would eat anything. But the kosher butcher was located on Houston Street, not on Bleeker at all. My older passports carry stamps that show my work took me to Israel perhaps 15 times on communications business. My Israeli counterparts received me with uncommon courtesy and friendship. Aryeh Ron, Jake Haberfeld and Gideon Lev had left Europe as the Nazis took over. Aryeh Ron was called Lee Ritter in Vienna when storm troopers ordered him to bring his toothbrush to clean the sidewalk. He got the hint and took off for Palestine. Aryeh appointed himself as my guide to his new country. On one occasion, we were driving in the northern part of Israel and my host driver seemed to be in no hurry. He suggested that we stop for a drink of Israeli orange juice at the cafeteria of the University of Haifa. He said we both might learn something. A member of the university administration joined us. When he innocently inquired about my academic credentials, he was laughingly told that, in terms of college work, there were none. He said, “That can be fixed.” So he escorted me to many departments of Haifa University. Upon leaving, he told me that my tour of the University and my long friendship with Aryeh Ron qualified us both as honors graduates of Haifa University. That academic achievement is not one that is worn on my sleeve, but there it is nonetheless. As it turned out, Aryeh was killing time until his granddaughter finished her first grade class in Haifa. His meeting with that little girl was a sight to behold with kisses and hugs flying everywhere. Aryeh’s guest was not overlooked in the affection department. Jake Haberfeld, a refugee from Poland, was an important figure in the Israeli telephone industry. In business meetings, Jake presented himself with great dignity, but always with a sense of humor. On one occasion when Israel was in a dispute with Syria over the Golan Heights, your author told Mr. Haberfeld that the U.S. Government would support Israel on the Heights question, provided that Israel would agree to returning Miami Beach to us. Instantly, Jake said, “That is the trouble with you Americans. You always want a package deal.” Everybody roared. That round went to Jake Haberfeld. Now we turn to the thought that got us here in the first place. That thought has to do with whether the Bush administration backed by the Protestant born again right and by evangelical Catholics and by some Jews will indeed, treat all the citizens equally. It goes without saying that most of the 55,000,000 voters who supported John Kerry do not think so with, for example, with tax breaks going to the most well off Americans and with rampant favoritism being shown to heavy contributors to Republican Party coffers. In my experience, Jews have almost always supported fair treatment for all of us. Many Irish people contend that Ireland’s only debt to their long term oppressors flows from teaching English to the Irish. Of course, the title of this piece is a part of a Proclamation written by Irishmen in the English language. The rest of the sentence from which the title of this essay was lifted is instructive and should guide every politician who is given the responsibility to run a government. The rest of the sentence says:

    “The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and all its parts, cherishing all the children of the nation equally, and oblivious to the difference carefully fostered by an alien government which have divided a minority from the majority in the past.”

    Of course, my forbearers were Irish so some may say my thoughts are a bit prejudiced. On the other hand, there is much to ponder over in that marathon sentence from the Proclamation of the Provisional Government of Ireland, particularly on the minority-majority question. The lyricism and the harmony of these words continue to be impressive after nearly 90 years. When electorates of this country elected to go in the election of 2004 with faith over facts, when it elected to go with ideology over reality, when it decided to endorse belief rather than reason, there is no reason to believe that there will be any desire to cherish the citizens equally. Sandra J. Sucher of Waban, Massachusetts summarized it this way: “The officials who perpetuated these untruths and those who believe in them, despite evidence to the contrary, lead us down a path in which no reason can be brought to bear on matters on which our lives and the lives of millions around the globe depend.” It is painful to say that the ensuing years will be a time of great trial. This country doesn’t deserve the fate that faith and ideology have brought us. It is my belief that upon reflection, our Jewish friends would agree with that conclusion. E. E. CARR November 16, 2004 ~~~ I feel like I was missing something in this one until I saw the publication date. I suppose the whole piece is a reaction to Jews somehow contributing to the election of Bush? Did this happen? I don’t remember reading much about the role of the Jewish vote specifically, but I was fourteen at the time and don’t remember reading much news at all. So I guess this essay becomes some sort of cautionary tale to Jews, on the grounds that religious difference with the GOP mean that they’ve elected someone who won’t watch out for their interests. I can’t recall any Bush-era policies that encouraged discrimination against Jews or singled them out specifically, but I can appreciate the message sent here anyway. Fjallraven Kanken Big This election cycle, the same sort of logic would apply to all the working-class Americans who elected an unsympathetic demagogue billionaire — precisely the sort of person who they would normally decry. But they elected him anyway because he spoke in language they could understand and promised to turn their xenophobic hatred into national policy. The gist of this essay is that Republicans aren’t great about being compassionate human beings, so you probably shouldn’t ally yourself with them unless you are sure they’re going to support you. This time it was the US’s the poor and working-class white Christians who got duped, and my prediction is that they’re going to get burned by this change in leadership almost as much as their minority counterparts who they were seeking to attack. Sac à Dos Fjallraven Kanken If Obamacare gets repealed, for instance, Appalachia is going to feel that every bit as much as inner-city Detroit.


    Sunday evenings were never meant to be enjoyable. People go to bed early after a weekend of eating drinking and other assorted activities. Monday mornings come soon enough. During the summer months, ESPN has Sunday baseball at 8PM Eastern Time. That is often a life saver in a desert of non-entertainment. Goedkope Nike Air Max schoenen As a general rule, the announcers are Joe Morgan, the old Hall of Fame second baseman, and Jon Miller. Morgan is black and is pretty straight forward with his analysis. Jon Miller is a white fellow and has been around the announcing business for a long time. These two men seem to like each other. Chicago Cubs World Series Champions Jersey Jon Miller is often playful, but that does not deter Joe Morgan from delivering the most trenchant baseball analysis on television or in the newspaper business, as well. Morgan was a teammate of Pete Rose when the Cincinnati Reds led the National League for several years. He was never involved in any scandal whatsoever. Rose, on the other hand, has courted scandal with his long time gambling addiction. After 15 years, Rose finally admitted gambling on baseball. new balance 996 homme pas cher He claims that he never bet against the Reds. Simply put, this 75 year observer of major league baseball does not believe Rose. When Rose chose to admit he gambled on baseball, a cardinal sin against the game, he elected to include it in a book by a Pennsylvania publisher called Rodale Press, in which he and the publisher hope to make a lot of money. Nike Air Max 2016 Homme But Joe Morgan has nothing to do with Rose and his gambling. Joe has made his living by telecasts since he retired from the game. My ball playing grandchildren have been told to listen to Joe Morgan. From him they will learn solid baseball. It is a pity that there are not more teams broadcasting baseball like Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. But after a time, when two uninspired teams are playing in the games broadcast by the Morgan-Miller team, there is a need to look elsewhere for information and occasional entertainment. And it should be born in mind that the baseball season lasts only from April to October. That leaves an enormous void to fill during the Winter months. As a general rule, books are the choice here. But from time to time, some of the charlatans on religious TV broadcasts on Sunday evenings need checking out. When you read what the charlatans have to say, it is my belief that you will agree with my assessments that they are frauds and fakers. This is entertainment, pure and simple. It has nothing to do with religion. Let us start with a preacher who appears on Sunday evenings and maybe two other evenings during the week. There is no record of this fellow ever attending a seminary for formal religious training. His name is Womack. In recent years, he eschews using his regular given names because he calls himself Bishop Shammah Womack. In other words, as a Bishop, Womack started at the top. His meeting place is in East Orange or a similar Newark suburban location. Womack never seems to refer to his place of worship as a church; he refers to himself. From what can be observed over several years of TV viewing, there is no choir and no prayers seem to be offered. His services consist of him haranguing his listeners about subjects that he knows very little about. Often, he will put an article on the lectern and will read from it. This past week, he read about the nature of man and his emotional side. He claims to understand all this information, but it is very doubtful that he has much of a clue about it. Womack got his start from his father, Donald Womack, a run of the mill TV evangelist. He established the church Womack inherited when his father died a few years back from a heart attack. In his formative years, the current erstwhile Bishop was a morgue attendant in Newark. He put his foot in the door in a venture with his father into fruits, nuts and vegetables in a market near the church. Young Womack announced the cure for nearly all diseases. He contended that heart trouble could be cured by eating pears because pears are shaped like the heart. Do you have a brain tumor? No problem. Eat walnut or pecan halves whose shape, according to young Womack, is exactly like the brain. Unfortunately, this inspirational market had a short life as the authorities cited lack of licensing. There is no record of how many cases of heart trouble or brain problems were alleviated by the ministrations of young Bishop Womack. asics running When his father died, young Womack became the leader of the congregation. Dissatisfaction with his given name, led him to adopt the name of Shammah. Apparently, he adopted a Biblical name of Jesse’s third son. Chronicles and Samuel of the Old Testament list at least four or five different spellings, but scholars agree that they are referring to Shammah, Jesse’s third son. With his new name, Womack began to wear collars like priests wear. No one knows what they signified, but after a short time, plain old Shammah Womack became Bishop Shammah Womack. All this is done in a small black church in the suburbs of Newark. Bishops usually have other churches to look after. But it appears, the East Orange church, the only church in his diocese, will have to be it. Bishop Womack has given up priestly collars for now, but he retains this new found given name and the Bishops title he awarded to himself. And he continues to harangue his listeners to get right with God. His saving grace, is that he does not seek contributions from his TV viewers. There would be no reluctance on my part to send him a few dollars for the entertainment he provides. He dresses in stylish clothing so any contribution might be used for extensions to his large wardrobe. Further out in the suburbs, in Whippany, New Jersey, is the home of the Abundant Life Worship Center. The preacher doesn’t use his name on his telecasts as Bishop Womack does. His name is Joe Arminio and he is the main attraction on his Sunday evening broadcasts. It is not fair to include Pastor Arminio under the heading of charlatans where, my next example of charlatans, Mike Murdock, clearly belongs. It would be a pleasure to have Joe Arminio living next door to me. Aside from my fascination with his four button suits, Joe Arminio keeps me interested because of his animations. For example, when he reads a scriptural reference to Jesus walking on water, Pastor Arminio wades around the pulpit as though he is walking on water. When he urges his followers to aspire to heaven, he uses an imaginary ladder. He spends a minute or two climbing this imaginary ladder. This past Sunday, he was a helicopter with his arms in motion around his head. Arkansas Razorbacks Jerseys The theology of Pastor Arminio escapes me because my mind is pre-occupied by his animations. nike air zoom pegasus 31 hombre But my thought is he is a big hearted, Italian guy and if he lived next door, there would be some compulsion to see if my neighbor needed something. Now we go to a TV preacher who calls Denton, Texas his base of operations. Denton is a town with 66,000 inhabitants, according to the most recent census figures. It is a town maybe 50 miles north of Fort Worth. No one has ever considered Denton or Fort Worth as media capitals in the United States. The Reverend Mike Murdock who uses Denton as his home base claims to have published 1500 books and to have written 500 religious songs. Whether all the books and songs were published in Denton is not clear, but with this volume of material, Denton must be accorded some sort of prominence in publishing circles. Those 1500 books seem to include many pamphlets which Murdock calls books. Murdock’s theme is promoting his “Wisdom Keys.” The books and the songs are all in keeping with his Wisdom Keys. He is willing to send you some of this philosophy providing those of us in the audience send him some cash. Listening to his Sunday night cable TV pitch, it is clear that he wants to hook his viewers with weekly contributions over an extended period of time. My memory tells me that one such proposition was for $20 per week over a 50 week period. The 50 week period was chosen because it had some religious significance. Well 20 bucks a week for 50 weeks is, in the end, one thousand dollars, no matter how you cut it. Clearly, it is better for Murdock to ask for $20 than for $1,000. The people snared in his schemes apparently do not figure these things out. Now what is offered in exchange for your $1,000 gift is some of Murdock’s Wisdom Keys and the near guarantee that things will improve in your business and in your love life. Every week Murdock prints letters with no surnames or towns that tell how a contractor who had no money suddenly was awarded a million dollar construction contract after he was in the 50 Week Club. All of this great good fortune is ascribed to adopting Murdock’s Wisdom Keys. If money is sent to Murdock, good things will happen to you. Maybe not immediately, but some time soon. There are so many schemes offered by Murdock that it is difficult to keep track of them. A week or so ago, Murdock announced some new books and pamphlets which discloses – for the first time ever – the 48 secrets of Jesus. Only Murdock knows the secrets of Jesus and he will be willing to tell you about them if you send him $20, plus sign up for a series of future disclosures, all at a cost to the ones who want to know the secrets. As always, his followers are promised great rewards for investing in Murdock’s schemes. Murdock is a car enthusiast which he has made known to his viewers. The bigger the car, the more he likes it. His cars are all painted black on black. Cleveland Cavaliers There is no way for the uninitiated to know what black on black amounts to. But Murdock claims that in his garage are three cars with this paint job. One is the largest model from BMW. Another one is a similar model from Mercedes with the third one being something like a Jaguar or a Rolls Royce. You will notice that none are of American manufacture. Murdock claims that these black on black cars showed up unexpectedly at no cost to him from viewers who were blessed by good fortune after enrolling in one of the Wisdom Key schemes. Without being asked, these viewers bought cars costing in excess of $100,000 and gave them to Murdock due to the excessive blessings they had received from Murdock’s promotions. It is my belief that if Murdock is telling the truth about the cars and his other good fortunes, he has a racket going that is somewhat better than stealing. Murdock has my admiration for his obvious rip-off schemes. As for his listeners who contribute to his success, one can only shake your head. It has been said that there is always a sucker for every such scheme to get rich. And now we see charlatans like Murdock using it to fleece their listeners all in the name of religion. Wringing hands is about all that can be done about Murdock’s propositions because it is clear that Texas authorities have no intention of intervening. So we wring our hands and cluck our tongues and the rip-offs continue. Well, there are three thumbnail sketches of some Sunday night preachers. The Muslims go to mosque on Fridays and people of the Jewish faith attend synagogue on Saturdays, so they are unrepresented here. And as far as can be determined, neither faith appears on television broadcasts, so they are not being intentionally overlooked. The three preachers we have considered so far appear to be Protestant Christians. If they belong to a denomination on the protestant side of things, they have failed to make such designation known to this casual viewer. But having dealt with the Protestant viewpoint, it appears, in the interest of fairness that Catholics be considered. To a large extent, Catholic broadcasters are in one group known as the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). The Catholics present a wide set of personalities on EWTN, but not a single word has ever been uttered in the two years of the priestly scandals involving young children. No criticism is ever offered. Cardinal Law of Boston may lose his job, but there is no comment. There are now something like 800 complaints about the clergy in Los Angeles, but not a single word of comment. The Bishops meet to talk about things including charges of priestly misconduct, but EWTN has no comment whatsoever. And in the future, there seems to be no proposal of any analysis or comment. Members of the faith seem to be unguided in their reaction to charges of misconduct. But EWTN presents some interesting personalities. One is Father Frank Pavone who runs a group he calls Priests for Life. goedkoop nike air max 2017 When all the rhetoric is put aside, Pavone is rabid on the subject of abortion. He claims that his Priests for Life is a vast organization; but he seems to be the only priest who appears on his telecasts. nike air max 90 pas cher Pavone often conducts an interview with a woman who is identified as an employee of Priests for Life. There is no indication of any other employee. Interviewing this woman employee about her views on abortion is about as illuminating as interviewing a fireman on fires. Of course, he is against fires just as the woman employee is against abortion. On top of all that, she is being interviewed by her boss so it comes as no surprise that she opposes abortion. Pavone went off the reservation at least once in talking about Purgatory. How Pavone came into this knowledge is beyond my powers of imagination. According to Pavone, apparently a newly dead person was sent to Purgatory. He ran across some people who had died many years before who were also in Purgatory. The newcomer was condemned by an attack from one of the long term residents of Purgatory saying, “You guys did not pray hard enough for me to get out of here.” Again, it is hard to say how Pavone came into this knowledge, but he is a TV priest on EWTN and perhaps that is enough for him to know these sorts of things. At least, he had my attention. Another EWTN mainstay is Mother Angelica who had something to do with the establishment of the so called network. It is a so called network, because it only embraces one station. It is not like CBS or ESPN. When Mother Angelica was active, she was all over the EWTN programming selling religious figurines or reciting the rosary with her nuns from Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Alabama. Fortunately, her sales pitches and her endless recitations of the rosary were recorded and are played again over and over on EWTN broadcasts. Mother Angelica suffered a debilitating stroke on Christmas Eve two years age, but she appears now with no explanation that this is a broadcast of an old tape. But at Christmas and other religious holidays, Mother Angelica shows up to hawk figurines and crosses and rosaries for sale, all taped of course. Some months ago, Mother Angelica stopped her rehabilitation and speech therapy sessions saying she is content to live her life in whatever condition the Lord wills for her. She is missed because she lent spark and life to otherwise dull broadcasts. With Mother Angelica out of commission, her place has been taken by Father Mitch Pacwa. Pacwa is a pleasant sort who is having trouble filling the void in programming left by Mother Angelica’s departure. nike air max goedkoop For many of of his broadcasts, Pacwa uses a large book which must come from the writings of the Pope. Pacwa will read a sentence and then set off to explain it to his viewers. This is a monstrous book. In one broadcast, he only deals with six or eight sentences so it gives him a script for the next 100 years. In the meantime, Mother Angelica has recited the rosary so many times, that this old non-Catholic and nonbeliever can now recite it. “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, etc.” With that, it is time to go to Johnnette. Johnnette has a last name. It is Benkovic, but she seems to favor her given name. It had been my impression that this approximately 50 year old lay person, who wears the latest fashions, was the consummate, uninvolved virgin, but then one of her interviewers caused her to say that she has a son of 26 years. It had always appeared to me that a man would be below her lofty thoughts. Whether she still has a husband or a lover is not for us to determine. Adidas Zx Flux Homme Pas Cher Johnnette is the ultimate when it comes to Catholic decorum. Goedkoopste Nike Air Max 2017 She runs an effort called “Living Life Abundantly.” Her book and pamphlets are hawked under the Living Life Abundantly label. When one of her guests used the word “Hell” on two occasions, Johnnette said, “Oh, you mean the place down there,” pointing down to the floor. Her view of decorum would not permit her to utter the word “Hell” in any form. Los Angeles Clippers It is a pity that Johnnette never tried to spread her doctrine to Lenny Bruce. Johnnette takes about four breaks in her hour long broadcast. Those breaks don’t go to waste as Johnnette appears on tape to sell her latest books and pamphlets. When a break occurs, there is applause, but there is no audience. Such fakery does her lofty image no good. When interviewing a guest, she never says tell us about what happened or tell us about your views. Tell us has been banned. In its place is “Share with us” your views or what happened. On endless broadcasts, Johnnette who regards Evangelical Protestantism as a mortal danger, interviews a like minded person who writes a column or is involved in schools. In any case, there is extended discussion of the mortal danger of New Age Philosophy. No one has told me that Evangelical Protestants are into New Age thought, but Johnnette and one of her female friends think this is absolutely the case. Johnnette and her cohort claim to know all about the New Age movement and they are here to warn that it is perilous. AIR MAX ZERO QS The philosophers of the New Age, according to these two women, are Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud. Here we are in the year 2004 worried over Jung and Freud who are long since dead and gone. Freud cashed in his chips in 1939. Jung followed in 1968. Well, there is hope for the world. If you watch EWTN at 10PM on Monday evenings, there will be a chance to buy one or more of Johnnette’s inspirational books and pamphlets. Old Johnnette is issuing books and pamphlets about as fast as our author in Denton, Mike Murdock. Murdock has been divorced once and he owns these classy black cars. It is hoped that he will form a perfect union with the ultimate prissy cat of EWTN who refers to “hell” as that place down there. There is one more EWTN character whom you ought to meet. He is Doctor Professor Scott Hahn of a Catholic college in Stuebenville, Ohio. Some of Hahn’s religious claims are largely outrageous. He often conducts an exchange with a person who may be on the staff at Stuebenville. In any case, this person is in charge of lobbing soft ball questions to Hahn who seems to have made a study of the Bible and its history his life’s work. On two occasions, Hahn had his wife as the third person at the table. Not long ago the subject of living in an obedient Catholic marriage came up. With his wife there, he seemed to lecture on the superiority of men in a marriage. According to Hahn, God created MAN who was given dominion over all things on earth. Apparently, according to Hahn, the game began and ended with man. Later, we don’t know how much later, this gentleman whom we assume was Adam, became lonely. Hahn says God put Adam to sleep on a Monday or Tuesday until he awoke on Sunday morning to find he had a playmate – now get this – a WO-MAN. Hahn says Adam assumed dominion over this WO-MAN just as he had enjoyed dominion over animals. Adidas Homme Hahn explained that God named the female a WO-MAN because she was constructed from a man. Hahn contends and instructs that WO-MAN embraces the name of her creator, man. Man gave her the title. From what Hahn said, the same relationship is destined to appear through out the ages, the WO-MAN takes her name from MAN. Apparently, God spoke only English when he created Adam’s companion. Woman appears to embrace man as the second syllable only in English. In German it is MANN and FRAU. In French, it is HOMME and FEMME. Scarpe Nike In Italian, it is UOMO and DONNA. In Spanish, it is HOMBRE and MUJER. In Czech, it is PAN and ZENA. As we must deduce, God spoke only English. It is unknown how Hahn in his doctoral studies could have made such a discovery that God spoke only English. There was one other case where Hahn got carried away in front of his wife. While his program on this interview segment is called, “First Came Love,” love has very little to do with his teachings. The love part is directed toward God or to the church. On this occasion, somehow or another, the subject of family planning and birth control came up and as usual, Hahn spouted off at length about it. Apparently in the early days of his marriage, Hahn used the Catholic manner of birth control which calls for complete abstinence during a woman’s fertile period. The name for this is “Rhythm.” Some observers have concluded that the Rhythm system works perfectly if one or both partners are sterile. Hahn has a houseful of kids, which may tell you a little bit about the Rhythm system.

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  • With his wife sitting there and with the TV cameras rolling, Hahn says he and his wife have now adopted the practice in their intimate relations, a means that always provides for the transmission of life to occur. It must be assumed that no birth control system is used, not even the Rhythm system. He describes their current intimate sexual life as “thrilling beyond belief” because it is always open completely to the transmission of life. Hahn says his wife joins him in the “thrilling beyond belief” description. He spoke for her even though she was sitting at the table with him. She did not speak. Well, perhaps we ought to mark that one down to man being given dominion over women, and animals as well. It is suspected that no woman who heard the “thrilling” episode would want to take part of such an adventure with Hahn. And what would Mother Angelica or Johnnette Benkovic say about this dalliance and the broadcast of intimate details being heard on EWTN? All that can be said by this old EWTN viewer is, don’t ever send your kid to Steubenville College to be educated. At the beginning of this essay, it was said that some charlatans would appear to greet us. Womens Air Jordan 3 In Pat Robertson we have a consummate charlatan and a fraud to boot. Only Jerry Falwell exceeds him. Robertson runs the 700 Club on morning television and was involved in a gold mining scheme in Liberia in partnership with Charles Taylor, the ousted dictator of that rundown country. Robertson made the news this past week, because he said that he had “heard from the Lord.” Bush will win the 2004 election in a “blowout” because “the Lord blessed Bush.” He went on to say, “It makes no difference what he does, good or bad. God picks him up because he is a man of prayer and God has blessed him.” This will come as great news to the Democratic hopefuls wading in the snows of Iowa and New Hampshire. Think of all the money they will save. God may bless George Bush, but Robertson is still a charlatan and a fraud. Let us hope we are spared any more messages from God via Pat Robertson. If God has something to say about the 2004 election, he or she ought to communicate with each American voter individually. That, my friends, is the American way. E. E. CARR January 12, 2004 ~~~ That’s it for the 2004 essays — all of them are now up on the site. Onto 2005! For the record, this is the 659th essay published on this site so far. Given that the absolute total is somewhere around the 700 mark, it’s really not far to go now. Feels weird to think about the first essay was published here way back in 2012. adidas y3 hombre At the time, I thought that completing the site would take “one to two years,” which in retrospect was a Bush-esque misunderestimation. It will be very strange to get to the end of the line. On the topic at hand (and I think I’ve expressed this before) I do have to wonder why Pop would steadfastly refuse to consume any fictional media, but would spend hours watching people who he hated talk about subjects that he didn’t believe in.


    Recently I dictated an essay in praise of what I believe is a prefix in the English language. new balance 574 homme gris That prefix had to do with the word “non.” You will remember – or I hope you will remember – that I wrote in that essay that I was asked many years ago to identify my daughters. Eli Manning As a general rule, I said that this is “the non-adopted daughter.” I had no idea whether we had made my other child feel special but I hope that that was the case. Since that time, I have given a bit more thought to the use of what I believe to be the prefix of “non.” In my estimation this word has been overlooked. All things considered, we should praise the use of the word “non.” And so in my ruminations I have thought of a few other words that incorporate the prefix “non.” I have already told you about my daughters and perhaps the place to start is to say “non-adopted.” This provides an even playing field. adidas xcs 6 femme In this great state of New Jersey, I used to have a driver’s license. I thought that when my driving career came to an end in 2004, I could simply remove that card from my wallet. Here in the great state of New Jersey that is not the case. new balance 574 sonic femme bordeaux You may find this hard to believe but I am required to carry a “non-driver’s” driver’s license. My old driver’s license was taken from me and had holes punched in it. My new driver’s license, or I should say non-driver’s license, was issued to me for the purpose of getting on airplanes, cashing checks, and in other instances where identification is demanded. If I may say so, this is the single biggest rip-off by the state government in the history of New Jersey. Currently my non-driver’s driver’s license has expired. As a means of protest, I do not intend to renew it at the price of $26. I suppose the idea is to prove that I am the person that I say that I am in the issuance of the non-driver’s driver’s license. But I have told the great fat man who is the governor of New Jersey, Mr. Chris Christie, what he can do with his non-driver’s driver’s license. The third word involving the use of the prefix “non” is the word “non-sighted.” I am fully aware that non-sighted means blind. But it seems to me that the word blind is unforgiving and I hope that you will find it within your heart to make use of the word non-sighted. There is one other word that is non-partisan.

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  • It is “non-essential.” Then there is the word “non-fiction,” which I should have thought about long ago. In my case, I believe that it has been nearly 70 years since I have read a book of fiction. So the word “non-fiction” describes me very accurately. There are other words such as “non-unique” which I find do not have many uses. New Balance 373 hombre But there is also the word “non-gay” which would have applicability here in the eastern provinces of the great and glorious United States. The word “non-gay” seems to strike a chord in my soul. Then we come to the story of my life which could be called “non-rich.” I have never been a wealthy man such as Mitt Romney has been and I have never been a politician. But I believe the word “non-rich” is a lovely addition to the English language. There is also the word “non-existent.” I am not quite sure where that word would be used but I include it here because of my efforts to be all inclusive. I am sure there are one or two other words that fit into the “non” category. Well, these are just transient thoughts about the great word “non.” It seems to me as an interested observer of the language of the Anglo-Saxons that the prefix “non” needs to be celebrated a bit more than it has been in the past. And so in this essay I have sought to praise the existence of the word “non.” I realize that there is some redundancy, but the word “non” is a significant word and should receive its full due. nike air max 1 essential mujer It may not be the most exciting word in the English language but think of it in these terms. Air Max 2017 Dames Where would we be if we did not have the word “non?” I shudder to think what would happen to our civilization if we were forced to try to find a substitute for the prefix “non.” E. E. CARR January 27, 2012 ~~~ For the record, the word “nonexistent” gets used in fourteen essays, not counting this one, so he definitely can think of how that word might be used. “Non” gets me thinking about language a little bit. Specifically I remember the (fictional!) novel 1984, where “newspeak” reduced the English lexicon dramatically. One of the biggest changes was halving the amount of adjectives by use of the prefix “un” — so instead of “good” and “bad” you had “good” and “ungood.” “Fat” and “Skinny” became “Fat” and “Unfat.” The prefix “non” can work sort of the same way — instead of Biological and Adopted daughters, for instance, you can have adopted and non-adopted ones, or biological and non-biological ones. Either way would make the language a little easier to learn, if perhaps in exchange for being a little less poetic. Dystopian connotations aside, I wonder if it’s such a bad idea. In Chinese, for instance, each type of noun gets what’s called a “measure word.” If I’m trying to buy two bananas and three jackets from a department store, I’d need to tell the clerk not just that I want two bananas and three jackets, but two “slender objects” worth of bananas, and three “clothes pieces” worth of jackets. Papers are measured by the flat thing; chopsticks are measured by the special measure word for things that come in pairs. English has a few of these, of course — for example I might use measure words if I want to talk about a pride of lions or a murder of crows. But I don’t HAVE to — the phrase “I saw a few lions” wouldn’t raise any eyebrows. More commonly, I might use “pieces” of paper or “pairs” of jeans. Nike Roshe Run Porté Femme By and large, though, the language either doesn’t use measure words or vastly consolidates them into a small number of very general purpose words like “some.” All this to say that maybe simplification of language isn’t so bad — I don’t think we lose out on anything in English by not having a specific measure word for “belts”; I can just say I have three belts at home and everyone knows what I mean. In Chinese I have to let them know that I have three long-things worth of belts at home, and the “long things” measure word of course isn’t the same one that I’d use for counting bananas. Other languages like Spanish will add a gender to every single noun in the language, so in addition to learning that “papel” means “paper,” you also have to remember if it’s “EL papel” or “LA papel” and if you use the wrong one you sound like an idiot. Complications like gendering your nouns or assigning every type of noun its own special measure word serve no purpose other than to frustrate language learners. Kanken No.2 They contribute basically zero extra meaning. English of course is a nightmare of exceptions, so standardizing those would probably be of a lot more use than just adding “non” to our adjectives, but any step in the right direction is okay by me. The prior essay he mentions is here.


    In this short statement or essay, it is proposed to tell the reader what the effect of death in war has on surviving soldiers now and in the years to come. The casualty lists are a poignant reminder that death most often comes to young men who have reached their 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd years. Young men holding the ranks of Private, Private First Class, Corporal or Lance Corporal, with a few Sergeants sprinkled in here and there, dominate the lists of the doomed. kobe xi elite
    Maglie New York Knicks It is indeed rare, to read of an occasional Lieutenant or Captain who has met an Iraqi death. To my knowledge, as a daily reader of casualty lists, there has never been an Iraqi war death visited upon Lieutenant Colonels, on Colonels and certainly not on Generals, from one to four stars. None of these men has ever found himself on the lists of doomed soldiers. So it is absolutely clear that deaths in the Iraq pre-emptive war to find WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) is visited almost entirely on young men mostly in their 20’s barely out of high school, who hold lower ranks in the American military. comprar mochilas kanken nike pas cher If there is room for an entirely personal note from the writer, my service in the United States Army Air Corps – later Air Force – lasted from 1942 until 1945. My services were volunteered in an open end enlistment which extended from my 20th year to the 23rd anniversary of my birth. All of the men and women killed in Iraq were also volunteers. In my case, my enlistment occurred more than a year before the draft board would even think about summoning me. My enlistment began as Private and ended as a Sergeant. The obvious point here is that my experience equips me to fully understand that this Iraq war has doomed 801 young soldiers of lower ranks, so far. If as Bush says that “We must stay the course,” there is probably no limit to the number of aluminum coffins that the Defense Department must now order. Last Fall during the race for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Presidency, Howard Dean said that our list of doomed soldiers would soon reach 400 service men and women. In the six months since Governor Dean made that statement, the list as you can see, has doubled. When Bush visited the Carrier Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003 to declare that the combat phase of the war had finished and had resulted in an American “Mission Accomplished,” the list of the dead was 138 soldiers. Arithmetic tells us that those 138 dead soldiers are 17% of the 801 military people killed so far. This would argue that the 663 or 83% of the deaths occurred in POST WAR operations. This is crazy to argue that in the combat phase of operations, that only 17% of the deaths will come to pass and that the vast majority of deaths will occur after the combat phase has been completed. So peace is a dangerous proposition. nike air max 1 femme noir If those same percentages were applied to World War II, where we lost something like 400,000 soldiers, it would hold that only 68,000 deaths would occur in combat with German, Italian and Japanese forces and that 332,000 deaths would occur after the peace treaties were signed. These are insane numbers. The people around Bush, with the exception of Colin Powell, know absolutely nothing about death in war. buty Asics Męskie In the midst of the debate about the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners in prisons such as Abu Ghraib, Bush has taken himself to his ranch in Texas on May 22nd and 23rd for the 34th time in his presidency. Some sort of sacrifice, having to spend so much time away from his Crawford property. My reading is that his first 40 months in office, he has spent a total of eight (8) months on vacation in Crawford or 20% of his time as Chief Executive. On May 22nd and 23rd, with the prisoner issue surrounding him as well as all the other cares of the U.S. nike air presto uomo Presidency, Bush declared a time out for bicycle riding in Texas. Who says there is no sacrifice by Barbara Bush’s oldest son! Of course, Bush and Cheney and the rest of the movers and shakers in the Republican party know nothing about death when it visits young soldiers of lower ranks. Soldiers or this sort, often sleep in tents or barracks, as was true in my case. In many instances, the soldiers sleep in two tier bunk beds. Some sleep on cots. In Iraq, news photos show our troops bedding down, fully clothed, on divans in Saddam’s Palaces trying to catch a little sleep. Lets take the case of the barracks.

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  • If soldiers are fortunate, there might be a foot locker at the end of the bed where personal items may be stored. When a man is killed or if he is missing, other soldiers try not to dwell on the fallen comrade. Some will make the sign of the cross as they pass his bunk bed or cot. Others may say a prayer and others may cry as this old soldier would do. Everyone knows that death quite likely awaits us all at some time. When someone from headquarters shows up to empty the contents of the foot locker, it becomes clear that our soldier is not ever coming back. This is a sad, sad time and memories of a departed comrade in arms will stick with surviving soldiers forever. In my case, my enlistment ended nearly 59 years ago. In spite of strokes and seizures, the memories of an empty cot or bed or an empty foot locker are still with me in vivid detail. Dan Connolly In response to this situation, soldiers seldom totally invest their innermost thoughts in other soldiers. Canotte New York Knicks When a man marries a woman, he invests his feelings, fortunes and his thoughts in her. Michigan State Spartans Jerseys That is almost never the case between soldiers, because everyone knows that catastrophe may well await such an investment. But that doesn’t keep it from hurting and from staying in your mind forever. When politicians such as Bush glibly say that we “should stay the course,” it is clear that they have no idea of what that action entails. FLYKNIT LUNAR3 It involves heartache for mothers and fathers. It involves heartache for husbands and wives and sweethearts. Seton Hall Pirates Jerseys Nike Air Jordan 3
    It involves heartache for aunts and uncles. And mostly, it involves a completely broken heart for any surviving children. War is not a macho proposition even though Bush and Chaney may think it is. War results in killing our young people and the people on the Iraqi side of the fence. Going to war without ever having an idea of what war entails, is an unforgivable offense. Bush and Chaney may swagger as they contemplate their macho actions in Iraq, but in the meantime, young people are being killed everyday with absolutely no logical reason. Missouri Tigers The only macho course of action, is to withdraw now and to save the needless killing that the Iraqis and the American military establishment are now being plagued with. “Staying the course” is not a macho action; not at all. Courage, or if you will, macho action, is withdrawing before the casualty list totals 1,000 or 1500 or 2,000. stan smith adidas dames That is the courageous course.

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  • Extending the killing is the course for politicians of no courage whatsoever. And Bush leads the pack of pusillanimous politicians who mistake macho swaggering for resolute courage. E. Andre Johnson E. CARR May 23, 2004 ~~~ “Peace is a dangerous proposition.” Per the Department of Defense, casualties for Operation Iraqi Freedom ended at 4,411 killed, 31,954 wounded. So, 3% of deaths happened prior to the mission being accomplished. So for WW2, that’d be 12,000 killed pre-treaties, 388,000 post-treaties. asics trail damskie It’s a pretty fucked up state of affairs where 800 deaths — for an illegitimate cause — would still look appealing as a stopping point in retrospect. Pop was right to be outraged. It may also be worth noting that 9/11, in a lot of ways the impetus to war, only killed 3,000 people.


    This essay is a love story in the Irish tradition. It has nothing to do with horny politicians trying to seduce an intern nor does it have to do with an amorous preacher trying to embed a soprano from the church choir. It has to do with the Irish use of the English language, the language of Ireland’s despised and hated oppressor. The only plus to come out of 800 years of occupation by the British is that the Irish learned to use the English language. And this essay also has to do with Irish earworms. Earworms are not a disease of any kind. Air Jordan 13 (XIII) They are simply pieces of song or literature that stick in your head and can not be shaken. My wife has earworms all the time. My mother had an earworm for 75 years over the hymn, “Amazing Grace.” She sang it or hummed it every day of her adult life. San Antonio Spurs My earworms have to do with Irish literature, songs and poems. Before I grow much older, it seemed appropriate to write a modest essay about Irish earworms that celebrate and commemorate pieces of Irish works written in the English language. According to my great and good friends Ella and Sven Lernervall, whose native language is Swedish and who speak flawless English, the English language is a rich one. I suspect I agree with their conclusion and would like to point out that the Irish have made a major contribution toward making the English language much richer. With that thought in mind, there are four pieces of Irish prose and poetry that I would like to offer to make my point. Before that point is made, it should be noted that my formal schooling in the Clayton, Missouri public school system did not encourage much use of abstract languages like the Irish use of the English language. For example, at the time in the mid 1930s, English customs were considered the ultimate achievement by civilized people, particularly here in the United States. England had ocean liners such as the Queen Mary which dominated Atlantic travel. nike air jordan 4 mujer English manners were often copied in the mannerisms of my fellow citizens. In my eighth grade class there was a teacher known as Miss Maxwell, who was an Anglophile of immense proportions. Miss Maxwell had some immense proportions of her own. She was what the Sears Roebuck catalog would have called a very stout woman. And on top of that she wore button-up shoes, which I thought went out of style during the First World War.

  • Adidas Superstar Donna
  • Under Armour Curry 3.0 But nonetheless, Miss Maxwell had control of the eighth grade in the Maryland School of the Clayton public school system. Periodically, that is to say twice a week, Miss Maxwell would read English poetry to us that was full of nymphs and fairies, castles, knights, and the like. It was clear that the boys in her class hated for Miss Maxwell to take out her book on English poetry. nike air max 2017 dames I was probably the foremost among those who hated to see Miss Maxwell reach for that book. ULTRA BOOST Uncaged air max pas cher After leaving Miss Maxwell in the eighth grade, I crossed the street to the high school where I ran into the English teacher, Blandford Jennings. Blandford Jennings did not read poetry to us but rather he constructed plays to be put on by students that featured fairies and nymphs and castles and knights and all that sort of thing. So you see, when I left Clayton High School in 1940, I had a pretty jaundiced view of English literature. So, I set out to educate myself. I read almost every thing I could lay my hands on, including a German language newspaper that appeared in the prison camp during World War II where I was held for a short time. Nike Air Jordan 4 Womens
    It did not help that when I asked a guard for assistance in trying to read the newspaper, he turned out to be a Rumanian who spoke no German and could not read the German language at all. My reading took me to the poems of William Service and later to many books and articles by Henry Mencken. cheap kobe Among the Irish authors, I read the works of William Butler Yeats and Connor Cruise O’Brien. In the final analysis, I concluded that the Irish could handle the English language at least as well as the English or, in many cases, much better. You will recall that for 800 years, England had its heel, its instep, and its steel-plated shoe sole planted firmly on the neck of the Irish nation. Irishmen could not own property, were denied the use of Gaelic, their native tongue, and were often deprived of their Catholic heritage. The English enforced their rules with cruel abandon, including hangings and shootings. Out of all of this unpleasantness, most Irishmen today will tell you that the only benefit they gained from the occupation was that the Irish learned to use the English language, which is the lingua franca of the whole world these days. UConn Huskies And so, here are the four pieces of Irish literature and poetry which tend to demonstrate the Irish use of the English language. The first is an excerpt from a Time Magazine book review of Brendan Behan’s “The Borstal Boy.” The borstals were an English invention, which were intended to house youngsters in their early teens as opposed to sending them to ordinary prisons. While Brendan Behan was in the borstal system, he tried to read books and, on many occasions, he would permit himself to read only a certain number of pages each night so that he would have more to read the following nights. This review appeared every year for many years in the March 17th issue of Time in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. Compra Zapatillas New Balance Time has now stopped publishing this piece of literature but it was lovely for the many years that they used it. The review goes like this:

    “The English language brings out the best in the Irish. They court it like a beautiful woman. They make it bray with donkey laughter. They hurl it at the sky like a paintpot full of rainbows, and then make it chant a dirge for man’s fate and man’s follies that is as mournful as misty spring rain crying over the fallow earth. Rarely has a people paid the lavish compliment and taken the subtle revenge of turning its oppressor’s speech into sorcery.” “Among recent Irish sorcerers with the gift of golden gab, Brendan Behan ranks high.” ….

    From TIME, The Weekly Newsmagazine T. Air Jordan XX8 Retro
    E. Kalem, Senior Writer in a review of Borstal Boy

    “Turning its oppressor’s speech into sorcery” is an elegant piece of Irish earworm. That sorcery has stayed with me for a number of years. When Irish friends take their leave of each other, they often share a drink, a handshake, and perhaps a hug. This ceremony is called “The Parting Glass.” Here are a few lines from a traditional Irish song having to do with parting.

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  • A traditional song means that no one now knows who wrote the music or composed the words.

    The Parting Glass

    Of all the money that ere I had, I spent it in good company. And of all the harm that ere I’ve done, alas was done to none but me. And all I’ve done for want of wit, to memory now I can’t recall. So fill to me the parting glass. Goodnight and joy be with you all. words and music Traditional

    “And all I’ve done for want of wit, to memory now I can’t recall.” This is another piece of elegant Irish thought. There is no better way to say that some ideas are beyond ones intelligence. Here now is another song about parting. It is known as “The Journey’s End” or “The Parting Song.” The music and words were written by an Irish author J. B. Goodenough.


    The fire is out, the moon is down The parting glass is dry and done And I must go and leave this town Before the rising of the sun And long’s the road and far’s the mile Before I rest my soul again With girls that weep and girls that smile at all the words and ways of men For some there are, who may not bide But wander to the journey’s end Nor take a girl to be a bride Nor keep a man to be a friend And when I’m done with wandering I’ll sit beside the road and weep For all the songs I did not sing And promises I did not keep

    “And when I’m done with wandering, I’ll sit beside the road and weep, For all the songs I did not sing, And promises I did not keep.” The thought about songs that were not sung and promises not kept has haunted me for many years. It is a beautiful piece of phraseology. No wonder that Earworms afflict me. Now let us turn finally to an Irish blessing that has served our people for more than a century. The text reads this way:

    Irish Blessing: May the Road Rise to Meet You

    May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields and, Until we meet again, May your God hold you in the palm of His hand. TRADITIONAL

    “May the road rise to meet you” is to Irish ears a wonderful thought. Does any other language offer a similar thought? I doubt it, which makes it one of my consistent earworms. Buty Adidas Męskie Here then are four Irish pieces, prose and poems, that contribute heavily to a love story with the language and to earworms. The fact that they are elegant expressions makes it clear that the Irish know how to use the English language, perhaps better than the English people do. Winston Churchill might take some exception to that thought but, all things being equal, it is my belief that the Irish learned their lesson well from eight hundred years of occupation and, indeed, their use of the language is magnificent. How can anyone forget “turning the oppressors speech into sorcery,” “For want of wit I can’t recall,” “Songs that have not been sung and promises that have not been kept,” and “May the road rise to meet you.” There is no wonder that Irish earworms stick in Irish ears forever. E. E. CARR February 14, 2006 Postscript: It seems to me that the difference between the Anglo-Saxon’s in England and the Celts in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, is that the Celts are singers and the English are not. Houston Rockets Perhaps this makes a difference in their use of the English language. ~~~ This is one of precious few essays that uses text coloration, and it happened after Pop went blind. I wonder why that is. ADIDAS TEAM COURT I also suspect that the double-dose of knights and fairies and castles is probably what turned Pop off fiction for life.